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Terraria State of the Game - June 2019

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Loki, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    Ok then.
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  2. Im mega hyped for this!
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  3. LapLasagna

    LapLasagna Spazmatism

    I wasn't expecting the next console update until way after summer, like October maybe lol, would rather that PWS take their time with the large update, grateful that we're getting one at all. Thanks guys.
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  4. ToP

    ToP Terrarian

    My only hope right now is that this won't come out until after black friday/cyber monday. I have plans to swap my potato laptop out for an actual gaming pc, during the sales at that time this year.

    Terraria runs very well, for a game of it's size, on the weaker computers, many thanks to the devs for not removing the options for weaker lighting/water graphics and such, after adding better options to the game; that I have been able to play the game at all over these last few years is in no small part due to that. However, I would like to make my first experience with 1.4, one where I can actually enjoy the game at it's best, with the better graphics options.
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  5. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    Im'a sick o' this excusings for ye' updates o' the Terraria's. Whe'ever you getta info'mation on'a the patch for the'a Console to'a pick'a up the paces to the P.C.'s stuffa. You be'er tell'a us whenna you getta one 'er those so we canna get'a time for the update to come. Im'a good'a excited for this'a 'ere update. Less'a go for Old'a One's Armies comin' to the Consoles playmen!
  6. ASG_102

    ASG_102 The Destroyer

    Console players can wait for their update, the superior PC version will always be ahead :dryadwink:
  7. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    Im'a knowin' thatta I canna wait'a!
  8. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    Sad nobuds care about ye olde-gen consoles and onlee thos' glaikit new-gen consoles get support'd.
  9. Cyberra

    Cyberra Skeletron Prime

    @Loki @ClearConscious Unfortunately the last patches did not save my world that had been crashing. I tried loading it in 1.3.1 and this was the result:

    I'm going to have to call it a total loss, delete the world, and start over. Had to ship several loads of sunplate forward from the 360 version because all my sunplate was in the world that crashed
  10. Moor Al-Malik

    Moor Al-Malik Eye of Cthulhu

    Good to see you guys progressing well. Keep it up!
  11. cadoba123

    cadoba123 Terrarian

    Pipeworks' progress on mobile devices and consoles is a shame and a disgrace to players of those systems. 1.3 released on PCs almost four years ago, and we're still getting the most superficial updates on controls for mobile devices. I'm glad that most consoles have received 1.3.1, but that's an update that released three years ago. I can understand the Switch situation somewhat, given the relative newness of the console, but still. I guess I can say I'm glad for the free updates and all that, but when so many of today's games offer years' worth of content updates, it's hard to be excited for getting stuff that's been around for almost half of the game's lifespan.

    I can understand not wanting to give us a clear release date, but you guys don't give so much as a rough estimate. Even just mentioning Q3 or Q4 of this year would be a whole lot more reassuring. If you can't give us a basic timetable for when you think you'll be done, then why wouldn't I have doubts as to the organization of your studio? The fact that the studio doesn't even seem to know what's going on with 1.4 is telling enough of the lack of communication between Relogic and Pipeworks. 505 Games had a ton of faults, but at least they would deliver on a somewhat regular basis.

    On top of all of this, you claim to take this extra time to sheen and polish these new features to the maximum - but your actual output tells a different story. Every update that has released over the past two years has been riddled with bugs, glitches, and crashes - sometimes to the point where the game is borderline unplayable. This is absolutely unacceptable, especially for a game of such size and popularity.

    Whatever. I'm probably just shouting into the void. I can't wait to read this same post three months from now, perhaps with some words changed around here and there.
  12. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Disgrace? Haha. I think people keep forgetting that literally all they do is work. They give us progress updates every week and literally don’t slack off at all. I hate how people don’t realize that. Also, Pipeworks doesn’t even work on mobile. That’s DR Studios.

    They learned a long time ago that giving estimates is not a good idea. Back when they thought console 1.3 was gonna come out during Q2 2017. They learned not to make that mistake again.

    Unacceptable? I think you’re forgetting that the devs literally owe you nothing, and some stuff is gonna slip through.

    Overall, the tone of writing here is not something anyone wants to listen to. It’s just whining and complaining. Is it fine to give constructive criticism? Yes. But this isn’t constructive at all.

    I think the devs are doing just fine. The fact that they post progress updates is awesome, and it’s enough for me to know that things are going along well, and I can be satisfied with that instead of a release date.

    Please just hang in there. Everything will work out in the end. ;)
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  13. The Steampunk

    The Steampunk Eye of Cthulhu

    Actually i play on xbox one
  14. Airarret

    Airarret Terrarian

    Don't let Terraria's retro aesthetics fool you into thinking it could run on a Nintendo Entertainment System, the game is really hungry for resources (mostly memory: a Terraria medium world has 11 520 000 blocks to keep track of; and there are thousands of obejct types, each with their own sprite sheets) and people playing modded Terraria on PC often run into out-of-memory errors unless they use TML FNA which made the game 64-bit, allowing it to use more memory.
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  15. Jayfox

    Jayfox Terrarian

    I agree it's ridiculous how console already has 1.3.1 already but mobile doesn't even have 1.3 yet I feel bad for the developers
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  16. The Real Bryan

    The Real Bryan Skeletron

    No worries about Mobile being left behind! Once the 1.3 content arrives, DR Studios will have succeeded in recoding the entire game, which means that future updates will roll out way faster than before! Remember that the one of the main reasons for the enormous wait time is because DR was recoding the entire game, and since their job is nearly complete for the Beta branch to start, I’m really sure that Mobile will make a daring comeback soon! ~;)
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2019
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  17. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    The link to the fix list is the wrong link: it just takes you back a page.

    Also, why are you spending time on visual effects like water distortion when there is a TON of issues that have been ignored for the best part of a year?
  18. ED209

    ED209 Plantera

    After a certain point it's hard to stay constructive, when you've reported the same issues for ages, and other people report the same issues, and they don't fix them.
    "some" is fine, but this much is just ridiculous. I've never played such an untested game.
    That's all down to perspective; I've researched a lot about the PC version in order to plan my worlds, and they have got a LOT wrong.
    We don't doubt that they're working, but the work they do isn't getting the job done. They didn't even check if the new features worked properly.
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  19. GalaxyShard

    GalaxyShard Terrarian

    everything on pc 1.3 will be on mobile 1.3, why do you think not? The only thing that isnt is keyboard support and keybinds, along with a frw other device-specific items.
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    3ds discontinued, also make sure to specify which update, 1.3 (mobile), 1.3.5 (console) or 1.4 (pc)
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 24, 2019 ---
    Console isnt really getting a big update intill 1.4

    Pipeworks doesnt work on mobile, dr studios works on it, and they started in like december 2018, im suprised they were able to get so far after restarting from scratch in only a few months.
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  20. LapLasagna

    LapLasagna Spazmatism

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