Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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sorry for the bad labeling but im realy bat at this stuff. i hope you can do something with this is supposed to be a maffia


  • Terraria vanity fair submission mafia guy 3.0 final.png
    Terraria vanity fair submission mafia guy 3.0 final.png
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Vanity set submission

Nova’s wear:
submission set.png

"Reminds you of tofu…"

Nova Beanie:
submission hat.png

Nova shirt:
submission shirt.png

Nova skirt:
submission skirt.png

Full set (beanie goes over the hair):
final work.png

Full set without hair:
final no hair.png

Thank you Devs for doing this, and best of luck for everyone!
Hi late submission but I've had this on backburner for a couple weeks wondering if I should post or not.


These are the Rotten/Hemorrhaged Warrior concepts I came up with. There aren't any samurai outfits ingame at the moment, and the evil palettes are really great, so I came up with this.
Maybe the armour eyes (the green/yellow spots) could have glowmasks? Idk.
Also hope I'm not too late to submit this lol :pumpking:
This is my submission. In honour of the great Albert Einstein. It could be aquired by traveling near the speed of light(the fastest achievable speed in-game) or some other relativity related thing, or may something different for each piece. When hit(taking damage), you stick your tongue out and your hair goes crazy, like the famous Einstein picture. My artistry isn't top notch, but I trust that the design team will make it look great. It could be called "Crazy Scientist Hair", "Relative Jacket", Relative Pants", or something along those lines. (I just copied the standard hair and changed the colors bacause I'm bad at drawing, but I hope the idea comes across)


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This a vanity set is called molten soul Armour
pixil-frame-0 (1).png


The vanity set consists of molten lave skin with molten rock armor. The blue bits on the end of the fire are meant to be blue fire but are a badly drawn. The leggings area of the set has a more of a molten rock kilt than pant. The fire will be animated, it will be flowing in the wind.

Thank you for looking at my submission. Good luck to everyone on winning :).

P.S. sorry for bad sketch


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This is my submission - baby yoda!
i hope the meme isnt dead but it was fun to make and cute anyways. Its the first time me making a pixelated sprite so i dont expect it to be amazing, and i didnt have much room to do yoda, so it was trial and error. It is based off the scene where luke (played by the guide) carries yoda on his back with a blue bag. Thanks for reading!
Baby yoda  (1).png
dani torso.png
dani legs.png

My entry! Based off a possible "skater's outfit". I didn't think of any particular lore for this set, I just think it's cute. (The top and skirt are part of the same item, and so are the stockings and skates/boots.)
Nio's pangolin ranger 2.png

Hello this is my entry for the contest:
the main concept is a pangolin dressed up like an australien ranger.

for people who don't know what a pangolin is: it is one of the most illegally trafficked animals in the world (mostly hunted for there scales) so i thought it would be a nice idea to make him a ranger who protects others.

the parts:
1. head with tongue: the tongue looks somewhat low but the idea is that is moves in and out or up and down while running, the hat is part of the head.
2. body and tail: the tail is part of the body. It may look to far from the body or to high but it can be slightly redisigned like the tail of the xenomorph vanity set on the lower body he has a gun holster on his belt.
3. the shoes: they can be seperated from the torso
as a note it may look nicer to make the torso and the shoes into one item like a robe( up to developer choise)

it would look great to make the scales glow so they are always bright ( i do not mean for it to generate light), in the rules is said that this is possible without breaking any rules
and it would also look great if he drops some shining scale particles whenever he gets hit

his name is Nio's pangolin ranger

and whatever the outcome of the contest it would be very nice to just send your opinions or a score

thanks for considering/ judging my entry and till the results
New Piskel.png
It's a COWSTUME i found this idea really funny so i desided to poste it.
just imagine playing normal terraria minding your own busness and then a
person with a cow costume (cowstume) commes outa no-wherear
and starts walking around like it's a "normal thing"

(and i just wanna see a guy with a cow cowstume in terraria '-' )
Terraria Trash Armour Made Out Of: 6 seaweed 1 old shoe and 1 tin can

Am not that Good at sprite ing this is my first terraria sprite i hope this one comes in the game :D
Terraria Vanity Contest - Watermelon Set.png

This is my entry for the vanity contest, the Watermelon Set! It's inspired by one of my favorite dresses. It consists of red heels for the pants slot, a watermelon dress for the chest slot which covers part of the legs but not everything, and a watermelon hair clip which doesn't hide any hair (like the cat ears and the giant bow).

I thought it would be a cool addition since there aren't a lot of summer-y vanity sets in the game. Because there aren't any watermelons in the game, I think it would be the most logical if it was sold by the Clothier, or the Party Girl during a party.
Name - Moonless Sky Suit
This set includes:
Moonless Sky Head
Moonless Sky Torso
Moonless Sky Legs

I would really appreciate if you would make it that if in vanity slot all three parts are equipped it will start to give off slight blue aura or if thats too much do a little outline that glows for parts individually... I know it is kind of greedy to ask but still...
Can't wait to see which vanity set wins!
Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 14.00.48.png

My design for the vanity contest is the Broken Hero set. My idea for this came from the fact that this is Journey's End'.
I decided to make a set that showed the hardships that player has gone though, during their journey. To show this I
chose a terraria armour set and started re-spriting it to show hardship. I added vines and rust, and darkened the colour sceme.
I was thinking of adding a scabbard in the shape of the broken hero sword, but there wasn't room. I doubt I'll win, but want
to thank Re-Logic for making this increderable game. :)
Brain in a Glass.jpg

Brain in a Glass - Vanity Set
(basically a Cyborg)

Head: - a floating brain in a big bowl (maybe with animated bubbles) and a breathing mask
Torso: - a human torso with a belt, a shirt, one normal, and one mechanical arm (the lamp on the hand can light up)
Legs: - blue trousers and brown shoes ^^

It was a very cool idea to start this contest! Thank you! :happy:
Ancient knight armor


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Thank you people for this opportunity.
At first I didn't even want to participate but a little Terraria-Fan in a wheelchair I met at the subway the other day convinced me otherwise.
This is inspired and done for you. Hope you get well soon.

Therefore I present the Wheelchair Racer.



Head: crash helmet (would be nice if the fire stripes could glow in the dark a little)
Torso: body in safety seat belt with the wheelchair (works like a robe, maybe a glow on the tail light)
Legs: hidden
Hello Terraria Team!
This is my (almost late) vanity contest submission that I think you should consider. Please sit down, have a cup of tea, and enjoy this (not so) glorious post.
and don't skip it just because it's a long post, you lazy dev team you just kidding, sorry for the unnecessary insult, don't be mad you egomaniac. oops I made it worse

The classic skeleton is a vital part of the fantasy genre; The spooky creature that could leap out of any one of us at any minute! (I'm not a biologist)

And so when it came time to develop some Terraria enemies the humble skeleton was one of the first to be produced.

But, alas, something is missing! (The horror!) The skeletons are indeed spooky enemies, and the bosses Skeletron and Skeletron Prime are extra frightening; but what if one wanted to dawn the spooky title themselves? All they'd have is a few lousy masks! What are we to do?

Here, right now, I'm talking about a skeleton vanity set!

"Really?" you might say, astonished at such an uncreative idea; but there is more to this outstanding outfit! With new advancements to technology, this vanity set can now ignore all the annoying and gross flesh that blocks us from the possibility of perfection!

Introducing a fantastic new invention: The Radiography Full Body Suit! (pretty cool name hey?)

This wonderous apparatus surrounds its user with Xray Imaging Technology in order to scan their very bones! It then projects the scan onto the outer layer of the suit. The result is a fantastically frightening skeleton costume never seen before!!

Disclaimer: wearing this suit for over an hour may significantly heighten the chances of all types of cancer. On the bright side, it makes you look absolutely dashing!

The suit might glitch a bit, but a few flashing lights never hurt anyone! (disclaimer: flashing lights have hurt people)
Spooky glitchy.gif

We could fix this error by buying parts from somewhere other than the Moon, but I stand proud as the only vanity suit producer to support the local Lunarian economy. However, if the devs think animation is a no-no, I could be tempted to drop our vital economic support (there aren't many stragglers left up there anyways)

It even glows in the dark! (glowmask)

"Wow, what a good idea!"
you might now say. "How can I make this a reality?" Simply choose this post as a winner of the contest, and ignore all those gross and fleshy sets everyone else made the disgusting decision of crafting. It's that easy!

If this set was to be chosen you could go out and achieve all of your (skeleton related) dreams! Mix and match the Radiography suit pieces with other vanity items to make your own custom atrocities!

Please consider The Radiography Full Body Suit for all your vanity needs.
ooOOOOoooOoOOoooOOoo spooOooOOookyy
Thank you, good luck, and goodbye!
more detailed image attached


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