PC Terraria Can Mac & Linux Come Out & Play?

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Aug 10, 2015.

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  1. terrarien

    terrarien Terrarian

    No, I'm not running it as root. This error was reported here as well.
    I guess we have to wait.
  2. layman9

    layman9 Brain of Cthulhu

    How do I leave the beta?
  3. #Meerkat

    #Meerkat Terrarian

    Yes ! Finally now I can get terraria on my Mac! And have 1.3 instead of just 1.2.4 which I was waiting for on mobile !!
  4. LaythDaBaker

    LaythDaBaker Terrarian

  5. Abel56

    Abel56 Terrarian

    my game is still on beta how do i fix please help me :(
  6. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    Uninstall Terraria, then reinstall it.
  7. dantheman007a

    dantheman007a Terrarian

    You're not still in beta. Everyone that was in the beta has been switched over to the current build. The text that says "[mac-and-linux-open-beta]" is just a harmless artifact that's been left over and means nothing.

    However, if you still want to be rid of it, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, as Shaedric suggested will work. If that doesn't work, or if you don't want to go through all the time and hassle of uninstalling and reinstalling, you can manually edit the text to either modify it to something else or just remove it outright. Chevex explained the process a few posts back on this board.
  8. LaythDaBaker

    LaythDaBaker Terrarian

  9. Sleaker

    Sleaker Terrarian

    Can you guys start releasing the dedicated server through the Steam Tools section just like other dedicated server software? I would prefer to be able to have it auto-update through steam, etc.
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  10. GavDanMore

    GavDanMore Terrarian

    how do i change it out of open beta?
  11. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    It is not in open beta, you just have to change the name.
  12. #Meerkat

    #Meerkat Terrarian

    anyone know if terraria causes lag for macs?
  13. TobyJ

    TobyJ Terrarian

    ehhhhh a lot of macs have hard times running games anyways. It wouldn't surprise me if lag was a common thing during major Terraria events. For example, bosses.
  14. dantheman007a

    dantheman007a Terrarian

    It all depends on your specs, the same as with any computer. I wouldn't recommend anything lower than 4GBs of RAM, and even then you might notice a few things here and there.
  15. #Meerkat

    #Meerkat Terrarian

    hey i just got terraria for my mac and i forgot my steam password XD can you tell me how to find it in my profile?
  16. Kamran Mackey

    Kamran Mackey Official Terrarian

    What's wrong with Windows 10? I'm running it right now and it's awesome.
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    Uh, it's not on your Steam profile. You gotta reset it. Look up how to "reset your Steam password" on Google. Also, this is why you should make Steam remember your password by clicking "Remember my password" on the login screen. :p
  17. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    After windows 8, I'm getting sick of their :red:.
  18. MournfulRelic

    MournfulRelic The Destroyer

    Cool. I already had Terraria on my mac before the beta, but I'm glad Terraria is now accessible to more people.
  19. Kamran Mackey

    Kamran Mackey Official Terrarian

    Dude, give Windows 10 a chance. Windows 10 is much better than 8, and it has returned to Windows 7's roots. Trust me on this. You will like Windows 10 just as much as I do.
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  20. ManaUser

    ManaUser The Destroyer

    I think you're in the wrong thread.
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