PC Terraria Can Mac & Linux Come Out & Play?

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. Deozaan

    Deozaan Terrarian

    Yes. So can the Steam version, if you install the game and then put Steam into Offline Mode. (Though you might have trouble using Steam's multiplayer features to connect. But you shouldn't have a problem connecting by IP since these computers are all on the same LAN.)
  2. Your daily lunatic

    Your daily lunatic Steampunker

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  3. tomz0rs

    tomz0rs Terrarian

    I had the exact same problem in Ubuntu 14.04. I fixed it by recompiling the library giving the error ("MojoShader"), but first removing the assertion that is generating the error (I don't know how fatal the error really is).

    See the attached GNU Bash script, which automates the steps I had to do. My hunch is that the script will work for 64-bit machines as well (I only tested on my 32-bit machine).

    You will need to have CMake installed to run the script (install that via sudo apt-get install cmake).

    Assuming that the attached script is downloaded to your Downloads directory, run it like so:

    $ bash ~/Downloads/terraria_mojoshader_arrays_fix.sh.txt

    Now you should be able to at least load the game. :sigh: Best of luck! :happy:

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  4. CuZoSky

    CuZoSky Terrarian

    Hey,i have a problem.... I played terraria before on win7 and now I upgraded to win10 and I can't play it anymore... pls help
  5. Guide in use

    Guide in use Skeletron Prime

    downgrade to win7
  6. goldxvi

    goldxvi Terrarian

    Is the mac version available for purchase and download from somewhere besides Steam?
  7. AvaLanCS

    AvaLanCS Terrarian

    Hi everyone!

    I tried the new Terraria on XUbuntu 15.10 and it worked fine for me. Had framerate drops near hardmode jungle, but I need to investigate further.

    @goldxvi: not sure, but did you check gog.com?
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  8. Cool!:redmunch:
  9. terrarien

    terrarien Terrarian

    Nope, doesn't even launch (Segfault this time). -_- Thanks for the effort though! ;)
    I would like to repost here what MojoShader's developer said about this issue (Kudos to you once again for the effort on solving this problem):
    New version of Terraria is coming (v1.3.1). Let's hope this issue will be addressed. :rolleyes:
  10. CupcakeMedia

    CupcakeMedia Terrarian

    Next Step: make it possible to mod the game on mac \o/
    i want to import my custom sprites so bad....
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  11. xXJOJOXx

    xXJOJOXx Terrarian

    I would also like modding by steam workshop. that would be amazing.
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    yeah, that works, I tried
  12. CupcakeMedia

    CupcakeMedia Terrarian

    BTW, the Sprites in the background are missing for me...
  13. nick8888

    nick8888 Terrarian

    Did you ever get this to work? I'm having this error..
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    Hey, did you get this to work? How would we instead rebuild Terraria with the correct MojoGame and FNA?
  14. ☠BoB☠

    ☠BoB☠ Terrarian

    Is there a download link for Linux dedicated server available? I would like to run it on my linux v-server, which doesn't have access to steam.
  15. Unit One

    Unit One Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    PC 1.3.3 Changelog
    If you scroll down, you'll see the Dedicated Server download.
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