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1.3 Expert Mode Discussion

Discussion in 'PC General Talk' started by Nimbus_Bolt, Jul 2, 2015.


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  1. TearOfTheStar

    TearOfTheStar Terrarian

    Thing that actually got me thru early hardmode is Amarok + Yoyo bag and Shadowflame bow. Max damage was more handy than max defence for me. But minions are quite stupid yes.
  2. Food Barbarian

    Food Barbarian Terrarian Re-Logic

    If you use obsidian platforms they wont get destroyed by lava. I mean, come on man, its LAVA. LAVA. In the great words of Professor Hubert Farnsworth, "Lava... HOT!" I am not belittling your situation. You are saying some of the same things I did. That being said. I said those things before I found the best way to go about things. I am the type of gamer that likes to just but my head against the wall and then get mad because I didnt fully think about things. I am slowly changing form that. My steam account doesnt have me down for much time in this game. But since the beginning of the team working on 1.3 I have spent every day on this game till the wee morning hours. I was also to be made the foul by Redigit by getting mad and then him saying well use this. Not saying you are mad. Just saying I was. Again, its a lot more prep than before. Research before hand or figure it out on your own. Either way it is a lot more work on the expert side. Cause even experts in the game had things reworked to give them fits too. And this entire post isnt just for you. It is for anyone who is like me. Game on!
  3. Granger

    Granger Terrarian

    I've considered using platforms as second level for the arena (to place spiky balls on it, at eye height) but i still need to build a ash bridge under that to controll WoF's movement (the way it moves its eyes up and down depends on how low the ash under it is) so the lower eye conviently eats the spiky balls... and a undenyable plus is that when i manuever though hell again and kill lava slimes its lava will just drop past the obsidian platforms where it wont borther me too much i suppose.
    Doesnt change the fact that i cant place ash blocks nor obsidian platform on tiles currently occupied by lava. I have to wait one or the other way. Unless i somehow manage to not kill any lava slimes at all, we'll see how that goes with the royal gel.

    in the end, that enemy doesnt make me prepare more for WoF and HM than i usually would, it just makes building the arena excuiatingly slow.
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  4. chocolatecake5000

    chocolatecake5000 Terrarian

    Bosses in order: EoC, Eater of Worlds, queen bee, WoF, Skelitron, Twins, Destroyer, Edit: also plantera
    Skelitron prime
    How'd I beat em'
    EoC: vilethorn
    EoW: waterbolt
    Queen Bee: waterbolt
    WoF: waterbolt
    Skelitron: crystal storm
    Twins: crystal storm
    Destroyer: magic harp
    Skelitron Prime: crystal storm
    Plantera: Magic harp and nimbus rod
    I found the new unicorn mount and the bee mount. Plantera gave me red's wings :)
    I'd say it is pretty fun
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2015
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  5. Frosthaven

    Frosthaven Terrarian

    Finally beat hard mode expert with a legit summoner play through. I honestly have no idea how I'd have beaten the final boss without teleporters in an arena though. Might have to toy around with it to see if I can build a grapple arena for it instead.

    If fellow summoners need some tips:
    - Go fishing and make buffs.
    - Warding on ALL THE THINGS!
    - Get a fast grappling hook. You gonna learn how to dodge TODAY.
    - Hovering flight is 1000x more important than normal flight in boss matches. Gotta go fast!
    - Kill EoW on a corruption map even if it means making a second world for it. Scarf is just too good to pass up.

    So far expert mode has been everything I had hoped for, with the exception of golem feeling WAY too easy.
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  6. Neuromancer

    Neuromancer Terrarian

    I started a new character and a new world.

    I killed the eye first and got the shield. It's quite nice and I used it all the way up to post plantera.

    Second I went for the Brain. It was a bit more difficult, but I built a large arena with wooden platforms to jump between and managed to kite it to death. At this point I had a meteorite land so I went and got the space gun and meteor armour.

    I was worried about skeletron, but he wasn't as difficult as I was worried he might be. The first time I fought him I got trapped in his head as it spun, but the second time was fairly easy.

    The wall was pretty standard, it gets quite fast but with a long platform and a mythical demon scythe it went down pretty easily.

    The first mechanical boss I fought was the destroyer, after I'd gone and made a golden shower. It went down easily. I probably over-prepared for it.

    I was going to fight Skeletron Prime last, since I thought he'd be a pain, but he spawned randomly one night and I killed him pretty easily.

    The twins are the hardest of the mech bosses now, they took me four or five tries to finally kite them well enough. I used the Daedalus Stormbow with holy arrows for them which kept the fight short.

    Plantera was a huge pain in the :red:. I had to build a large arena with honey along the floor and a heart statue set up on a timer to beat it. I used Chlorophyte armor with a Chlorophyte Shotbow and holy arrows. I also finished my Ankh shield before I beat plantera.

    The Golem goes down like nothing, he's as easy as ever.

    That's where I'm at right now. I've fought one martian invasion and got a couple of laser machineguns as well as a xeno popper. The cultists are slaughtering me, but I haven't really put much effort into fighting them. I killed the Golem a good 30 times trying to get my hands on sun stones. Right now I'm using a Celestial Shell, Celestial Stone, Destroyer Emblem, Celestial Emblem, Specter Wings, and Ankh Shield.

    I'm really enjoying expert mode. I wish there were a few more interesting boss items, but what's in there is great. Next time I play I'm going to spend some time building a castle for my NPCs.
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  7. Juno Brier

    Juno Brier Eye of Cthulhu

    Too bad the Bat Hook (2nd best reach, 2nd best velocity, faster pull speed than anything else) is limited to those Halloween Goodie Bags.
    Or, if you change the date on your computer to somewhere from October 20 to November 10, change that "Too bad" to "Good thing".
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  8. Linkboy

    Linkboy Skeletron Prime

    I just started the first night and died 30 time... I hate those long arm zombie... :sigh:
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  9. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    there are lots of: best loadout, class analysis, highest dps and the like threads, but all for normal mode, what about us?
  10. Souchy

    Souchy Terrarian

    You just need holes in the bridge between you and the slime when you kill it so the lava won't reach you.
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  11. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Plantera

    Expert was fun as hell. I'm currently in mid-Hardmode on my second expert char, and I have so many Yelets and Uzis I don't know what to do. Ranged is supreme.
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  12. Zia Avenicia

    Zia Avenicia Skeletron

    What bosses have you beat?:

    All of them except for the Moon Lord

    How'd you beat em?:

    (In chronological order)
    Slime King: Same strategy that I used for the EoC.
    EoC: Minishark and constantly running away from the Eye.
    BoC: Slime mount and Demon Scythe, bouncing around like crazy.
    Queen Bee: Same strategy that I used for BoC.
    Skeletron: Same strategy that I used for BoC.
    WoF: Hellwing Bow, wooden arrows and archery potions.
    Skeletron Prime: Flying around/dodging, using a Dart Pistol with ichor darts.
    The Twins: Same strategy that I used for Skeletron Prime.
    The Destroyer: Daedalus Stormbow, endless and magic quiver and archery potions.
    Plantera: Same strategy that I used for Skeletron Prime.
    Lunatic Cultist: Vampire Knives and lots of dodging.
    Duke Fishron: Same strategy that I used for the Lunatic Cultist.

    Found any cool loot or things?:

    The only thing that really stuck out to me was the Shield of Cthulhu. It's an amazing tool for dodging and evasion, even in late-game.

    What do you like/dislike about expert mode?:

    There's not really much that I dislike about expert mode. Being a veteran of Dark Souls, I really enjoy/welcome the difficulty, even if some of the changes are cheap.

    And most importantly, are you having fun?:

    Yes, except for the one point where I got stuck on Plantera. I got really frustrated, but I did manage to beat it.

    Extra Notes:

    For those of you who are having trouble with Expert Mode, use the Shield of Cthulhu as much as you can. It can really help with dodging and evasion. Also, make sure to use a LOT of potions/buffs. Don't make the mistakes that I did and rarely ever use them.
  13. faruqgaruda

    faruqgaruda Terrarian

    I've beaten every prehardmode boss without any cheese except skeletron and when i got to hard mode i must cheese by fishing crate and dont go mine
  14. Granger

    Granger Terrarian

    Okay, scratch obsidian platforms, they are not craftable... Any other lava proof platforms out here? (i dont particulary feel like making dozens of worlds to loot obsidian platforms.)

    And i had a go at WoF... this is bullshido. Whose idea was it to make the leech thingys stretch over 2/3'd of a 1280x800 screen? Either i stand right in the middle of these leech swarms (and die obviously) or i fight blind (making victory or defeat a crapshot at best). Im sorry, but not everyone has a huuuuge screen. >_>

    Thus, i spammed demon sickles everwhere in the general direction, and at the end of the world WoF was still having 1/3 of its health. It'd be 200% dead if i only could see where to shoot, but no.
    @ the devs PLEASE make the leeches range scale with the screen resolution.

    That said, the royal gel helped massively. <3
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2015
  15. Matuse

    Matuse Terrarian

    Even a small world should have several hundred obsidian platforms in the Underworld structures. Thousands, maybe.
  16. Voyager

    Voyager Headless Horseman

    For expert mode I used all of the tricks: holding onto crates until hardmode, building arenas, and concentrating on the most powerful weapons at every stage.
    The seeming meaninglessness of defense means I died I lot more than I usually do, but I got through it so far and I am ready to fight the moon lord.
  17. Granger

    Granger Terrarian

    Not enough! :S
    Several hundreds i can belive, thousands? Nah. Id need several thousands to make the second bridge though.
  18. Matuse

    Matuse Terrarian

    The second bridge doesn't need to be obsidian. You only need obsidian in a handful of spots to let lava slime juice fall through.
  19. [Deers] Koliberal

    [Deers] Koliberal Terrarian

    So you can make some one-block holes in the bridge as well.

    I did the minecart tracks and it was fun as hell to build and fight the WoF on.
  20. Aurora3500

    Aurora3500 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    My current Armor and Weapons consist of Chlorophyte Armor (melee focus) Megashark, Daedalus, Terra Blade, Death Sickle, Mushroom Spear, and Hallowed Repeater. I could also switch back to Frost Armor or use Hallowed Armor if the bonus from those sets outweigh the other armors past them.

    Accessories I have at my disposal include (Frozen Wings, Worm Scarf, and Frostspark Boots) The 1st 3 I'm always going to use no matter what. For other accessories I can use, I have the Star Veil, Magic Quiver, Mana Flower, Shield of Cthulhu, Ankh Shield, Moon Shell, Frozen Turtle Shell, Sharkron Balloon, and Charm of Myths.

    For Ammo I have the Endless Quiver&Pouch for basic ammo. And I can also use Cursed Arrows/Bullets or Crystal Bullets as alternatives.

    Considering this setup, would I be prepared for Expert Plantera and perhaps Expert Fishron assuming I have arenas designed for both of them? What would be the recommended accessories out of the ones I have to use as the other 3 accessories? This is also a Corruption playthrough so I don't have access to any Crimson items.

    EDIT: Managed to beat both Fishron and Plantera with this gear. I beat Fishron 1st and used Fishron weapons to beat Plantera.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2015