Your 1.3.1 Update Reactions and Discoveries!? (Plus detailed info and links.)

:) I wonder what all drops we can now get from each of the new statues...? Nothing from critter statues though? (Notes say they can't be caught, I think.)

The feedback and bug report thread has some extra info on this:

I just personally tested that the Harpy and Blood Zombie statues work (the other three, albeit untested, I suspect function fine as well).

The monsters these statues create have a significantly lower drop rate AND require that you deal damage to them directly for them to give drops. Thus a trap-only grinder will not output drops from many of them.

However, I've gotten several feathers and a shark tooth necklace within only two minutes, so I know that they function. Perhaps not as some might have expected them too, however. ;)

From what I've seen, summons are fine though.
Ooh, speedy!
half adder design (with wire bulbs for output location,t inputs are blue and red wires, carry is the red wire. )
Is that based on the adding machine spoiler? Or you (re)invented it from scratch?
I am confused. if you mean the old spoiler under my signature that i replaced with the new one, then yes. If you mean some other spoiler, then I must have remade it from scratch. i made the thing when I was trying to make a compact half adder. I realized I could make one where the inputs were horizontal and the outputs came from the bottom while taking only 2*3 blocks in size, but I wanted it to come out horizontal as well, so I changed it into that shape
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Dripplers spawned from the statue can drop Sharktooth and Money Trough
Ooh, very handy! Although...
The monsters these statues create have a significantly lower drop rate AND require that you deal damage to them directly for them to give drops. Thus a trap-only grinder will not output drops from many of them.
across five thousand unicorns, so I'd say the droprates are very very low to compensate for how rapidly we can kill them.
Wow, thorough testing already! Yeah, I guess that makes sense to reduce the output somewhat. And I guess that may make it a bit tricky to exploit them early one, if it requires a (decent) minion to AFK farm them? (Can't just use lava, or traps?)

I wonder what the cash productivity of each statue is... There'll have to be a guide made at some point, lol. See if there's one stand-out statue, like the old Jellyfish statue, or the bunny/fish statues (which no longer work, sadly ;().
name of book" thing was referring to "The Grand Design"
Ah! Makes more sense, sorry. Yeah. "A Brief History of Time" was my era's pop-physics reading.

Dummy Ghosts work as usual
Ah, thanks for checking that. Definitely worth firing up all the old machines to see if anything's stopped working (might still be time to get them to fix stuff if unintentional, with the inevitable hot-fix patches).
Everything now can be better scripted
Not quite sure what you mean...?
Switching between Mechmod and 1.3.1, and when you die...
How's that, did you cheat in all that dosh, or is that a little glitch?

Talking of Mechmod, though!: @stefnotch, @five--three, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. It seems like they've almost taken notes on some of the things you've (tried to) implement(ed)... And well, the your whole wire visibility sub-menu has kinda been superseded by the mechanical lens/Grand Design settings (top left, besides inventory, in case anyone hadn't spotted them). Of course, they've implemented things you'd have been pretty hard pushed to do, too, with the fantastic new items! :)
Is there any way to make wires not appear visible when you have The Grand Design in your inventory?
Is this an issue with the visibility settings?: Previously mentioned:

If you mean some other spoiler
Sorry, different kind of spoiler, from the devs, this adding machine built from logic gates.
@Alaron, just for clarification's sake: holding GD in your inventory allows you to force wire visibility, or make wire visibility dependent on the active item in your hot bar. There is actually no way to force wire visibility off (that would be weird.)
I also made an 8 bit multiplexer using different state detectors. and I just did a search on the forums and found the adder (i beleive you meant that one) that was apparently a leak of the update, and I realized it was slightly like my original design (except mine was entirely and gates and or gates (could not find a not gate, before I figured out I could put the xor and and gate side by side to get a compact 2*3 version, which I then changed to a 2*4 one with all horizontal wiring EDIT:............ I found this out without even having this page updated, and was typing about it when you posted XD
red wire input,blue wire reset, yellow wire output
the multiplexer is only transporting the red bit to a selected output, so you could use it for powering individual teleporters (with the addition of another row of unpowered inputs for an enabler. Edit: I named the demultiplexer a multiplexer.
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Attempting to make an oscillator (two logic gates that toggle eachother) results in it shorting out with a satisfying puff of smoke. (It's not damaged or anything, it just stops running.)

The portal station is available from the cyborg, provided you have a portal gun in your inventory. Essentially it's the same thing in cannon form. What's more, it can be completely controlled by wire, though figguring out how to do this took me a little a little while. A wire connected to the left or right side (it's 4 blocks wide) rotates it that way, the center top changes the color, and the bottom fires. Like all cannons, it's unable to aim downwards, which unfortunately rules out floor portals, but otherwise it's very cool.

Another thing that confused me for a bit is the faulty logic lamp (randomizer), to use it, you apparently need to combine it with regular logic lamps, and have make sure your input wire touches both of them. That's my initial assessment anyway, it may be more complicated. Edit: Sure enough, it was more complicated.
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Not mechanics-related (except the mechanics of the game itself): I noticed that some of the default control profiles have multiple keys bound to one action (e.g. W/Up for Up in menu mode), but it's not possible to do this yourself... or is it? Yes it is. But you have to manually edit input profiles.json (found wherever your Terraria saves are). While Terraria is not running, open this and scroll down to the "Custom" section, then to "Mouse And Keyboard" (assuming that's what you want to edit). Then for example if you wanted to be able to Jump using either Space or the middle mouse button, you could change that line to this:

  "Jump": ["Space", "Mouse3"],
Note that the format is ["key", "key"], not ["key"], ["key"], easy mistake.

Save and close your text editor (I'm not sure, but leaving it open seemed to cause problems), then start Terraria to see the results.
Apparently you can even bind more than two keys, I tried it with three, which seemed to work, though I didn't test thoroughly.
I've been running around trying to collect some of the new statues and get the travelling conman to spawn, and I've found something a little odd.

That drippler is currently floating in place, not aggroed or anything. it seems when i spawn them here (underground, prehardmode, daytime) they dont do anything unless i hit them with something that doesn't kill them right away. If i hit them they just start meandering around really slowly, not even coming toward me or anything.
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