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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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The Ancient Cyber Armor Set

Mostly inspired by hardmode metal armors
I'm not good at thinking tooltips but I made a lore in it.This armor is used by ancient guardians in a destroyed advance alien race. They have a lot of similar biological features to human leaving the armor with 4 limbs, 1 head, torso etc. It's very old that unknown elements is scattered around it.

I hope I can have a chance of putting this in game. I know it does not look that attractive but goodluck to all of us. I love you terraria...and you too moonlord.
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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission - Revenant Armour.png
For the vanity contest, I have created the Revenant Armour set, a shadowy figure returned from the dead to haunt the living. This is made up of a hood, ragged cloak and torn pants. The female version is on the left and the male is on the right. you can tell them apart from the little bit more cloak covering up the chest area on the female.


Dwarven armour:

-Helmet with horns and ginger beard, the brown parts of the helmet is leather and gray parts metal

-Shoulderguards: metal on the egde leather in the middle, leather gloves, strip of leather with metal buckle on it

-Leather pants and boots


  • dwarf pixel art.png
    dwarf pixel art.png
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  • dwarf pixel art helmet and beard.png
    dwarf pixel art helmet and beard.png
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  • dwarf pixel art body.png
    dwarf pixel art body.png
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  • dwarf pixel art pants and boots.png
    dwarf pixel art pants and boots.png
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Terraria costume contest mk 2.png
Terraria costume contest Details and mock up.png

Here's my ideal costume addition, I call it the Dark Enchantress Costume. Male version would probably be easy to create just by removing the corset (or keep it!), but as there are already female focused costumes such as the wedding dress, this should fit well.

Dark Enchantress Mask
Dark Enchantress Corset/Blouse
Dark Enchantress Rune Boots

(Edit: Forgot to mention but I'd definitely like the magic around the hat and (to a lesser extent) the tattered cape to be somewhat animated and not just static all the time)

Also the hair isn't included in my costumes head piece, and ideally the players hair (whatever colour) would be visible behind it. But otherwise, black hair suits alright.
Intended to be something to wear as an end-game mage, but I drew her holding the wand of sparking to be inclusive of any level mage!

Good luck everyone! And thank you Terraria devs! This is such an amazing chance to give to your community <3

<3 - Themessy42
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The Dr. (Vanity Set)

Dr_Seb Terraria Journey's End (2020) Vanity Set Contest Submission

I know that my submission is in a file format, however, that is the only way it would work. Also, although it is a bit long, please read it through as I have put a lot of thought and effort into the whole design of my vanity set (the set, lore, etc.). The file has a table of contents (on the first page) for easy access.

I am 100% flexible with the idea and will be okay to work within any constraints!

I hope you enjoy!


  • Dr_Seb - Terraria Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission.pdf
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The selection of dresses in Terraria is highly limited; to be fair, much of it comes with the design of them on such a tiny body. However, what about those of us who want to dress up in-game in a truly extravagant gown? Well, I present you an answer to such a conundrum and my submission:
Terrarococo Set.png

The Terrarococo Set~!

A set of vanity items that brings the majesty of Rococo period garments to Terraria! While true, mostly made with females in mind, males should be able to wear this just like they can wear any other female set in the game!

I had a hard time deciding on how much detail to include, as well as what colors to put in, but I ended up satisfied with this!


I made the Arcane trickster set. Hiding behind a mask with a flashy attire, ready to mess with people. I divided up the basic armor pieces, drew the main art, and tried making a more terraria-esque version of it. it is all the same set.

His headpiece consist of his red/purple mask with gold goggles and black lenses, wearing a fancy dark purple hat with red feather

His torso consists of a purple bodysuit with some patches of diamond-shaped red. He also wears white gloves, and on his arms some sparkly gems have been embroidered. last but not least is his small purple cape which ends in two points. the outside of the cape is purple whilst the inside is checkered white/black. his cape is held on his person by a large gem on his chest.

his legs consist of soft purple and red colors in a wave-like pattern, and end with his white shoes which are endorsed with red gems on top.
terraria arcane trickster.png


Here's my submission to this contenst, the Thievin' Gear set.

This is a mock-up of what it would look like equipped, and what each of the pieces look individually.


This is a mock-up of its inventory sprites.

These are the name I gave to each piece of the set while making them.

Thievin' Danna

Thievin' Trench

Thievin' Slacks


maid terraria.png

Ultimately, I decided to submit a maid vanity set as Terraria currently does not have one. I think it's great to give players vanity sets in order to further customise their own characters.

The art and sprite were both done by me. The pixel art is merely a suggestion of what the outfit could potentially look like in-game, and was my first attempt at pixel art.

In-game scale representation:


Runic Warrior Large A-export.gif

My submission, the Runic Warrior set! Opted to do pixel art directly since it's what I know best.

The Runic Warrior set is a dark, mysterious suit of armour, featuring strange, glowing runes, a luminescent pink crystal in the chest and a fashionable cape to tie it all together! Noone quite knows where the suit came from originally, but it appears to be ancient as the runes that dot the suit's cape are impossible to translate. Just what its purpose was and who originally wore it is a mystery, and mysteries make for huge fashion statements!

The cape would wave behind the character as they walk, and be dotted with the little green glowing dots we see elsewhere on the suit as a standin for mysterious runes in an ancient language. Also I realise now that the boots and gloves don't really stand out from the template character underneath but they're meant to be sortoff a silvery colour.
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