Hootle The Stonklet

Hello, I am Hootle The Owlet, known by many names such as Pmuuhzedci Sycdan, Bloonjitsu Master, Cute Little Sneak, among many other names here in my 4 year long stay here.

i'm a Dedicated Lamia Lover, Miia is Only Girl, although Zoologist is pretty qt too.

i'm also absolutely fanatical about T E R R A R I A, and started my addiction in late 2013, on the ps3 (rip og ps3 world, 1.2 killed you)
Terraria platinum trophy: 2nd platinum trophy, acquired on september 13th, 2015

i have a Youtube Channel that uploads nothing but quality content low quality content, that is.

i also have a PSN Account that i've had since august of 2013, and i have over 3000 trophies, with over 30 platinum trophies
1st platinum trophy: dead island, july 7th, 2015
5th platinum trophy: final fantasy type-0, november 29th 2016
10th platinum trophy: prototype 2, may 14th, 2017
15th platinum trophy: crash bandicoot warped, october 5th 2019
20th platinum trophy: bloons tower defense 5, july 8th, 2020
25th platinum trophy: world of final fantasy, april 1st, 2021 (i wish i could make that up lol)
30th platinum trophy: kingdom hearts par, July 27th, 2021
latest platinum trophy: tales of arise, 32nd platinum trophy, October 21st, 2021

can someone tell me why i keep forgetting my passwords? 'o_O

I would list all of my answers to buffling and not mug mimic's qotd,but I'm only allowed 20k characters `:(
Dec 19, 1999 (Age: 22)
Not Cyslodia
Re-Logic Games Owned
  1. Terraria: PC
  2. Terraria: PS3/Vita
  3. Terraria: Mobile
  4. Terraria: Playstation 4


Email Address
[email protected]
Microsoft Gamer Tag
Discord Tag
Pmuuhzedci Sycdan#1310
Youtube Page


haha you stinkyz you thought this was going to be an infinite spoiler chain lul
please, for the love of all that is Holy, don't continue

By the order of The Court Of Torches, I proudly bear the
ruby torch

I Am The Last Post Knight For Bringing Page 2,500 Into Fruition On The Last Post Wins.
1. All My Life, Daiki Kasho, Gran Turismo 6 Soundtrack
2. Be Legendary, Pop Evil, Pop Evil
3. The Sound Of Silence, Disturbed, Immortalized
4. Viking Death March, Billy Talent, Dead Silence
5. Waking Lions, Pop Evil, Pop Evil,
6. Strange Days, Three Days Grace, Outsiders
7. The Mountain, Three Days Grace, Outsiders
8. Bulletproof, Godsmack, When Legends Rise
9. Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats, Billy Talent, Afraid Of Heights
10. Break, Three Days Grace, Life Starts Now
bonus cause :red: you that's why
Sympathy, Billy Talent, Billy Talent II


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