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tAPI Wavong's Mod 'o' Random Stuffs (aka Wavong's Mod for short)


Greetings Terrarians ! I'd like to introduce you to my mod, which I like to call Wavong's Mod for short (because it sounds kind of silly!), basically, it's a mod where I put lots of random ideas in it. Like for example, a Dirt Sword ! (because you really needed that didn't you ?...) So yeah, also, this is the mod I do to learn modding (it's like the Fantabulous Game, he did this to learn how to make games !) so... well... Welcome to this thread !

Please note : Some sprites sucks, if you want to help me make them better then try to remake it ! I'll probably change the sprite to yours and credit you if I find it really awesome ! Also, if you want to suggest ideas of random stuff, it has to be really random or really silly.

Release Status:
The Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha Release.

Dirt Sword of Dirtness
Damage 2
Crafted at Workbench using 8 Dirt Block
"Why did you even make this ?"

Iron Stick
Crafted at Anvil using 2 Iron Bar
"A stick made of iron, what did you expect ?"

Legit Blade of Grass
Damage 3
Crafted at Workbench using 1 Dirt Sword of Dirtness and 1 Grass Seed
"Hey guys, I have a blade of grass too now !"

Magic Wand
0 Damage, uses 5 mana.
Crafted at Workbench using 1 Iron Stick, 2 Silk and 1 Fallen Star
"Ooo, magic !"

Happiness Launcher
14 Damage, use 2 mana.
Crafted at Anvil using 6 Meteorite Bar, 2 Iron Stick, 1 Sword of Dirtness
Shoots happiness, obviously.
"Death by happiness, that's right."

Protein Pills
Heals 75 health.
Crafted at Furnace using 2 Lesser Healing Potion and 1 bottle
"Take your proteins pills and put your helmet on"

Real Money Pistol
8 damages, only works on Friendly NPCs.
Use 5 mana
Crafted at Anvil with 1 Gold Coin, 10 Wood, 8 Iron Bar
"Teach them that real money is the best compared to coins, like a Saint !"

Heals 1 health.
Crafted at Workbench using 4 Dirt and 4 Hay.
"The chocolate tastes weird.."

Absolutely useless.
"#1 Award for being the most useless item of this mod"

Skull Crusher
Autoreuse, 23 damages.
Fast speed
Crafted with:
1 Iron Stick and 64 bones.
"Probably powerful against skulls"

Master's Long Dagger
No autoreuse, 31 damages.
Fast speed.
Crafted with:
10 Hallowed Bars, 5 Souls of Might, 5 Souls of Sight and 5 Souls of Frights.
"We don't want the stream to go PG.."

Robot Sword
Autoreuse, 61 damages.
Fast Speed.
Crafted with 15 Hallowed Bars, 100 Glass, 10 Souls of Sight, 25 Cactus, 50 Meteorite Bars.
"Seems very familiar, doesn't it ?"

Smily Potato
Throwable Item, 16 Damages.
Explodes on impact w/ ennemy or tiles.
Crafted using 2 Grass Seeds.
"When combustible lemons gets boring..."

1.3 Secret Beta
Crafted using 250 Wood, 20 Acorn and 25 Lead Ingots.
"Wait... is this a cartdrige ?..."

Throwable Item, 1 Damage.
Crafted using 1 Dirt Block.
"... I don't want to talk about it."


Crafted using 1 Crimtane / Demonite ore.

Sword of Light

Melee, 31 damages.
Made using 8 Pixels, 1 Silver or Tungsten Sword and 1 Light's Bane or Blood Butcherer.
Autoreuse, Fast Speed.
"This is really NES looking."

True Sword of Light
Melee, 56 damages.
Made using 50 Pixels, 16 Hallowed Bars, 20 Souls of Light and 1 8-Bit Sword of Light
Autoreuse, Fast Speed.
"A sword wielded by a pixelated hero. It shines with pure adventure"

Melee, 34 damages.
Made using 12 Pixels, 4 Dirt, 4 Stone, 1 Platinum or Gold Sword, 5 Hellstone Ingot
No autoreuse, Fast Speed.

True Sword of Shadow
Melee, 54 damages.
Made using 50 Pixels, 10 Souls of Sight, Might and Fright, 20 Souls of Night and one Unnamed.
Autoreuse, Really Fast Speed
"It pulsates with evil energy."

Neat Electrical Sword
Melee, 82 damages.
Made using 1 Broken Hero Sword, 10 of every souls (including Flight), 10 Pixels and 1 True Sword of Light and Shadow.
Autoreuse, Really Fast Speed
"Literally pulses with energy !"


Upcoming Items:
Chef's Cookbook
Propane Launcher
Green Shroom
Golden Animatronic Heads Launcher
MLG Weapon Set !
Moutain Terraria
Face Book
Blue Bird
Dubstep Gun
Sanic Potion
A use for the Terraria Cartdrige
New sprites for certains items
More reference


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Ok, i've got the first release done, not many items, and some are missing, sorry for that.
Now the mod is downloadable by everyone~
Have fun everyone~


Hey, I made a new sprite for the Sword of Shadow. I just thought the current one didn't look shadow enough.

Shadow Sword.png


Looks like a "serious" mod. I'll give it 9/10. The Real Money Launcher needs a new sprite, because it looks like the most simplest sprite I've ever seen in my whole entire gaming life. And because of OCD. These Random Stuff are awzom!


I am back ! Sorry people if I was kind of dead, I was really busy with school and stuff so I didn't do much advancement, excuse me for that !

@Everybody : Yep, I saw your sword, It sure looks better with these colors than the old ones.
@Sin Costan : Ha ha, it probably does !
@TheManOfMods : I like it that you appreciate the random bunch of stuff I put together ! And yes, the Real Money Launcher surely needs a new sprite, it's way too simple !

But anyway, thanks guys ! I didn't expect so many posts and so much support ! I really appreciate it :D
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