Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Carmine Knight set. It's ment to be a rare drop from blood moon enemies. I based the design off the more savage enemies of the blood moon to capture the fear and panic
an early blood moon would give a new player.

The shiny red parts have glow masks and can be seen in the dark. Feel free to modify it as needed.
Journeys End Vanity Contest Bloodmoon Knight.png
Journeys End Vanity Male Segmented.png
Journeys End Vanity Female Segmented.png
Journeys End Vanity Slots.png
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Here is my set!
Is he a cat? Is he a Berserker? Maye he is a PUNserker!


- I don't really know how to do pixelart but I hope the idea is clear.
- Purrsrkrr has glowing eyes and blue marks (they don't emit light but in the darkness you can see it).
- I am not sure if having that long hair an tail are possible but I wish they could make it into the design.
--- The Hair goes with the mask and would hide the player's hair
--- The tail goes with the legs
This is my set, the Fallen Angel set. The set is based on an angel that has succumbed to the power of darkness and evil, which is why I chose a purple color scheme for this design. While the Greaves are more or less ordinary, the helmet add an angel halo that's corrupted and broken in half , and the chestplate is infused with the wing of a corrupted angel, resulting in part of the wing being mixed in with color scheme of the armor. And although individual wings aren't allowed in this submission, its not actually a wing and is part of the actual armor set, so it's stiff and doesn't move freely u like an actual set of wings. I hope you like my design everyone

-A random fish in the sea of the internet


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There was always missing that one armour engineers would wear while going trough a place where everything is contaminated with necromorphed flesh.. Crimson of course. And that's what I've tried to paint.
My Vanity set refers to some kind of an "Ancient Space Armour" (That's how I call it, so it doesn't refer too much ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), but reading the 8th Terraria Anniversary Lore article located on this forum, the Crimson refers to exactly the same thing. x-)
I'm sure it is familiar to many people and think It's better to make something more notorious to other players than just fully random armour that nobody knows.
Ancient Space Suit.png
Hello wonderful developers`:passionate:,

When playing the fabulous game of Terraria in its previous forms, I have always found that although there are a wide variety of vanity outfits and accessories to sport, there is an obvious lack of High Fashion/ Haute Couture!

Enter The Arts and Crafts Outfit<3,
A conceptual masterpiece of high fashion that will always leave its wearer feeling runway ready! This look is fresh off the competitive street fashion scene of Harajuku and displays the loud impression of a walking work of art. This look is thematically inspired by items that would typically be used by children for playful and artsy activities, with a sickening twist of using these simple items to create a sculptural experience of bright hues and intense shape and form. You better believe that if your child made this look with their art supplies, they must be shipped to fashion college right away! I will now explain the ins and outs of each piece in the ensemble.

On the image below you will find three possible colour schemes for this outfit that I thought were the most fashionable by use of complementary colours. My personal favourite is the multicoloured one that features both mint and banana, however if you prefer one of the other two for a more minimalistic approach, either may be selected.

I am also very aware that every detail and curve may not be able to be featured in the final sprite due to the game's fab pixel aesthetic. Therefore every design aspect is completely down for interpretation as I trust you fab creators with my life.

Head slot (Arts and Crafts Fascinator):
  • This triple layered pom-pom fascinator is a statement piece to say the least, not to mention it is adorned with a large patent bow that contests even the most colourful of slimes.
  • Each item on the hat is larger than the one above it to give the illusion of the pompoms and bow being stacked on top of each-other.
  • It also tips slightly forward to add a sense of humour in the composition of the outfit.
  • The fascinator can show as much hair as you choose, I have designed it in such a way that it would look fierce regardless, I would therefore respect any decision made concerning character hair coverage.
Torso slot (Arts and Crafts Dress):
  • The colourful hoop dress contains the majority of the outfit and has a distinguished shape between the bottom and top half due to the belt.
  • The shoulder pom-poms are intended to have a similar bulbous design as many armour torso's currently in the game.
  • The dresses relationship to the heels is very similar to that used in the Mrs Claus set in that it partially covers the legs but leaves enough room to feature the stunning heels also.
Leg slot (Arts and Crafts Heels):
  • These gorgeous heeled boots are the key to pulling this outfit together.
  • They feature an accent pom-pom designed to make the colour of the heels pop through contrasting colours and add a touch of humour to the look.
  • There may possibly not be room on the character sprite to feature any exposed leg, in this event I would like the dress to cover the top part of the boots and have the rest of the leg section be the heels.
To conclude, any single item from this set could possible be used in other outfits to add a touch of chic and it is a diverse and visually stunning ensemble that I feel would really benefit the game upon addition.

Even the mighty queen bee will give you her crown when she sees that you are so Met Gala ready (not that you'll need it with your toppling fascinator)!

Thank you so much for reading and absorbing my concept and I will look forward to be considered for this wonderful competition as it would be an honour to be part of your incredible game!<3

Arts and Crafts vanity look concept art .jpg
Journey's End Almost Done.png

Hello! My name is River and this is my entry for the journey's end update! I'm super stoked to have this chance! Ahem, so my entry is a personal design for an assassin outfit for a character of mine for a separate story, and I poured alot of thought into the design of the outfit, so I thought it'd be neat to try my hand here with the outfit!
I'll briefly explain different pieces of the outfit if they're confusing!

Head Slot - Hood. The hood in the drawing is detachable, and I think that'd be convenient for separating the different pieces while it still making sense. English. yeah. A bandanna would be with the hood. An unrealistic hope of mine is that, for girls (or boys with long hair styles), hair could come out of the hood (like depicted in the drawing) but I know that's kinda difficult and a pain in the arse.

Chest Slot - Corset piece with arm pieces and cut off gloves. I understand you're looking at it and you're probably like "hewwo why does it look strange?" but I intended for the armor to layer over top each other with flexible material to be flexible for movement. The arms have leather (or some material) wrapped around the top and bottom part of the arm, but none at the elbow to have better movement at the joint. The gauntlets at the bottom part of the part are different from the rest of the wraps, because their a bit heavier duty gauntlets rather than the wraps for protection. The gloves are attached to the gauntlets.

Legs Slot - The bottom piece must be kinda confusing, but allow me to explain! The bottom..uh..skirt piece as I'll call it is made out of the same sturdy but flexible matieral and is cut into several flaps instead of being one piece for mobility without your legs held back. It's also good for hiding weapons underneath ;) All of the flaps are held up by the large belt like flap at the top of the skirt. Then after that, black leggings would accompany the legs with leather wraps around the ankles and upper leg to keep them from breaking. There would be wraps around the middle of the feet for additional protection, but the heel and balls of the feet would be bare, as bare feet is best for climbing!

I was going to try to do the sprites for the outfits, but I'm not so good at pixel art. It's something I need practice with, sorry!

Sorry that was so long winded. Thank you again devs for working so so so hard on the game, sorry to interject something personal but I've played Terraria since 2015 and I'm kind of emotional for Journey's End, and I'm so proud of y'all for coming so far. Good luck y'all, thank you <3
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I'm not very good with artwork or spritework so I did my best to illustrate my idea. At the time of me making it, I didn't know there would be a Cowboy set so I thought it would be a bit more original but oh well ~:D. The idea was to make a masked bandito-type set with a scarf and some light red flame-like hair to balance with the hat's size.

It's a bit inspired from cyberpunk aesthetics and surely someone with the experience could make some nice sprites out of it, I'm just not the right person. %:sigh:

[Edit] I did not have the time to make detailed art for this idea, but I also thought of making the character not wear the hat and instead wear it on his back, he'd look like he does on the drawing on the lower left. If any of the judges think it'd look better that way I'm also open to it, I hope it doesn't count as a second submission, but I'm dropping this idea just in case. :)
Maybe it would help differentiate it from the cowboy set, in a way.

Chumimin's desperado set.png
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Not exactly the best at creating art, but decided to make a set based off Terraria/AHiT YouTuber CrabBar.


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Hell Warden (armor contest) (4x4).png


Crafted from the flesh of its most powerful enemies and the hottest ore from hell.


The mighty armor of an ancient guardian who kept the kingdom of hell at bay.

Some stories tell that the armor lost all its power when its original wearer died,
only remains the torment of creatures who fell into his presence and who has
been waiting since then for the rise of the champion of Terraria.

Personal message: I hope you like it and in passing take the opportunity to send encouragement and strength to all the Terrarians who are going through this difficult stage. I also hope that you are all well, and if not, that you have a quick recovery!

GREETINGS TO ALL!! :happy::dryadhappy::merchanthappy::nursehappy:~:happy:`:happy:


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This is my submission Ryūjin’s armor (working title)

Ryūjin’s helmet

Ryūjin’s chest plate

Ryūjin’s leggings

The Cape could be part of the chest plate or just an accessory

The only place I could think this armor would be found is with the enchanted sword but there is probably a better place I haven’t thought of yet


The armor could also change colors depending on what biome you’re in
but I don't know if this will look good in game so I guess we'll just have to see

hope you like it :)
Here's my entry, not sure I'll win but I had fun with it.

contest entry.png

I call it the Wandering Star set, it's a planet head with rings, a space suit torso, and space suit legs. My boyfriend did the pixel art for me, hope that's ok, the drawing and concept are my own and he gave me permission to use the pixel art piece in my entry.

Good luck to everyone else who entered, can't wait to see the results.<3


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Terraria Hotdog Vanity-1.png (1).png

This is the Sausage Suit / Hotdog Suit . I'm not sure which one to use, and I'm aware this idea probably isn't the first.

Basically, it consists of only 1 part: The suit. It changes your character to look like the one above. The arms and legs of the suit are a gray color as seen, however the arms only appear when walking or flying. The character's face will show through the hole in the front, and non-facewear vanity will be concealed (i.e. helmets would be hidden, but not sunglasses, of course:cool:). Wings and all that stuff would remain visible (also a condiment jetpack would be awesome, but not necessary). Idk how you would get it, maybe goodie bags? Whatever. Hope you like it!
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