Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Space Warrior Armor contains:
-Space Warrior Mask,
-Space Warrior Breastplate,
-Space Warrior Leggings.
Space Warrior Set.png
here is my submission! it's not the best , I did quick scribble in ms Paint so yeah.

I call it "the overgrown armour".
it's so old and broken that it can be used as a costume.

you get it from one of the dungeon chests in pre hard mode.

when you get it the whole armour set is overgrown with vines and flowers. but once you defeat plantera all vines and flowers will go away , the helmet will close and where the eye is, it will have a purple flame. (the horn can glow too if that's okay)

once you walk with the post plantera version , it will leave a grass / vines that pop up from the ground , it will disappear after 2 seconds. (can't be broken)

it's a simple idea that I hope people will enjoy! thanks!


I know the art is terrible , I did it in 7 min.

I thought this would go well with the vampire frog and blood moon. This may not get in as it's obviously heavily inspired by the vampire frog summon. Feel free to change the sprite!


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So basically there was no rule it had to be three piece vanity set right?

And thus here we are I present you a "Face Mask"

Face mask is a 4% drop from Iron Crates (like Ginger Beard) and can be crafted into its better version
"Glowing Face Mask" (crafting - Face Mask + 15 glowing mushrooms near Dye Vat)
"You Put The Shrooms on it?!"
Has a neat glowing effect (similar to Dark Artist set)

I know it's two things but I really had no idea how to make the second one work, and they are basically the same thing.
Please allow ;-;
Comp 10.png
Comp 10.png

Comp 1_3_1316.png
Comp 1_3_1176.png
Comp 1_3_1000.png
Comp 1_3_1239.png
Comp 1_3_1134.png

Ok, so I know my presentation is pretty bad, I wanted to create a GIF to show all the colors, but for some reasons I couldn't upload the GIF to this post, so yeah...

Anyways, here's my submission, the Biome Jumper's Set. It comes with four types of helmet (if that's possible) and the lights and the arms would glow in the dark. Of course, the color of the lights and arms would change depending on the biome you're in, and the khaki piece of cloth would move in the wind when you walk/run. There would be a color for each biome (which I made but I didn't want to overload my post with images). I think a little animation would be cool when you change color (like if you're ''jumping'' from one biome to the other), but since I'm very bad at animating, I didn't do it.

I want to finish this post by wishing good luck to all of you who submitted something. Your vanity sets are dope ^^
terraria bird hat.png

I made a parakeet hat based off of my bird Pepper! I am unsure if just hats are allowed. But I will submit a screechy fluffy feather baby because he needs to be seen by such a wonderful (And terrible) world.

"No! Don't poke him! STOP!"

Vanity Item

7 Harpy feathers
1 cloud in a bottle

Or occasionally dropped from wyverns...?

(The small squab in the corner of the drawing beside the equipped pepper is the item icon)
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GemCore Set

Head - GemCore Helmet

Torso - GemCore Chestplate

Leg - GemCore Boots

My idea was that this set would use the gems found in the game to have a part in coloring the spots with color in them. The set is supposed to have a shinier look (I didn't know how to really emphasize that in the drawing) with a slight glow to the gems on the knees, elbows, and center. The gem at the top of the helmet is supposed to be a chromatic orb with the colors of the gems used with the set.


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My idea is a Rainbow cat, goes along with the meowmere.
Dyes change the color of the cat, and when it moves a rainbow follows it.


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this is my submission to the vanity contest the head is a seal head and i really like it the shirt is a lab coat and the pants are just jeans sorry its so small im not good at this


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I'm very new to Terraria but my son has absolutely loved this game for forever so I wanted to give this a shot for him, thought it'd be really fun. We hashed out ideas and designs over the last week or so, he liked the idea of a lizard or fish hero and I thought that might be an interesting twist to mix that with Japanese monster and superhero films and shows. Originally we had a fin on his head but I wasn't sure if there was a height limit on the entire sprite so we axed it and gave him a little antenna popping out the side. And thus Kaiju-Hero Tokage was born! (Kaiju is a Japanese genre of film focusing on giant monsters and Tokage is Japanese for "lizard")


I know it's not necessary and will most likely be changed if chosen, but he thought it would be fun to design the way to unlock the armor. Basically you have to beat the monsters to become the monster, defeating 3 of the Hard Mode bosses along with some smaller things once that's done.


I thought adding a glowmask to the visor would be a fun touch, and made an ultra rare drop version that would show up in the Crimson biome.

Anyways, thank you very much for checking this out and for hosting this contest!
A Celestial-Metal-floaty set~
(As you can see, i'm sadly not skilled in digital/pixel art, but eh, i did my best)
(Colors very optional)

Head- A floaty Metal ball/cristal, in theory the eye is a reflexion
Torso- A floaty peace of armor that only really covers the front, in a kind of U-shape, with one big arm i guess
Legs- Just some particles, who even needs legs am i right?

and some cool name... like... "Void Spark Armor" i dunno
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