Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Console General Talk' started by ClearConscious, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. ClearConscious

    ClearConscious Community Manager Staff Member Pipeworks Studio

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  2. bgardner104

    bgardner104 Terrarian

    where is the touchpad pinch to zoom on ps4 it is missing and the old menus on the ps4 worked was better the pc menus now
  3. Litboibrian

    Litboibrian Terrarian

    1. I summoned the Martian Maddness event and I see the ufos in the background I am at spawn in my base and they are not coming what should I do please help!
  4. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    This is awful. It just froze because too much was happening on screen. What the hell were all those months spent testing actually testing?
    The whole control setup is a joke now. You have to open your inventory and physically move the item you want to use to the top bar before you can use it. D-pad binding is also gone.
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  5. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You don't use the touchpad to zoom anymore. Press Options, then use the triggers.
  6. Dr vash04YT

    Dr vash04YT Terrarian

    Is it on Xbox 1
  7. Grudgemom

    Grudgemom Terrarian

    There is a "Classic Controls" setting. Start > Controls > left or right until it is selected.
  8. EmptySea

    EmptySea Terrarian

    Not yet, soonish tho.
  9. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    But why? Why change it at all? PC didn't even have controllers util recently, so why make us figure out a whole new (and inferior) setup, when everyone is used to the good one from before. And where has D=pad binding gone?
  10. X X X Ben X X X

    X X X Ben X X X Terrarian

    looks like Console D-Pad Shortcuts are gone... (how to do the Endgame on a Controller without it...) / Also zooming was best on the PS4 touch pad - now it's as stupid as the Xbox version - pause/menu to zoom in/out.

    converted worlds - laggy / new word generated - laggy the same.

    it's not intended anymore to play on 50inch or smaller tv sets because crafting menu got even smaller

    thanks for the golden bunny - wonder what special prefered over bunny item that was before - quite disappointed about an update I waited so long to progress on in the game.
  11. SnipinPixi

    SnipinPixi Terrarian

    Okay, so me and my friends have been waiting for this update forever. I’ve put hundreds of hours into Terraria on PC and on console, both ps3 and ps4. BUT. The whole control and interface change for console is a mistake. It was good the way it was, it worked for console gamers. The D-pad hotkeys are VITAL. I am really thankful you guys are putting so much effort into updating the game, but me and my fellow console Terrarians just want to give constructive feedback. Thank you.
  12. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    But the D-pad binding doesn't work when you select it; you just move around the inventory. And when was square EVER quick mount? That's not classic console.
  13. bgardner104

    bgardner104 Terrarian

    bring back the old menus and the pinch to zoom with the ps4 touchpad options, please and add Hit options, then use L2/R2 to zoom in the controls too.
  14. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    And transparent, as if it wasn't hard enough to read already.
  15. Maebalzurakin

    Maebalzurakin Terrarian

    I wish I would have deleted a all of the worlds I didn't want. The conversion is taking forever. (the progress bar has been stuck at 75% for the last 15 minutes. I am not sure if it is still doing anything or if the game froze.)

    Also, very disappointed to learn of the removal of d-pad and touch pad controls.
  16. bgardner104

    bgardner104 Terrarian

    please add these menus as an option back to this made the console version better then the pc version. if I wanted the pc version style menus and controls I would play that version. i have been told to Hit options, then use L2/R2 to zoom
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  17. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    You'd think they would have hired SOME console players who'd played Terraria before when creating the update, to test it out before forcing an entirely new, unfamiliar and inferior control system. How are you meant to quick-select between two of more weapons now? Are we meant to plat using a keyboard and mouse?
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    How do you cancel buffs/minions?
  18. TeddieSage

    TeddieSage Terrarian

    I regret downloading this patch. I miss the old zoom feature from the touch pad. It makes the game more clunky to play for some reason. Plus the new menu is too small for my eyes and I can barely see what I select. The D-Pad shortcuts being gone for items is a big no for me, although I like the Auto-Health and Auto-Mana options... I honestly don't know how I feel about this update. Mostly negative so far.
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  19. Maebalzurakin

    Maebalzurakin Terrarian

    So after 40 minutes of the progress bar being frozen at 75%, I am pretty sure things have locked up. If I close and restart the app, is the world that was being converted going to be permanently lost?
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  20. bgardner104

    bgardner104 Terrarian

    Hit options, then use L2/R2 to zoom i have been told thanks to who did btw
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