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In-Depth Vampirism: A New Style Of Playthrough


Becoming a Vampire
In order to become a vampire, you first have to be infected by cursed blood. Being struck by Blood Zombies or Drippler during a Blood Moon has 2.5% rate of infection, and being struck by a Vampire during a Solar Eclipse has a 10% rate of infection. The infection appears as a debuff labeled "Infected Blood", which can be removed by healing at the nurse or by throwing Holy Water on yourself. However, if the infection is allowed to persist for 5 in game days, you will become a fully fledged vampire. Talking to the Guide or Nurse while infected will give you hints on how to cure yourself in game.

Constant Effects
No matter what stage of vampirism you are in, you will always have:
+20% Jump height and velocity
+15% Movement speed
Constant night vision effect
Can breath in and walk on water​

Stages Of Vampirism
You will begin your new life as a vampire in the Satiated stage. After 3 in game days, you will progress to Thirsty. After 1 more in game day, you will become Starved. Your cursed blood grants you powerful abilities, but the more you thirst for blood, the weaker you will become. By feeding on NPCs (more info further down) you can become fully Satiated once again, but if you are Starved you will not be able to just feed, you will have to drain your NPCs completely, causing you to become Crazed in the process. You also become Crazed during a Blood Moon. However after 10 minutes of being Crazed, you come down from the blood high and revert to your Satiated state.

"Your hunger is satisfied... for now..."

+10% Damage
+3% Crit chance
+5 Defense
Prices are 10% better with NPCs
+25% Damage from hot sources
-10% Maximum Health and Mana in the sun
Health and Mana do not regenerate in the sun
Vampire hunter incursions occur very rarely

"You feel the sweet song of their heartbeats calling to you..."

+5% Damage
+1% Crit chance
-3 Defense
+50% Damage from hot sources
-25% Maximum Health and Mana in the sun
Health and Mana do not regenerate in the sun
Prices are 10% worse with NPCs
Vampire hunter incursions occur rarely

"You can resist the urge no longer... you must consume..."

-15% Damage
-4% Crit chance
-8 Defense

+100% Damage from hot sources
-50% Maximum Health and Mana in the sun
Health and Mana do not regenerate in the sun

NPCs refuse to provide any services to you
You can only drain victims, not just feed on them

Vampire hunter incursions occur somewhat commonly
"You are wrath and thirst made material..."

+30% Movement speed
+25% Damage
+5% Crit chance
-10 Defense
+150% Damage from hot sources
-50% Maximum Health and Mana in the sun
Health and Mana do not regenerate in the sun

NPCs run away from you
Vampire hunter incursions occur commonly

Feeding Vs. Draining
If there is a bed in their house, NPCs will now sleep at night.

You can feed on any sleeping NPC by clicking on them and selecting "feed". Feeding does not harm the NPC and can be done as many times as needed. Players become fully Satiated after feeding.

You can drain any sleeping NPC by clicking on them and selecting "drain". Draining can only be done once per day. Draining an NPC causes them to die and prevents them from respawning for 5 in game days. Players become Crazed after draining an NPC, but will eventually revert back to Satiated when they come down from the blood high after 10 minutes.

Mastering Vampirism
By defeating bosses and draining X number of NPCs, you can unlock special abilities and powers.

"Quickening Swarm"
Unlock: 1 draining
Double-tap [UP] to transform into a cloud of bats and dash towards your cursor. You are immune to damage while dashing and any enemies caught in the cloud take 50 points of damage, 10% of which is restored back to you. While Satiated or Crazed, life steal is increased to 25%. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

"Dream Thief"
Unlock: Defeat Skeletron, 5 drainings
Once per day, when activating a sleeping NPC, you have the option to steal their dreams. For each dream stolen, you gain a permanent +1% magic/summon damage and maximum mana, up to a cap of +10% magic/summon damage and maximum mana.

"Blood Warden"
Unlock: Defeat the Wall of Flesh, 10 drainings
Can drain NPCs even if they are awake. Draining an awake NPC boosts melee/ranged damage and melee speed/ranged velocity by 15% for 180 seconds and increases the duration of the induced Crazed stage by 25%.

"Shredding Swarm"
Unlock: Defeat a Mechanical Boss, 15 drainings
Increases the damage dealt by "Quickening Swarm" to 150 and permanently boosts swarm size by 5% after every draining.

Unlock: Defeat all three Mechanical Bosses, 25 drainings
Stealing an NPC's dreams permanently improves your relationship with them. Prices are 15% better, they will not run away or refuse to talk to you based on your vampiric stage, and they will allow you to feed on them at any time.

"King in Red"
Unlock: Defeat the Moon Lord, 50 drainings
Draining an NPC does not kill them, but instead converts them into a vampire. As vampires their health and damage are boosted by 500% and their prices are improved by 35%, but they can not be fed on or drained.

Vampire Artifacts [WIP]
Powerful weapons, armors, and accessories craftable and usable only by vampires.
"Tormented Veins" Spell tome which fires branching, vilethorn-like veins that deal rapid damage to enemies.

Vampire Hunter Incursions [WIP]
Every day, there is chance based on your current vampirism stage that vampire hunters will attack you. Currently figuring out the details.



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I'm doing a non modded vampire like playthrough kinda similar. I cant go in the surface at daytime but I can at night. That's really it... I was given the idea by @Aurora3500
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