Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Here is my submission. I call it bruh moment sound effect #2
2019-09-005 Lilim.png
2019-09-012 Lilim the Stoler.png

Vanity Set: Jester Devil Suit
Head covers hair, legs have tails, wings can just be the Demon Wings dyed.
Set should be dyeable but I suggest the default color to be red. If it could be shiny by default, it would be even cooler.

The two images above are my own artworks and features my own characters, so we good on the copyright.

Name: King Quack
Desc: In memory of King Quack III
When getting hit while wearing this, your character makes a quack sound instead.

Edit: I have made a quacker
Edit2: yes
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quacks will take over
Edit3: the duck pixel thing is made wrong because of an image that was incorrect


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This is the Duck Suit, it provides no help to the player but makes them look like a duck. It has a 1 in 50 chance of getting a piece of this suit from killing a duck. And Mallards have a 1 in 100 chance to drop a part of it. This does not have to be part of it if I win and its to hard to do, but while if you take damage while wearing the full set, you get the set bonus called "Bonus Ducks!!!" Where then every time you get hit or fall you character will now quack ever time he makes a noise.

I am hoping I win because I have always wanted to do something like this and now this is my chance and I hope I win because if I win I will explode with happiness and if I win, Thank you terraria team. I am really happy and I hope that you like this because I always wanted to have this happen, and maybe having this happen will stop me from being bullied in school.....
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terraria contest.png

My entry is designed to make good use of player dyes. The set features a pale hoodie, jeans and trainers which the player will be able to change to the colour of their choice using the dyes in terraria. I feel that dyes have a limited use in the game so having a specific vanity set for use with dyes to let players' imaginations run wild will really improve the game.
I don't exactly have a pic created in the terraria style. but I have a character named "Legueme" pronounced (Lug-weem) that is a little bit based off of the dark mage from FF1. if for some reason this gets chosen I would like for it to be named Legueme's Hat, robe, staff. I sadly don't have a well-drawn and colored picture of Legueme but basically their hat is meant to be a faded yellow color, the robes Purple, and the staff brown (like wood).

I have made Doug Dimmadome, owner of Dimmsdale Dimmadome, father of Dale Dimmadome (heir of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome fortune).

i drew him with a small hat and an absolute unit of a hat.

it is based on the character in fairly oddparents named Doug Dimmadome, owner of Dimmsdale Dimmadome and has a son named Dale Dimmadome, son of Doug Dimmadome, owner of Dimmslade Dimmadomeand

i made it on the terraria mannequin
i came up with this idea so we could have a long hat (if i win) because long hats r cool
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Ember_Hydra (4).png

Took me a while but I'm finally done. I made it in
This is generally my online avatar character.
Not sure if this one image will do, or if I need to send image for each armor piece.
The first part is the helmet (pink pixels surrounding it)
Second part is the armor first the mid piece.
Last part is the leg part which is the red spikes at the bottom.
P.S. Yes this is indeed my own artwork and character. I call him Ember_Hydra (A.K.A. Burning Hydra or Hydra for short)
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Court Jester's Set.png

The Court Jester's Set!
Requirements and method of obtaining:
Sold by Clothier during a blood moon, 5% chance of being sold. The chance only ever resets after another blood moon rises.
Must have killed 10 Clowns in order for Clothier to start selling it

If this wins, you are free to modify it however you want, the sprites, method of obtaining it, the name, etc
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