Terraria State of the Game - November 2020

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Yup and it confirms what's bothering me right now. It's like this:
[ICON] 10:31 PM
[ICON] Overcast

And what we will potentially have after the update:
10:31 PM [ICON]
Overcast [ICON]
That isn’t what I missed from you earlier reply, I didn’t notice this lol,


You know what, i’m waitting 1.4 for console to get sick, maybe i forget this game for a while. Sorry about my bad english
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I tried nominating terraria for labor of love.... and it said welp you haven’t spent $5 on your account for it.... sadness(my dad bought it on his account and shared it with me and my brothers)


Over the last few weeks, we released the second wave of hotfixes for Terraria 1.4.1 - we trust and hope that everyone's favorite bugs and issues were addressed within. If not, as always keep your reports coming in via the link shared below. What's up next?
Should we bump old bug report threads without response again?



Greetings Terrarians!

Happy Thanksgiving (at least for our American friends... but really, everyone could use a day to give thanks for the good things in life right?)! We are very much looking forward to digging into whatever socially-distanced feasts await us as we enter the Holidays, and we hope that you find time to celebrate with you and yours in a safe and healthy way. November saw the release of the latest hotfixes for PC as well as a lot of progress down the road to Console 1.4, and an imminent second wave of fixes for Mobile. Want to learn more? Pull up a chair and tuck in that napkin as we set the table for the rest of 2020!









Over the last few weeks, we released the second wave of hotfixes for Terraria 1.4.1 - we trust and hope that everyone's favorite bugs and issues were addressed within. If not, as always keep your reports coming in via the link shared below. What's up next?

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That's right, with all of the planned content updates behind us, we are taking the time to look into raising the bar in regards to how players can interact and share their creations with each other! We have a good bit of additional iteration and work here to do before this will be ready. As always, we will have more details, information, etc. about how it all works, best practices, etc. once we have things a bit more developed - but if you have a Texture Pack or Map that you feel would make a great addition to the initial wave of submissions, now is the time to prepare!

Feel free to check out our Texture Pack and Player Created Maps sections here on TCF (via the links below) for inspiration and to see what is possible!



To be very clear, Steam Workshop for the core Terraria game will not support Terraria Mods - as for all things Terraria Mods, that remains firmly in the realm of tModLoader and the team behind that! :cool:


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Haven't seen what the Terraria: Journey's End hype is all about? Time to treat yourself to a feast of content and action-adventure sandbox goodness by picking up a copy today! Already know what's up? No better way to say thanks to your friends than to pick them up copy in order to pull them into playing alongside you in the epic experience that is Terraria!

Pick up your copy today - or one for a friend - by clicking the image above!

While you are at it, with Journey's End arriving at last in 2020.... no better time to nominate your favorite sandbox adventure game for that coveted "Labor of Love" Steam Award!

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We are looking into expanding where the Terraria OST can be obtained. Bear with us in that process.

Speaking of soundtracks.... coming your way in a mere week's time is one of our favorite Terraria collectible items that we have ever had the pleasure of working on...

View attachment 298850
Sixty tracks, clocking in at over 110 minutes of epic music across three full-length vinyl green discs - wrapped up in a package full of custom Terraria artwork designed specifically for this release by Re-Logic's own artists, the Terraria Official Soundtrack vinyl collection is a must have, if you ask us. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with the amazing folks over at Laced Records on this for some time now, and we could not be more excited to be able to finally reveal it to all of you.

The Terraria Official Soundtrack Collector's Vinyl will be available for preorder on December 3rd - be sure to get yours on order so that you can be the first on your block pick up one of these amazing albums!


Be sure that you are up-to-date with the latest and greatest on this front via the Hotfix Changelog... and keep your bug reports coming via the handy bug report button below!

Terraria: Journey's End - Hotfix Changelog


Thanks again, Terrarians - we are as always blown away by your support!

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The tModLoader Team remains hard at work on getting TML up to the 1.4 era. We have just put out a quick fix for some sound issues that arose with the release of the latest fixes for vanilla Terraria.

Community Contributions are most welcome! If you would like to help out or learn more, check out the tModLoader Discord > https://tmodloader.net/discord

Hopefully, it will not be too much longer!



The Re-Logic team does not directly develop TML, so bugs with TML are best reported via the links below.

tModLoader - Play Terraria with Mods!


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PlayStation 4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch - DR STUDIOS


With the majority of fixes for Mobile 1.4 out of the way, the DR team has been able to dedicate the majority of its time towards Console (and Switch) over the past several weeks (and moving ahead). That said, we wanted to share a bit in the way of our progess - we still do not have a date to give you for launch, but we do have a planned milestone to share that is a big step on the path to getting there...

View attachment 299928


Of course, we know that some expect things a lot sooner than others - but we have to be clear that there is a lot more work that needs to go in here than meets the eye or seems obvious to the casual observer. We want to take the time needed to get things feeling just right and to create an optimal console experience, looking at performance, controls, UI, etc.

We hope to have something to show off next month as a Holiday gift to everyone to close out 2020... so stay tuned and wish us well on our path to Journey's End on Consoles!



See above - we are doing our very best to work on all three platforms at the same time, in order to minimize any delay in the launch between XB/PS and Nintendo Switch. That is not to say they will necessarily be simultaneous, but working in parallel means we can cut way down on any possible delays.

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Hello everyone!

As we mentioned previously, once we felt mobile was in a good place, we would be shifting the majority of our focus over to the console versions of Terraria. That is very much the case, and we are making great strides there.

However, we have made note of a good handful of issues (thanks for your reports!) that we feel are important enough that we carved out a portion of time to address. We have a second hotfix wave for Mobile 1.4 well underway, and we expect that we will have this in your hands shortly. This will cover an array of issues raised either internally or by the community, including (but not limited to):

  • Players are now able to target enemies for attacks by summoned minions
  • Players can now place food items on plates
  • Target lock no longer also targets grapple direction
  • Players are now able place blocks when target lock is on
  • Fixed some crash bugs and potential data loss scenarios
  • Pylons will now work properly in local multiplayer if placed by a host
  • Mannequins and Hatracks placed by the Host in multiplayer can now be interacted with
  • Fixed an issues where players could swap items into social slots which shouldn't be able to go to social slots
  • Potion of Return is now detected by smart cursor
  • Confetti Cannons now properly shoot Confetti
  • Herbs will now bloom properly
  • Crystal and Wood doors are no longer missing a pixel on top edge when door is shut on low graphics settings
  • Pinch Zoom character now properly centered with the center of the screen
  • Liquids no longer become transparent when player's screen is filled with it
  • Peddler's Hat no longer causes blue boxes to appear over player when "Characters Quality" is on low
  • Fixed dye issues on Terraprisma and Stardust Guardian
  • Improved messaging for creating new players and worlds on first play

We will save the rest for the hotfix post when it arrives - so make sure that you tune in for that information. Hopefully, this will cover off any lingering issues that folks may be having since the launch of Journey's End for mobile. If you have any new bugs/issues to report, please do so via the link below:

Presuming this second hotfix wave does put mobile Terraria in a great place, we will continue to document any further issues, but will likely not address them (barring, of course, anything hugely impactful) until the new year. This is to allow for our push on Console so that we can bring those portions of the community into the Journey's End era!

We are very thankful for the opportunity to work on Terraria for all of you - and for your passion and commitment to helping us craft and polish the best possible Terraria experience on Mobile and Consoles. So much has been done, and yet so much remains - we cannot wait to bring all of those plans to fruition. Until next time!

Greetings Terrarians!

Here's the latest and greatest happenings on the Community side of things. Thanks as always for being the most engaged and awesome gaming Community ever!


As promised in the October State of the Game, we put together a comprehensive Terraria Holiday Merchandise Shopping Guide for everyone. We hope that helps you in your shopping adventures for the Terrarians in your life! We are now working up a more permanent solution/centralized location where you can find the latest and greatest at all times. We expect to keep expanding on our offerings in a lot of ways, so watch this space for more cool Terraria swag!

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Greetings Terrarians, and welcome to the Official Terraria Ultimate Parkour Challenge! In this new annual event you can compete with Terrarians to find out who is the best speedrunner in the Terraria community! You will traverse across pits, gaps, and other jumps to get the end, as fast as possible, and claim your victory!

There will also be prizes for the top three Terrarians who get the fastest time in the Ultimate Parkour Challenge. The prizes will remain a secret for now, but each year we will also present our fastest time with a trophy to commemorate the accomplishment.

How It Works
Each year we will create a new Terraria parkour course. This year we will release the parkour map to the public on December 18. After you download the parkour world you will spawn at the starting area. The course will require you to traverse through five biome-based theme areas. At the end of each there will be a teleporter to the next area, that will have a checkpoint at the start. There may also be supplies for some stages.

1. A new Journey Mode character must be used. Your character name must be the same as your Discord name including your #0000 name ID.
2. You must clear all items from your inventory before you begin the course, and you can only use items provided in chests.
3. No godmode is allowed.
4. Enemy spawn rate should be set at 0.
5. Enemy difficulty should be at Journey.
6. All items in chests can be taken and used; duplicating these items is allowed.
7. No glitches are allowed (minor or major).
8. No editing (breaking, placing, or hammering) blocks.
9. A speedrun timer is required. (This can be overlayed on the recording or on screen during the speedrun.)

Your timer starts when you step on the pressure plate at the beginning of the course, and the timer ends when you step on the last pressure plate. For your entry to be valid, you must show that you have complied with all rules above.

The Terraria Ultimate Parkour Challenge will last from December 18 at 12PM PST until December 31 at 12PM PST. No event entries will be accepted after 12PM PST. Within the official Terraria Discord server located at Join the Terraria Discord Server! there will be a channel called #parkour-content and parkour participants will be capable of sharing a link to their YouTube videos showcasing their completed speedruns.

The winners of the Terraria Ultimate Parkour Challenge will be announced, along with links to their winning speedruns, on January 3rd.

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Thanks nyaa~~


I know that you guys aren't planning on really adding any new content, but if you can, do you think you could add a sorting system to the journey mode duplication menu similar to the bestiary's where it can be changed to be alphabetical order, highest damage, etc.? Another thing that is probably less important is turning the materials tab in the menu to a toggle, so that other menus could be viewed while still showing materials, although this can be accomplished by simply searching "material" in the tab.


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I give up waiting for 1.4 on console. It feels like it's not going to drop until next summer. I own the game on 5 different platforms which currently stand at four different development stages. It's crazy. Half expect an SOTG announcement that ps4/xbone development is being put on hold to focus on next gen consoles.


After thinking about it for a while... Is there an update for Terraria Console or Terraria 1.4 Mobile ported for consoles with UI/controls tweaks?

Kovex Play

I wonder if terraria on ps5 will use any of the new controller features, I wasn't able to buy it yet. And if it isn't a thing yet, I would love if you would change that in 1.4 or 1.4.1 :) ( if you are able of course 👍 )


I give up waiting for 1.4 on console. It feels like it's not going to drop until next summer. I own the game on 5 different platforms which currently stand at four different development stages. It's crazy. Half expect an SOTG announcement that ps4/xbone development is being put on hold to focus on next gen consoles.

Me also. I've been here for what seems like forever. What's weird is consoles UI was totally grenaded long ago for reasons of "quicker updates" due to being in parity with the PC version. I was skeptical but thought, eh if it gets us to the same level as the current version, I'm ok I guess. Welp, we see how that went.

Back to the old... Read awesome news about new Terraria content that just dropped but just not for me cause I'm console. But hey, at least we have that PC control scheme! I'm actually waiting for the news that the console version is being done by yet another new, better team. Which will be good cause... Stuff.

Sorry for being testy.


Hey @Loki when do you think 1.4 will release on console

you know he can't give an answer on that, nothing more than what we see here in the main post.

speculation from re-logic would be taken too seriously and then people would get upset that they were wrong.

i think i am safe in my bet that it won't be ready until february/march at the earliest, though... if we're only expected to be at alpha by the end of this year, and that's IF things keep going well.

even that might be a bit too generous of an estimate, though... it's best to just expect to have to wait half a year.
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