IC A Tale of Two Countries (IC)

(She/Her, Via uses She/Her as well btw)
Snowfall looks over, and somewhat awkwardly waves.
Via just looks over, clearly cautiously. (Should probably mention that Via's an Eevee. She has a black scarf with an Exploration Team Badge hidden on the inside of it.)
“So, um, who are you?” Cream asked.
She didn’t know who they were.
"Fine, if you'd prefer not to say, that's up to you."

And at that point, the crowd would break through the doors and one of the windows, and start heading into the store. (@Ivyss)
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"What's this whole thing about?"

Nick would do a quick check of the area of the location he was given.
(Not entering, just observing the outside of it to see if he can spot any security or anything else of note.)
(This is still a thing.)
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