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What should the character limit be?

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Stardust Pillar
I'm still interested, but a soft reset would make me feel really bad about the stuff that I set up...
I do like the idea of a "Soft reset", also helps that my only character here was...

1. Could be mistaken for my self insert (who is in the Deltarune RP)
2. Kinda just vanished from the group
3. I don't know, just didn't like him.
As far as I'm concerned all my characters are dead or ran off and have no reason to join the group

I would post here sometimes, would have to make a character though

Elemental 131

I know I don't really RP in many places currently, but for future reference in case we do the reset and I'm RPing alot again
I would like to mention that I don't think anymore Kama can really fit this RP as most of Kama's personality and just overall her character is dependent on her powers which, she doesn't have here
Which means it'd kind of be hard for me to RP as her


Stardust Pillar
Am I seriously the only one who doesn't want to reset? Honestly, if we reset I might just leave the RP, as it would feel like the stuff I had/was planning would just have been a waste of my time (and in some cases for that temple, energy and motivation too, because drawing)...
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