Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Hi! This is a Vanity Set inspired by a Danganronpa character! The name of the set is 'Baseball Star Garments' (Sorry if the pixel art is sloppy- I didnt have a proper app to do pixels on :( )
This is the Agata Armor. I included both pictures in case i win so they can edit them as much as they want. the first drawing is what i had in mind but the second is my pixel version of how it would look in the game (Re-Logic if i win please redo my eyes i am horrible at making them).

I included the red one just so people could get a sense of how it may look with dye. as stated in the picture below
is supposed to be a "Glow mask" I am pretty sure that is what there called. thanks to my friend Jebler for telling me about this and if you scroll up you can see his Idea. or its in the previous page.

If i win thank you and i hope you have the greatest luck and earn 100 billion dollars (And donate a billion to charity!)
terraria armor eyes bigger.png
everything green

Spring Photo - Google Slides - Google Chrome 4_6_2020 3_43_33 PM (2).png
The Bonnie Scottie


Has three pieces:
Head - the Tam O' Shanter: classic scottish beret; hangs slightly behind character head and has a fluffy pompom on top.
Body - the Plaid/Cloth across the body (consider having it also hang behind character model similar to scarf)
Legs - the Kilt, a kilt that hangs down to the player's feet, has a traditional sporran to create contrast.

A snazzy vanity set perfect for golfing or to connect with one's inner Braveheart.
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Hello! I'm sorry for taking too long to submit my suggestion! My vanity set idea is called the "Punk Rider Set", and it is based on the rebellious motorbiker aesthetic!
I'll be describing each of the 3 pieces individually and then provide two files: One with each piece illustrated and one with the example of a player (be them male or female) wearing the set.
  • The Punk Rider Helmet consists of light gray aviator-style goggles, a black spiked collar and an open face (3/4) dark gray helmet, decorated with cursed flames. For as a wise sage once said, "if something doesn't look cool enough, just slap some flames in it and you're good to go."
  • The Punk Rider Jacket is a black leather jacket covering a barely visible red shirt and adorned with grey-beige shoulderpads and elbowpads. Protection IS important, y'know, even if it doesn't actually serve any protective purpose as a vanity set.
  • The Punk Rider Pants are gray and torn in a way that reveals some bits of the player's skin. Also part of the ensemble are a belt and big laced boots, both dark gray. The "RE" visible in both illustrations is for "RE-Logic". Sadly, I don't think this detail could be possibly visible at all in-game. I'd assume revealing some non-suspicious leg skin isn't an issue, considering the already existant Dryad Set, but if that won't do the holes can be covered in white-ish cloth too!
As mentioned before, here are the two illustrations of the Punk Rider Set. You may click on these thumbnails to view the pictures in full detail.
Punk Rider Set - Parts Separated.pngPunk Rider Set - Wearing The Full Set.png
NOTE: I apologize for the abscence of spritework, I am not yet qualified or confident in that medium of art.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to get one of my creations in Terraria! I hope you at least appreciate my work a little bit :)

My submission; Samurai Armor.

Samurai armor final.PNG

samurai armor image.jpg


This is my submission-- I made it for a mod years ago that never came to pass. All create by me. The sprite is inspired by traditional Japanese 'kacchu' armor made in the 10th century with the rise of the Samurai class. Left side is overworld sprites, right side is item sprites. Could be paired with the Katana you get from the traveling merchant or the Muramasa maybe?


If you guys want to modify the sprite (if it wins) please try to incorporate the mustache/ mask, as I worked really hard to get it to look right and it's a very distinct part of the armor.

Thank you!
terraria wanderer's set.jpg

Hello, all!
This is my submission, so dubbed The Wanderer's Set.

About the art:
Created completely by myself (Abby)

Made with Adobe Photoshop (4500x3000 canvas)
The font used is Determination Mono (I was going to use a different one, but i un-rasterized before i changed it... :sigh:)
The dye and mannequin base photos come directly from the Terraria Wiki and their respective pages
The female on the left is how i draw myself. ;) The male is a loose take on the default character.
This was created as I was jamming out to the Terraria soundtrack on loop.

About the set:
The set is collectively called The Wanderer's Set, with pieces:
- The Wanderer's Golden Feathers (could use name revision) (Head)
- The Wanderer's Sash (Torso)
- The Wanderer's Leggings (Pants)
In terms of crafting, obtaining, etc.:
With over 800+ items being introduced into the game, as well as new enemies, bosses, and possibly events, I will wait on even thinking of crafting/obtaining before knowing anything about what is coming. :D
I am not great at coming up with tooltips, so i'll leave that to the masterminds of the game (if this somehow miraculously wins).
I am very open to change with the names of the collective set and pieces, as well as the design!
The mock-up is rather outdated and I do not do well with pixel art. I anticipate Re-Logic's rendition of it (again, given that this miraculously wins).

A bit on how the set was made:
When i saw this post on the 1st, I was psyched. A chance to get something you made in one of the most popular games ever, not to mention one of my personal favorites? What a score!
The only problem was, I had no idea what I wanted to do. With infinite non-copyright-infringementable ideas, I didn't know where to start. After thinking on it, I eventually came to a brief but solid conclusion on what I wanted my outfit to be like:

If i could kick butt in it,
and also be casual in it,
then it would be something I'd want to wear in Terraria.
In short, if I could go fight the Mood Lord and hang out with the NPCs and pet bunnies in the same outfit, then that's what I would want to post as my submission and possibly be able to use.
It took me a multitude of days going through failed designs and crappy references before I decided to make an outfit exclusively for this thread.
Something the Terraria community had never seen, something not based off of anything already made in Terraria, and something that not even I had seen, in my mind or otherwise.
Putting all references aside, I began to work with whatever came out on the paper in front of me.
Smorgasbords on online math homework, tons of discarded Photoshop sketches, and finally after tons of failure, I came up with The Wanderer's Set.
The drawing in its whole was mostly completed in about two days of on-and-off work in-between online classes and things, being completed today. I am very proud of it and am confidant that I put my best effort into it. After all, this is my artist debut on the web. I have never posted my art anywhere.;)

I honestly cannot wait to see who the winners are and to see Journey's End in it's completion. Just knowing that three community-designed vanity items will be added to the game is truly mind-blowing. I'll be on the stream on the 17th hyped for what ever comes. Regarding Journey's End, here's what I say:
The end of a Journey is just the beginning!
Perhaps the beginning of a new take on Terraria.
Perhaps a new game.
Perhaps the beginning of Re-Logic's new and fascinating hobby of basket weaving.
Who knows!
I am pumped for this community and Re-Logic as we all enter a new and exciting era just as this one ends.
Have fun, happy house arrest to all, and good luck!!!!

- Abby :D
Pls add spikes to armor (im bad at pixel drawings) it is the destruction or Underworld set also make more underworld-y that would be SO great


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So, Here we are, nearing journey's end with a chance of a lifetime at our doorstep...

Spent a while thinking, drawing, and spriting an outfit that I loved, fit Terraria at least a little, and wasn't too deep in anything involving copyright.

We've played Terraria, and by the end, we often feel godlike (We defeat one for crying out loud!), so for Journey's End, why shouldn't we look the part?

Terrarians, I present...

The Celestial Dragon King Set!

Terraria Vanity Armor Contest Entry Scene - Celestial Dragon King.jpg


Terraria Vanity Armor Contest Sprite Entry Details - Celestial Dragon King.jpg


  • The description of the armor is meant to (vaguely) reference the Terraria lore (check it out if you haven't!), it isn't integral to the overall design, just a fun, useless piece of lore.
  • The terms "Celestial" and "King" could be interchanged and removed if necessary, but the "Dragon" aspect is pretty vital.​
  • The little gold bits on the bottom of the helmet are meant to be teeth.​
  • The half-lit gold portions can be stay or go, but the fully lit gems and fire/energy tail and mane are a definite.​
  • Didn't have any particular names for the individual pieces, but mask, chestplate, and greaves should work.​

A bonus drawing, to aid the visualization

Terraria Vanity Contest Entry Drawing - Celestial Dragon King.JPG


Terraria's probably one of the most important games to me, and when I saw this contest, I knew I had to enter; even if I didn't stand a sliver of a chance.

This is essentially a celebration of Terraria, and with the entries growing, we're sure to get something cool.

Good luck to everyone entering, and thanks Re-logic for this contest and piece of Terraria history!
All of these entries are amazing!

Here's my Corrupted Paladin entry along with lore:

Note that all of the green appears bright; even in the darkest of night.

This paladin armor set has been tainted by some unknown force. The gold tarnished, white sullied aside from the winged adornments, the normal blue/red color of the glass deteriorated into some sort of green that glows in the dark. It almost appears... toxic?

Villagers have tried to terminate this armor set by setting it ablaze in holy fire. However, it will erupt into a green blaze of glory before disappearing; only to return again somewhere around the world.

Head: Corrupted Paladin Greathelm - It is said that those who put on this helmet will be driven mad by the apparitions and whispering in their ears. Even the strongest of willed veterans will fall prey to its evil. If one would take off the helmet, the wearer will still be plagued by insanity long after it was removed; perhaps even permanent.

Chest: Corrupted Paladin Chestplate - This hardened piece of armor protects the heart of the corrupted. It is impenetrable by most forms of attack, except from holy light.

Legs: Corrupted Paladin Greaves - These unholy leggings are known to give the wearer unbridled speed and leg strength. They are able to jump thirty feet into the air and land from insurmountable heights unscathed. Beware the kicks they are able to give.


It was a lot of fun making this along with the lore. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to contribute something to the game we all adore!
Good luck, everyone! We all have a fair chance.

Deputy Outfit
Contains Deputy Shirt and Deputy Jeans
Deputy Shirt: Strap on the badge and become Johnny Law.
Deputy Jeans: A fashionable pair of jeans, perfect for fighting crime

Created from a screenshot of my character edited in paint3D

My entry is pretty basic in its shape, somewhat modeled off of existing armor pieces in the game, but I gave it my own colors and designs. The purple shows the shadow aspect of the set, and the blue is obviously the frost part. I made it on a website called I don't really think I'll win, considering that I've seen some pretty awesome creations in this thread, but it would still be cool to have my own creation in one of the first video games I've ever played, and one of my favorite games of all time to boot. Good luck everyone!
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