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    Ok, I added the reset thing, but now it says the following message:

    c:\Users:owner\Documents\My Games\ Terraria\Modloader\Mod Sources\BATIM\ BatimPlayer.cs(26,1) : error CS1513:
    } expected
    this would be an easy fix but I did it properly from my understanding

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.IO;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics;
    using Terraria;
    using Terraria.DataStructures;
    using Terraria.ID;
    using Terraria.ModLoader;
    using Terraria.ModLoader.IO;
    using Terraria.GameInput;
    namespace BATIM
        public class BATIMPlayer : ModPlayer
            public bool FlyingInkBlot = false;
            public bool BabyBlob = false;
            public override void ResetEffects()
                public bool FlyingInkBlot = false;
                public bool BabyBlob = false;
    Edit: I found my obvious mistake and fixed it. thanks for the previous help
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    An easy way to deal with this is to hold Shift before it gets to the mod loading. It will then automatically not load in your mods, just tModLoader, so you'll be able to disable them from the mods menu. Generally, too many mods will overload Terraria due to its nature as a 32 bit program, and therefore its 4GB memory limit.
    As has already been stated by others, you can also manually edit the enabled.json, or if you really want to, you can delete the .tmod files from your Mods folder to entirely uninstall them (usually Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mods, which if I recall, is also where enabled.json is located.)
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    почему нет версии на windows
  4. Generic Name

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    How do I find the .json file?
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    when next version with fixed black screen on linux release?
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    What are the ways to create an explosion? I want to make my NPC explode on death or if it is set on fire (I would assume for the explode when set on fire thing I would do that in the AI).
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    You'd just create a short-lived projectile with some dust for the explosion effect
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    Is GOG ever gonna get tModLoader support again?
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    how do you transfer player data to Tmod? Mac version
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    please add a button for character missing mods to download them
  11. eRROR.PNG Can somebody help me? everytime I click on Singleplayer in the main menu my game crashes with this message
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    the letters outside of the white box are because I used snipping tool to capture the white box with discord behind it
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    That's a problem with Terraria. Delete and reinstall Terraria, then redo tModLoader.
  13. that did not work
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    What mods do you have installed?
  15. it varies, no matter what combination it still crashes with the exact same message, the least mods I used were 4, and only 1 of them added items in a count of only around 50 or less
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    Try running the game with no mods on, if that does not work remove tModLoader. If neither of those things work than there will be something wrong with Terraria entirely
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    so, if i'm working with a pre-built csproj, do i just chuck it into a mod file? or do i remove the .txt then put it in?
  18. Godley

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    @thegamemaster1234 so, if i'm working with a pre-built csproj, do i just chuck it into a mod file or remove the .txt first?
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    Oh hey, just wanted to pop in and say gratz on 1000 pages!
    I know it's kind of an arbitrary achievement but hey, just goes to show how big tModLoader has gotten.
    I remember back in the day, of 1.2+ and early 1.3, I barely knew Terraria even had mods. I knew it had a few decently-large ones, but I had no idea just how robust the API was, how amazing the compatability was, and certainly not how active and inspired the modding community was.
    Perhaps I just wasn't around early enough, but I feel like tModLoader has been a massive boon to Terraria modding as a whole, and has really caused a modding renaissance, with so many mods, and especially so many high quality and unique mods, small and large, compared to tAPI and all before it, with such an in-depth framework that I've not seen in any other unofficial (and in fact very few official) modding APIs, allowing so many mods that add so many things to work nearly seamlessly together, to install and manage from the game's menu, to be able to customize essentially every single aspect of the game, and beyond.

    1000 pages of people talking about the mod. That's thousands upon thousands of posts. I just gotta say, I'm so ecstatic that the modding community for this game is so alive, even as the Vanilla game's development has slowed. I don't think any other game, aside from perhaps Bethesda's Singleplayer RPGs, has had such a wealth of modding that is able to make the game replayable again and again with hundreds of different setups that all feel unique and exciting. And it's always improving.

    So, while I cannot speak for the community at large, I have to say, thank you, everyone on the tModLoader team, and all of you modders, veteran or aspiring, for keeping this wonderful game so relevant, so exciting and expanded, even during the slow-content periods, hopefully for many years to come! A few years ago I never would have thought of modding a game as content-rich as Terraria. These days, the thought of going back to Vanilla Terraria is almost unthinkable.
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    Thank you.
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