Mobile Terraria Mobile Easter Update: Expanded Worlds & More!

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    Terraria Expanded Worlds Icon 2016 Jungle Temple Rounded Corner small2.png

    Good Day, Terrarians! We are excited to announce that the latest update to Mobile Terraria has been submitted to Google Play and iOS and should be coming soon to your Android and iOS devices! This update comes packed with fixes as well as expanded worlds! Read on for further details...


    Dig! Fight! and Explore in a more expansive world over 2.5 times the size of what has been available thus far for Mobile Terrarians! The Easter Bunny has left everyone a basket brimming with goodies - from needed fixes to the long-standing player request for more room to explore, this update is literally bursting at the seams with the inclusion of Expanded Worlds!

    That's right, you will now have the option of creating a more expansive world consisting of 4200 x 1200 tiles (equivalent to "Small" worlds on PC) OR a Normal World (1750 x 1000 tiles)! Expanded worlds will also sort out some of the "interesting" worldgen quirks that existed on mobile to-date due to "overcrowding" of biomes. Way cooler than a chocolate bunny or stale marshmallow chicks!

    Its also the time of year when the Terraria Mobile Easter content is available to play!
    • Defeat corrupt bunnies to summon the Easter Bunny boss, Lepus!
    • Defeat the Easter Bunny boss to return the bunnies back to normal
    • Enjoy your reward: special weapon or item for your success!
    Full details are available here:


    Unfortunately, one side effect of this update is that it will bring down the curtain on iOS 7 support. Older devices that are not capable of iOS 8+ are just not capable of running what we have planned in a way that is acceptable. We remain fully committed to supporting iOS 8 and above from here on in.

    iOS: If you have an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2nd Gen, which both have less than 1GB of memory, you may experience performance issues if you create an Expanded World.

    Android: If your device has less than 1GB of memory, you may experience performance issues if you create an Expanded World. The option to create Expanded Worlds is not available on devices with less than 512MB.


    EVERPLAY: Though the Everplay button is back, it does not yet function properly. We are looking to add back full Everplay functionality in the next update - so hang in there just a bit longer!

    This update also includes a second round of bug fixes from the ongoing list (thanks again for all of those informative bug reports - keep them coming!), with more to come! Check out the full list of fixes in the changelog below. Before we get to that, however, here is the latest for our long-suffering Amazon and Windows Phone Terrarians:

    AMAZON: We are very close on this. Sent the latest up to Amazon this week and hoping to hear back from them soon and that it sorts everything out so that we can push all of the goodies from the past few updates your way!

    WINDOWS PHONE: We think we have finally sorted this one out! We have submitted a build that should not only fix the crashes, but also provide WP players with all of the updates and fixes they have been missing along the way. There is one very important exception to this that we are still exploring. If you have a Lumia 640 LTE, unfortunately, Terraria is still crashing on this device. We are exploring this issue for diagnosis and fixing, but we did not want to hold off on getting the update out to the other WP users.

    Also note that this update will only work on WP devices with at least 1 GB of RAM.

    You should get the crash fix (except for Lumia 640) shortly, and then we will be following up with Expanded Worlds for our Windows Phone players shortly after that (may be 2-3 weeks)


    • Android Billing fixes (Try & Buy version should no longer require a WiFi connection to work properly)
    • Auto-equip can now be toggled on/off from the menu
    • Improvements to world generation
    • Tizona, Tonbogiri, and Vulcan Repeater accept Titanium in their recipes
    • Dragon Armor, Spectral Armor, and Titan Armor accept Palladium, Orichalcum, or Titanium Armor pieces in their re
    • Fixed crash that covered 9% of total crash reports
    • Fix for tool tip for Tackle box & Chain gun
    • Fix for a unique death message for the Angler
    • Fix Tooltip Message is not present for 'Razorpine'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Venom Staff'.
    • Fix for Price amount fails to appear for the item 'Hair Dye Remover'
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Paint Sprayer'.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Portable Cement Mixer'
    • Fix for Tooltip message is not present for the items 'sparkly wings' and 'Festive wings'.
    • Fix for Incorrect price amount '5 gold coins' appear for the item 'Speed Hair Dye'
    • Fix for Solid blocks placed over the spawn point fails to destroy.
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for Mana crystal.
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for the item 'life crystal' during regenerating.
    • Fix for 'Queen Spider' fails to attack the enemy while summoned in the wall
    • Fix for Placed Blue Dungeon chest is shown as Pink Dungeon chest
    • Fix for Shrimp fish is caught in lava.
    • Fix for Placed Pink Dungeon chest is shown as Green Dungeon chest
    • Fix for Purification Powder fails to shatter shadow orbs.
    • Fix for Truffle Worm fails to move when dropped
    • Fix for The baby truffle is observed to be walking above the ground.
    • Fix for The critter 'Firefly' does not emit light
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Glass Kiln'
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Minecart'
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Flesh cloning vat'
    • Fix for Multiple 'back' button observed on 'Enter world name' screen
    • Fix for The item 'Water gun' has no description.
    • Fix for The Alignment of 'Sawtooth Shark' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for crash 'The application is missing required entitlement
    • services' (9%)
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Ice Machine'.
    • Fix for Travelling merchant's icon is missing from shop menu
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Brick Layer'.
    • Fix for Glitch is observed when the player equips the item 'Twin Mask'.
    • fix for The item 'Gravitation potion' is not working as intended.
    • Fix for Incorrect ranged damage appears for the item 'Vulcan Repeater'
    • Fix for Bee Wings does not function as intended
    • Fix for The selling price of the item 'Fart in a Jar' appears to be incorrect.
    • Fix for 'Magic Mirror' fails to function when player uses other item simultaneously
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for the item 'Life Crystal' during regenerating
    • Fix for Incorrect color appears for Mana crystal.
    • Fix for Tooltip Message is not present for 'Living Loom'
    • Fix for Tooltip message is not present for the item 'Angler earring'
    • CNR for Duplicate Angler NPCS are seen in the world.
    • CNR for Game name 'Terraria' appears to be misaligned in main menu
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  2. Loki

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    Awesome stuff - I cannot wait to see how people enjoy the larger worlds and better worldgen (and the ever-growing list of bug fixes)
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  3. bananolog220

    bananolog220 Terrarian

    Hi bro (I apologise for spelling mistakes[i'm from poland]) My terraria isn't working and when i press the play buton ,the world "synchronization " jumps out next to my terraria steam ikon and it's shutting down immediately. I have all requirements and files: "XNA framework4.0 ", "Framework4.5 Net ".I am begging for help because nowhere have I found the solution to my problem.I alredy reinstaled the steam and terraria and I also did the "check the cohesion of files of the game" on steam (it did not work).
  4. LinkSans2000

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    YES!!! Been waiting a LONG TIME for this! When will it actually be released?
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  5. galacticGammawave

    galacticGammawave Headless Horseman

    Well, I may end up playing mobile again, now that the world isn't going to have a really small jungle. yay. Thank.

    EDIT: oh and i got here before this thread was posted to the front page. yay.
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  6. Oleg34518

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    Shouldn't console have these as well?
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  7. 505Games-Mobile

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    Hey there Terrarians, please be mindful of one issue which we have just discovered in the iOS 'Expanded World' update due to go Live v.soon. If you receive a call OR press the Power button whilst playing (to lock the screen), the App will appear to be frozen when you return to it. You just need to press the Home button to suspend the game and then resume it. You can resume by either pressing the App icon or performing a double press of the Home button and then selecting the App via the multitasking menu. The game will pop back up with the Pause menu displaying which is the normal behavior from pressing the Home button or suspending the App. The issue freezes the game screen, so your first impression is that it has crashed as it appears unresponsive, but that's not the case. Rest assured, this issue is now fixed and will make it into a Hot fix update which we will try and push through and out ASAP.
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  8. LinkSans2000

    LinkSans2000 Steampunker

    Thanks for the update on this bug! BTW: any estimated time of update arrival on iOS App Store?
  9. 505Games-Mobile

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    Once we hit Release, it starts to propagate across the Stores. We would hope to be in all Stores within 24-48 hours.
  10. Terra Magicio

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    Awesome! Have been waiting since I got the game back in November 2013, glad to hear my iPad Air is going to be supported, as has just 1 GB of RAM.
    Note: Might explode out of anxiety/excitement whilst I am sitting here, so give me dat update!
    Thanks CodeGlue!
    Thanks 505!
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  11. Seanatron

    Seanatron Terrarian

    Yay, finally! I was waiting so long for this update! Are the vanity accessory and dye accessory slots added?
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  12. Termina Moon

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    3DS needs some love too guys.
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  13. JohnPlaysMRT

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    nicely done :)
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  14. stealth2953

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    Can you convert an existing world to an expanded world?
  15. Jay-cross

    Jay-cross Terrarian

    I hope one day we get expanded worlds for 3ds u_u
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  16. Bevski

    Bevski Skeletron Prime

    Hype hype hype! Can you release more bug fixes though? Still an extraordinary amount of bugs in the game.
    No you can't, it only becomes expanded if you create a new world.
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  17. TerraKid2.0

    TerraKid2.0 Terrarian

    The blue flame dye doesn't work
  18. TerraDream274

    TerraDream274 Plantera

    What version is this update? The last in Google Play was 1.2.11585
  19. FGX[Official]

    FGX[Official] Steampunker

    Is it just me or they implemented my suggestion of titanium stuff? Anyways! HYPE! :D
  20. dirtlord

    dirtlord Skeletron Prime

    The connect to Google play and Google drive options don't work they accomplish nothing (android) also even though I have just over 1gb free on internal storage and about 14.5 GB on an SD card it says I have less than 1gb when I try to create a large world and then crashes before I can even enter a world name