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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Cyber angel Set by Rariaz2.png

Hello Colegas!

Here it is my submission for the contest “your vanity in the game!”
Cyber Angel Set

Original art, redaction and design made by me (Rariaz).

I really like the sci-fi theme and seen in terraria give a really cool contrast sensation, so I decided to take this futuristic approach.
About the angel well, it’s really weird that in terraria as mob we have monster, devils, fairies, robots, plants, animals, specters, etc. but we have never seen such thing like an Angel, we have Angel’s wings and halo but were they come from?
I like to think that they exist in the terraria universe.

Armor’s Lore-
“this armor was designed to restrict, control and extract the power and energy of gods, angels and powerful beings.
The energy is used to purify the corruption and the crimson of the world.
Some players dare to use this armor, but just a few can bear the fatigue, only those who achieve power, wisdom, nimbleness, and kindness are worthy to try this armor.”

This is a nod to a story of my adventure map I was working on (TerRariaz Planet)

this project took me quite a while, the drawing took like 6 hour. The overall design whit logo an interface took another 6 hours. The pixel sprites took like 2 hours. All in the time span of two and a half weeks.
Programs used: Photoshop and Painttool SAI.
Used Fonts: Tolerant, Agency FB, Vermin Vibes.
Inspirational music: coincidentally called, Angel´s Song – Deborah Harry, from the movie Rock and Rule.

Post Script-
This was a fun to make project, I want to thanks the developers for the opportunity, imagined have a part of you in your favorite game of all time, that will be a dream come true.
I am very excited about the journey’s end patch, I cannot wait! Thanks for your love and care for terraria and the community!
Good luck to everybody, and thank you for watching.

If you have any questions or want to comment you can go to the Reddit Post click HERE.
11/04/2020 changelog: little edit on glowmask and a change in the redaction
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Snake Man-1.png
I have made this image of a tribal man with a tattooed head, wearing a loincloth for the legs, and he has a cobra around his body for the torso. on my picture the snake doesn't look very scary, but that's because those were the smallest pixels I used, however the snake should look more threatening


I don't have a good name for this vanity armor yet, but this is my glitched armor. It has a glitched effect and will spas-out every once in a while. I've created a GIF of what the Glitching might look like and a template of all the parts. Even if the effect can not be achieved I think the Armor itself look cool. I gave him a long sleek hood with a white scarf and short wizards cloak, I was inspired by the nebula armor and based my idea off of its cool effects and design. I think Its a really cool effect and if the Developers could make it I think it would be amazing. Pleas let me know what you think and good luck to all contestants!

Vanity Armor.PNG


Official Terrarian

Aaaand this is my first and only submission for Journey's End vanity contest, The Purity Spirit.
This took 3 days, 1 for ideas and research and 2 for experimenting and finally getting the right design.

This is actually the vanity that I used for modded Terraria, I used Lazure's Circlet, Loki's Breastplate, and Vortex leggings.
So I improved the design and I'm quite proud of it.

-Names and Features:
Head: Purity Headgear, 3 leaves on the left and a crystal on the right.

Torso: Purity Core/Breastplate, a core in the middle, and glowing leaves on the side.
It has 2 versions, one covers the hand and the other does not.
I don't know which one is better so I put both of them in there.

Leg: Purity Leggings, a line that is supposed to be like a running river on the side.

These are the inspirations that are not included in the image:
Auric Tesla Armor, Loki's set, Jim's set, and Lazure's Circlet

1. Make everything that is blue a glow mask. The leaves on the breastplate glow higher than the middle part.
2. Animate the crystal on the right side of the headgear. Make it so it shines and goes up and down slowly.
It's also a glow mask, make the glow the same as the leaves on the breastplate.
3. If you want you could animate the lines on the left side of the leggings so it looks like a running river.
4. The breastplate has a cape inspired by Auric Tesla Armor. Animate it so it blows when you walk. (like Jim's breastplate)

-How To Get:
I have a bunch of ideas in my mind about how to get this vanity, but the best one that I have is a chance to drop from the Eye of Cthulhu.

That's it, I'm quite proud of this and good luck to everyone that participated in this contest!
Thank you Re-Logic for the opportunity. Stay safe and stay at home everyone!


(Also, if there were any vanity that is similar to this, please let me know so I can change it up a bit.)​


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number one: Fred frog
a probably copyright-free take on 'ralph rex' with the main
difference being this is a frog costume.
Any possibility to make the head wobble when moving
would be nice as well.
frog man 2.jpg
bush man 2.jpg

number two: curious shrubbery
just a person hiding in a bush with a snail on their head.
the snail is the hat item, the grass/shrubbery acts like a dress item
going in the torso section.

Winny pooh10


. -. / ...- . .-. -.. .- -.. / .- .-.. --. ..- .. . -. / .-.. . . / . ... - --- .-.-. --.- ..- .. . -. / ... . .-. .- / . .-.. / .--. .-. .. -- . .-. --- .-.-.
Desde las profundidades del suelo, donde los vivos como los muertos temen acercarse.
Solo los cristales y minerales existen, quizás incluso mas de lo que parecen ...

From the depths of the ground, where the living as well as the dead fear to approach.
Only crystals and minerals exist, perhaps even more than they seem ...


Mas que rocas, incluso mas rocas con colores.
¡Son rocas cristalizadas de colores!
More than rocks, even more colored rocks.

They are colored crystallized rocks!

Siento que los cristales y gemas coloridos no se han usado demasiado.
Así que esta una armadura unisex "cristalizada" de una criatura subterránea.
Con el nombre de:

I feel like the colorful crystals and gems have not been overused.
So there is a "crystallized" unisex armor of an underground creature.

With the name of:

Quien sabe que clase de criaturas haya hay debajo de la tierra,
pero estoy seguro de que nadie quiere acercarse a ellas.
¿O, no? ....
Who knows what kind of creatures there are under the ground,
but I am sure that nobody wants to get close to them.
Or not? ....

- . -. .. .- / -- .- ... / .. -.. . .- / .--. . .-. --- / -.-. .-. . --- / --.- ..- . / . ... - .- / --. .- -. .- .-. .- / -..- -.. .-.-. ... ..- . .-. - . / .- / - --- -.. --- ... .-.-.


Shrykull's Attire.png

I don't know if we can make the recipes, but that would be cool.

Shrykull's Attire:
- Shrykull's Mask = Nimbus Rod + Forbidden Fragment + 12 Meteorite Bars + 10 Feathers
- Fang Necklace = 5 Cursed Flame + 5 Lens + 5 Spider Fangs + 15 Stars
- Enigmatic Loincloth = Frost Core + Magic Mirror + 2 Ancient Cloth + 3 Black Thread

The set is clearly for men, but for women it would be the same with a top, like lamia set.

A set that means a lot to me, inspired by shamans and the starry sky.

Good luck friends, and have a nice hug. :D<3

PD: Thanks for liking my vanity! And I am seeing a lot of good ones!
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My Submission: Fortress Flyer

It is a leather cap, a bomber pilot jacket, and blue jeans with boots. The jacket features a soft insulated inside, and a leather exterior. While it remains unzip, it reveal a button-down shirt and on the sleeve it sports an unofficial insignia. The cap is also made of leather and covers all the top of the head so no hair.

Hopefully I did not cause any headaches, anyways
Thank You!
My Submission
I don't really expect this to win, but it was fun to participate

The Steampunk Frontierman Set consits of:
The Headgear (Hat and Gasmask)
The Torso(The Coat and the Steampunk Armor)
The Leggings (The Steampunk Greaves and Boots)
The Steampunk Frontiermen are a group of pioneers that explore the world that the steampunk cities are interested in, such as mines and sources of fuel.
As the steampunk cities declined, these men were sent out to find new places for the Steamounkers to colonize and live in, all with little to no luck. The Steampunker you meet in game is the only one of the few that survive.

Art, Design and Concept by Me


Hi, I'm Stake, I grew up with this game and I really love it, And I would like to submit my entry, and share the experience of doing this.

I'ts a bit long, but I really wanted to show the entire process I went trough, because I dind't know how to draw or make pixel art at first, but I really wanted to make something for the game I love, so I started practicing, getting some Ideas, and I came up with because I love my culture (I'm Mexican, sorry for my poor grammar), It took me some attempts to get the sketch on the post, but I thought that my bad drawnig woudn't be enough, so I learned how to use SketchBook and Piskel to make the digital drawing and the pixel model respectively, for the base of the pixel art I used the guide, I copied the sprite and scaled it to put on more details, It was a nightmare to do because I'm not really skillful or patient, but I wanted to see how my dreams would look and I wanted to do my best for the game that has given me so much, I also wanted to learn how to do a mod and show it better, but that was too much XD
So Thanks for reading, good luck everyone!
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