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Official The TCF 2nd Anniversary Shindig Submission Thread

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The TCF 2nd Anniversary Shindig Submission Thread!
Welcome to all 2nd Anniversary Shindig Applicants! This is the thread to submit your proposals for the contest in a post below. For more details and rules, please check out the main thread for the Anniversary Shindig. It is your responsibility to make sure that your entries fit the rules of the contest as expressed in the main thread, so please read it. :dryadsmile:

As a reminder, there are no hard set categories this time around, so go nuts and submit whatever you feel like.

In the case of large screenshots/images and lengthy writing, please include your post in spoilers to keep the thread easier to read. We would also ask, if you care to share, for a brief description of your entry including your concept and inspiration, and how it relates to the spirit of Terraria and/or TCF.

Any non-entries posted here will be removed or deleted. If you want to discuss entries or the contest itself, please use the main contest thread. Entries will be taken until October 26th, after which the thread will be closed and all entries will be final!


Dungeon Spirit
Whaaaat??? Am I first? Well, I'd like to kick this awesome competition off with a simple picture:
At a first glance, you can see the hallowed biome and the new, modded Spirit Biome.

The picture represents something simple. It represents the creativity of everyone here at TCF, and our love for this awesome game that wants to make us add more to Terraria! We all have something to add, and we have opportunities to make them come alive here.

It also goes to show the amount of progress the modding community has made ever since the old 1.1 days, thanks to some great members of TCF.

All in all, it shows the blend between mods and Vanilla. All we modders want to do Is make things the rest of the community will enjoy! I'm proud to be part of this awesome community! That's you all for making my stay amazing :)
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Can you add my intro idea. I don't mind if you change some of it so here is the intro what I made on wattpad. (Sorry, I can't get the photo/link to work since I am on mobile)
It was another normal day in the land of terraria. Everyone was talking and joking about, me and my fellow 3 friends were exploring, and we saw more of the underground bit by bit. But... At that night... Something strange happend. The water was red, there was floating flesh coated in blood trying to attack us and the moon was red. We all decided to call it the blood moon.
Then there was enemy's coating our radar. But our defences held them off. The next morning. We felt it as though our doom approached. So we got all of our potions and our strongest equipment for fighting then went to our arena. We waited... Then it appeared! A huge beast that had the power of a god had shown itself before us. We put up a huge fight... But just as soon as we were going to die. Another appeared called "Cthulhu" and destroyed the beasts lower body. The beast made a deafening scream that unleashed a lot of evil and corrupted Cthulhu's body. Then... We fell.Suddenly, I heard a voice, the voice sounded like and was Cthulhu's. They said that they "made a new planet" and "watched my friends get taken away from the evil creatures when I was being corrupted." This made me worry but I know that they made a new planet because I heard a boom which meant I was still alive! Then I felt my body float. Then zoomed to the new planet. When I was going there Cthulhu asked me to "clean this world from the evil which that god called "Moon Lord put on it when it was being made. When I landed Cthulhu then said "I used the last of my power to get you and one of your many friends over here. Now go spyro, save everyone and save the universe by stopping Moon Lord"


Skeletron Prime
Here's a poem about TCF, summed up in a terraria journey:
One day I woke up,
In this random place.
It was very peculiar,
A blob tried eating my face!

I stabbed it with my dagger,
And took out my pick.
Clearing some grass,
And getting a tick!

I took out my axe,
And cut down some trees.
Chopping them down,
Feeling a gentle breeze.

I built a structure,
A place where I can rest.
But for right now,
It looks like a nest.

Expanding my home,
Inventory and equipment.
The travelling merchant is here,
With his routine shipment.

One day I shiver,
The air feels awry.
Wouldn't you know it,
Here comes a giant eye!

Arrow after arrow,
Running past all the trees.
Right before sunrise,
It's out of HP!

Now I rest,
Knowing there's nothing to fear.
Hey, what's that purple stuff?
It seems to be near!

The air gets cold,
As I wander.
The nature of this place,
Is what I ponder.

As I misstep,
I fall down a pit.
Half of my HP gone,
The ground I have hit.

As I fight off monsters,
Users arrive.
It amazes me,
That I am still alive!

Bomb after bomb,
2 orbs I break.
I don't know,
How much I can take!

I break the last orb,
I believe I have failed.
The ground is rumbling,
This situation has derailed!
That's my attempt at showing a journey. From the beginning of TCF to it's constant developing, to now! I hope you appreciate this!
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Leo Perez

My terraria world has a tower to the heavens, a hellevator just under it, and in between both is the castle that my npcs live in, the skies, land, and underworld all have a rail system from beginning to end, both beaches have a dock, and one beach has an underwater building. I hope this is for the contest because this is my first time here.

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Eater of Worlds
Hmm. I'm not quite sure what to do for this...
A place-holder:
Just grabbing this so I don't forget.

Badwolf Baelliin

This is my custom steampunk airship I built, a good 30 hour project. It took a lot of planning and research on ships but I think it turned out great in the end!


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Here is my (potentially placeholder) entry. It's of a bunch of the people on Team Terraria 3 playing a super intense game of beach volleyball.


Dungeon Spirit
This is a little something I was inspired to do by the amazing and talented @TheQuietBisharp and @The Magic Cookie. Both of them are amazing and gifted poets and I kinda wanted to try my hand at a poem myself. I don't think it's the best and even though it's short it took forever to write. Hope y'all like it....
"Drip, drip, drip,
in the dim caves deep below,
drip, drip, drip,
we watch as something grows.
from this primordial puddle of ooze,
come something not quite right,
Made from gunk and toxic sludge,
he's the bringer of great fright!
They all felt his approach, during that dark time,
Than they all knew the wrath, of the dreaded
KING SLIME" :kingslime:
(may be replaced if I ever get the time to try to build something)
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stardust pillar.png
So this is what im submitting it is the stardust pillar with a mage using the lunar flare now i only have one more pillar to do and that is the nebula pillar
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