Official A Lively World - Terraria 1.3 Spoilers & TCF Launch Event!

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Duke Fishron
Will Town NPCs block each other though? My Guide seems to really enjoy walking behind other NPCs, where every other NPC will 100% of the time take precedence in the foreground.

Why is our Guide so shy? Every one of them. Kyle, Levi, Luke, Marty... why?

UNC Tarheel

Woooo spoilers galore!!! So amazed at everything you guys have done with terraria for the past year :) heck I remember when 1.0.0 was a big deal! Thank you all for everything; Terraria is a game to remember. :naughty:


I suspect the guide is part of the cults ritual sacrifice as is trendy to sacrifice the guide to summon a boss. I predict that this will summon the chhulhu boss that will make the game enter 'Hell' difficulty where a few new mobs are added and creatures do a multiplier to damage.

Also the sword mini biome is the exact same as the one I created for that exact weapon on my custom starter map.
Same shape and everything!
Glad you guys apparently liked my custom map ;)
Map link:


Happy Launch Day Terrarians!

First, we would like to thank each of you for your patience and support while we worked to get our brand new website and Official Forums off to a fantastic start. We really hope that each of these will enhance your Terraria experience!

That said, we certainly know that everyone has been anxiously awaiting any word – or even a whisper - around the goodies that await everyone in the upcoming Terraria 1.3 update. Well, Terrarians, you shall wait no more, as we are ready to reveal another round of 1.3 information!

This time, we wanted to share some changes that will help make Terraria feel more "alive" along with a few random tidbits that we think you will enjoy. We are still going to hold off on sharing the coolest stuff – we may share some of this in the coming weeks, but we also want to stay true to our philosophy of letting our players discover things on their own.

As a special TCF launch weekend event, we will be sharing additional spoilers throughout this weekend - based on how many people sign up on TCF (plus more if we are feeling generous). So sign up, get involved, tell a friend!

Be sure to watch this thread (and other locations on TCF) carefully during the launch weekend - and to jump right in and get involved on TCF! You never know when a spoiler might appear...

Bringing NPCs to Life
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Terraria NPCs have always been helpful – and witty – but limited in what they could do. 1.3 brings a number of NPC animation changes that are intended to help bring them to life and make them feel more like an interactive part of your world. While we were at it, we decided to go ahead and give our crew of NPCs a visual "makeover".

Oh, and we’ve also improved their AI – for example, you won’t have to deal with the Merchant standing in front of your chests/piggy banks anymore (seriously, what was he doing there anyway)?

Worldgen Changes & Minibiomes
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Terraria 1.3 will introduce some subtle – yet exciting – changes at the Worldgen level. First and foremost, starting areas will be cleaned up and smarter. In addition, a handful of Mini-Biomes have been added for intrepid explorers to discover.


Armor Changes

Terrarians have always been a little “stretchy” in the torso – and quite visibly so when running! Lazure is taken care of that by putting that spring in their step. The end result is that your character will look much more natural as he/she runs around in their world!


Re-Logic Team News
Interestingly, the rumors of Redigit’s fully moving on may have been a bit premature. He is back in the lab, cooking up something devilish to torment even the most hardy of Terrarians!

Finally, we would like to announce that Loki is now a part of the Re-Logic team. He will be handling the role of Community Manager across all of our games - Terraria and beyond. Please join us in welcoming him to the team!
We would also like to take this opportunity to pass along a quick note from 505 Games:
“We were delighted to bring the MASSIVE 1.2 PC update to console audiences earlier this year, as a free content update for PS3, PS VITA and Xbox 360, and in doing so opening up a whole new world of possibilities to Terrarians,” said Richard Gittins, Senior Brand Manager at 505 Games. “The passion expressed by Terraria’s community fuels our ambitions to do justice to the original PC content and continues to drive forward development on next generation console platforms also, with our PS4 and Xbox One releases getting closer every day!”

That’s it for now. We can't wait to hear your reaction and wanton speculation based on this latest round of 1.3 information. Stay tuned to and the Terraria Community Forum for future spoilers, news items, and community features in the weeks ahead!

~The Re-Logic Team
Your doing an amazing job guys
Awesome spoilers! Regarding the spoiler that appears to be some kind of "chant" though I have an idea of what it may be. It's obvious it MAY be some kind of boss summoning but as far as i can see on the floating "coin" thing is what looks like Cthulhu's head (it's not missing an eye though) and maybe this is a way to summon Cthulhu?


THE NPCS ARE REAL! Can you add a companion NPC that follows you around and helps you kill people. Instead of selling things too them you would right-click it, then it would say a witty comment, then you could open up its inventory, and give it items. It could build houses, fight monsters, craft things, etc. Kind of like the ultimate NPC. He could only use things you would give him though...
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