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Console Terraria Console Holiday 2015 Update!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Freakshow

    Freakshow Plantera

    Your speaking in the Illuminati language! *Explodes into a explosion that explodes into John Candy's telephoning cheesecake that erupts horrifying screams cause JB is singing and eventually Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Illuminati, Pickachu, Sega, JB, Universal, Google, Sheep, Snoop Dog (He will obviously win), and Goats will all wage war over who gets the TV remote.* derp
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  2. 6luesky

    6luesky Terrarian

    Just need the PS3 & Vita update.
    Let me say a prayer,
    " By the Power of Grey-Skull,
    Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats ho,
    Partly metal, partly steel, Silver Hawks are here,
    Gummie berry, gummi berry juice,
    Chip,Chip,Chip,Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers,
    Jab, jab, jab jab, jab jab, Jabber Jaw,
    Press R to swing Axe."
  3. Le Golem

    Le Golem Terrarian

    Yay! Now I have something to do over winter break! I coudnt ask for a better early christmas present 505!
  4. MinecraftDestiny

    MinecraftDestiny Terrarian

    I'm an Xbox360 user and the delay doesn't matter to me because I won't have wifi connection till Thursday.
  5. Danoh23

    Danoh23 Skeletron

    The best part is you expect us to understand after googling that
  6. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    well Undertale is a rpg with a very good history and music but whatever my "bad english" is a reference to Temmie a easter egg enemy who talk a broken english
  7. robertroxs001

    robertroxs001 Terrarian

    eXcepT fOr bOb. hE juSt sPeaKs nOrmalLy.
  8. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    vUt B0b Is n0T A teHmM heE iSs A B0b
  9. one does not simply understand it. searching is just the beginning of understanding it. it must take, mold, and become you, before you can even begin to understand it.
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  10. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    soo deep man soo deep
  11. robertroxs001

    robertroxs001 Terrarian

    tEm dOseN't uNderStaNd dEep tHiNgs. (I actually understand it).
  12. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Okay guys, back on topic please.
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  13. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    sorry mister admin is not gonna happen again
  14. mickylovefist

    mickylovefist Terrarian

    Awww man, this update needs to hurry up. It's 2.08am here and I can't get to sleep knowing that it could drop anytime soon! I can't wait to start all over again!
  15. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    well if you play in ps3 well you have to wait a little more but if you are a xbox player well you gonna wait more
  16. JTM7655

    JTM7655 Spazmatism

    Hi, wondering if duke has the 1.3 attacks and goes enraged out the ocean so i can be prepared for xbone update
  17. robertroxs001

    robertroxs001 Terrarian

    If you have the 360 version and the mobile version from the Amazon App Store, you're gonna have a bad time.
  18. TheLostMind

    TheLostMind Terrarian

    sadly no because this is a 1.2.4 update but duke still a hard boss
    PD i think yes, duke get enraged when is out the water even in 1.2.4
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    ohh goddammit dont make more reference my heart cant stand more
  19. JTM7655

    JTM7655 Spazmatism

    poop, i hate a entire bridge set up
  20. SkyHighSkive

    SkyHighSkive Terrarian

    That looks like a new armor set in the teaser picture on this tread? Or is it just turtle armor? I know console loves to ad exclusive armors and vanity!
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