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CC Creation Compendium #29


Skeletron Prime

Could it be? A Creation Compendium that's late?
Just the usual happens here at the Terraria forums.
As usual, we've got a lineup of beautiful creations, artworks, and literature to show you all.
As your host may I remind you on how to enter for October's spooky scary Creation Compendium. Post your entries on Darthmorf's profile!
Now without further ado, it's showtime!
















Varvolgyibeni and ReMisterio





TTSp00k the Invincible and Piemansauce

Ronald Reagan

-The place Necro's creation would be if he entered this one ;_;7-

Bryce's Games








James Harrow


From it, comes the terrifying might

Four terrible and grotesque towers, calling down utter monstrosities

Stardust, the twinkling lights of space.

The start of life, it breeds more

Millions of them swarm, with no end in sight

Like the Locust, their power grows in higher numbers

No matter where you go, a mother will breed more to hurt you.

Invaders and Twinkle Poppers

They send many of their marionettes towards you

Milkyway Weavers

They draw out the stars

They give birth to the stars in exchange for their life

And so comes the Stargazer

It marvels at the sight, It screeches to the air in joy

And it will protect it's stars

With your death assured.

To infest, To repopulate

To claim your body, it will dig deep into your corpse and make you it's home.

It's color of cyan, gives such a calming feeling

Easing your decent into the embrace of death.

The gods will never let you sleep.

Yet you beg, and your only friend are the stars above.

"Please God, let me sleep!”

Nebula, the deceiving and petrifying art of space.

It covers your eyes with it's hands

It leeches away at your life

The Brain Sucklers

It mocks you with every turn

Every time you blink, they move somewhere else

Nebula Floaters

They scathe you with terrible magic

And everything is dimmed

You flail about in the dark, hoping the lights come back on

Hoping that the grim reaper hasn't finally come to take you into it's arms.

An evolved beast

It scatters at you with purple lights

It chases you down like a hunter

The Predictor

It watches your every move

It knows where you shall land, where you shall fly, and where you shall strike

Nothing is unknown to it's intellect of the arcane

The day just can't get better

You pray to the gods that the world would simply return to normal

Return your mind to it's normal human form

You wish for a real world, but only the purple death of the Nebula engulfs your vision.

The Vortex World

The great defiler, the unholy ender

It sucks away at everything around it

All around you, the terrain is torn up

The Vortex knows no limits to it's hunger

It keeps eating until there is nothing left, and collapses on itself

The Alien insects

They come and go, they sprawl about

The queen spits at you lethal energy

It contorts your gravity, as you wobble about in the air

It birthes, as a queen, the Larve

Weaklings, but don't let their size fool you

Leave them for too long, and they become Hornets

Disgusting things, just like a hornet, it chases you

And it stings you with a fierce sting, or fires at you green blasts of energy

Leave them for too long, and an army of Alien Queens will chase you down

The Storm Diver

It hovers about

It aims with an eagle eye

It shoots to kill

It's blaster will never miss

You'll never escape their deadly sights

And the commoner of the Vortex

The Vortexian

Firing lasers from it's very abdomen

With powerful claws to boot

The Vortexian is a deadly villager, not to be trifled with

Maybe you have ought to suffer

You have doomed creation and fate

You lead them all to death

You little human are caught in our vortex

Solar Flare

Man's greatest glimpse of fire red

Everything crashes towards the fires and flames

The very name is to behold

For this is the end of all creation once begun

Only ashes left in it's wake

Selenians and Drakanians

Fearless creatures of fire

They charge towards the humans with no mercy

Selenians use the fire blades in their arms to cut and spin

Slicing away at the poor victims

The Drakanians charge with their fiery spears

Piercing all that stands in their way

Srollers and Corites

Srollers roll towards the enemy with all their might

The blazing rocks protect their very life

Corites, giant chunks of magma rocks

You could mistake them for a Meteor Head

Their power and speed is unmatched

For they strike great fear into the hearts of many


Lizard-like creatures of fire

They are feral, like any other animal, and like all the monsters in this Solar Flare

Drakanians ride them

Like horses of war, they charge with all their might

And with a Drakomire, their power is further fortified

The herald the skies, the lay the law down to the earth

You cannot jump, you cannot hover, you cannot touch the sky


They soar the skies like no other worm

Not even the Wyvern would think of defying it's rule

With solar fangs and perplexing speed

You'll be crashing down one too many times.

Solar Rocks come crashing down

Like ice pelting from rain

The destruction is unfathomable from man's greatest glimpse of fire red

Sacrifice the son of heaven

Power in the Reasons that we all are fighting for

You've given up your body and soul and heart

You've given in to your primal urges

Yes, some of us hasten unlike rabbits to the slaughter

Gain your power from the Solar Flare to get to the next stage

The Void

The terror of the deep has gained an ally

Related by blood

Never alike

And so comes the final stage of this vicious cycle

The void that started all, and shall end all

Do not cry, do not weep

Do not laugh, do not scream

For all began with nothing, and all returns to nothing

For the lord of the moon comes to reap

A celestial being, defended by celestial pillars

It's power knows no match

The aim of the Vortex

The swarm of Stardust

The knowledge of Nebula

The ferocity of the Solar Flare

It's giant deathray destroys the area

It watches you with it's omniscient eyes

It's homing rocket eyes swarm and pulverize you

Deadly spheres of energy sprawl out to tear you apart

Bolts of energy strike you with almighty precision

It's leech prevents the ability of regenerative healing, painfully gnawing away at your flesh.

Dancing around the Moon Lord, you strike with your absolute power

Time and time again, the feeling of death is but a whimsy away

Yet, you battle further, never giving in to the after-life's glory

And if you strike him down, you deny the world it's very fate

You prolong what is a false grandeur

For the void is the only end to all living things

But yet, you struggle

I stifle a chuckle and smile for your existence.

Hello The Terrarian



Bucket o' Water

Red Devil

The Nundertaker




Milly Rainbowskittlez and Freddy67h








Hawke Bluemoon

Devin Alexander






Dear Cenx, may I ask of you
A wish I have, for Terraria true
A little creature that wants in
Not to be tossed in some wastebin
With the face of a killer it yearns
Terrarian blood is what it earns
For every frog that ends by a blade
The creature I speak of shall bade
A deep, accursed revenge will nurse
Foreboding the coffin and the hearse
Amphibious squish from deep caverns
Shall make warriors shudder back to the taverns
Wide-eyed and winded they recall the tale
Of a red eyed monster that in killing they fail
Please make our dreams materialize
And add our axolotl, our biggest prize




Police Manatee









Very impressive work by everyone! I wish I had a smidgen of the talent shown. One small suggestion, would it be possible to show the medium the art was created in? PC, Xbox 1, sketch, etc. It would give a little more context.
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