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Xbox One What is the luckiest moment you’ve ever had in Terraria?


The Destroyer
got a rod of discord i like it but i know my friend loves it so i give it her but she gets all "no its fine you have it" so she insists she farm one for me just as i say she might be there a while she says no i wont and magic mirrored to give me the discord rod shed just got

also came across a sword shrine by complete accident whilst mining and got arkhalis


Official Terrarian
I probably got the most lucky when I got 4 lizard eggs within 2 months (And 2 of them being with 2 days!)

That was a good day :happy:

But an example of some bad luck is one time when I was about to have a rematch with skeletron prime as a summoner and the blood moon started as soon as I spawned him in and it resulted in one of the most intense fights I have ever had. I won though! :p
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Lettuce Monk

The Destroyer
Havent been playing terraria for long but my luckiest moment was the first time I ever killed the moon lord in expert, I opened the treasure bag, and it had Valkyrie‘s dev set in it! I didn’t even know dev sets existed back then so I was quite confused.


I was building at base when my stardust dragon killed a pixie and I got a hollowed key , I then got 2 more not 5 mins later 👏


My first drop from the Ice Queen was the pet that I wanted.

I'm currently grinding for boss trophies and I only had to beat Moon Lord maybe five times to get the trophy and the SDMG. That said, I had to beat Skeletron over 20 times to get his trophy.
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