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Mobile Mobile Terraria Easter Content & Bugfixes Galore!

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Glad I didn't get too excited about this and waited to hear what y'all had to say. I'll go back to playing other paid apps while Amazon pokes its way through reviewing.

And I'll probably still play other stuff after updating.


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for me its work fine but still crashed anytime ... now a make a new world and perhaps i can find a corruptor or paladin....


My friend says it is working fine for him...with a catch, he had to delete all of his data...

Since I can't play now I figured what the heck and tried this... Still can't play. What a freaking joke this has become.

wait a minute.. I think it is working. starting from scratch now.


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Just letting everyone know that I'm reading everything and making a list to send up directly....

Please make sure you make another round of reports in their system that state experiences after the update.

Clearly we want to make this right for you guys. Can only apologize for the continual issues on behalf of the franchise and commit to advocating and pushing for your concerns.

Thanks for your patience.


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Maybe the reason the "fixed" bugs aren't fixed are because then they fix it, it is in development mode. That may be the problem, or the devices 505 Games is using...


I'm on iOS and loaded up the game after seeing this post and had Easter content and beat Lepus a few times. Over the last 2 days I have seen no Easter content, maybe a bug not for sure.


I'd like to point out that on the App Store, it states that Terraria is optimized for iPhone 5. I own an iPhone 5, and have never experienced any major bugs. Is it possible that you guys are having such major bugs because your mobile devices are outdated?


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Same as ever. [edited to add: But see my post near the bottom of page 14 of this thread concerning how things finally started working, yay!]

Motorola Droid Razr HD Maxx, Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat, not rooted or otherwise messed with, 24 GB of storage free, good WiFi and 4G connections. I reported the first couple crashes this time around, but have stopped bothering.

I've uninstalled Terraria and reinstalled it. I've powered the phone down and back up. I've sacrificed three stacks of Gold Bars to Cthulhu. I've done a handstand while juggling cannonballs, whistling "Dixie," and spitting into my back pocket. Nothing helps. Here's how it goes down (as in "transpires" as well as "crashes").

  1. Tap icon to start game.
  2. See "Fetching download URL".
  3. Almost immediately see "Failed fetching download URL".
  4. 505 Games splash screen appears, immediately followed by…
  5. "Unfortunately, Terraria has stopped."

This happens Every. Single. Time. The only variations are that sometimes I get a message about unpacking content before it crashes (first load after installing?) and sometimes the Thorn Chakram just keeps spinning forever… or until I force-close the app.

Seriously, the situation has gone far beyond frustrating. 505's advice (sent four to six weeks after I first reported these problems via their bug report form) that I should simply "install Android 5.0" makes me wonder whether they're even aware that only owners of the most recent devices are given that option. That recommendation is as unrealistic as Sony (hypothetically) recommending that I buy a new DVD player because one of their DVDs won't play. It is, to be blunt, a cop-out.

My phone isn't the latest thing but it's not outdated and has plenty of power to spare. No other application I have ever installed — not one — has exhibited the unceasing unusability that Terraria Mobile for Android has. And I have a shedload of apps.

I reckon the mobile version's developers had better change the company's name to 404 Games. I've even got an advertising slogan for them. "404 — Not Found!"
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Don't worry, I spit gold coins.

I don't know where that recitation comes from (handstand, juggling, etc.) but I remember it from early childhood so I'm guessing it's a Southern US jape from the early to mid-20th century.

[eta] Aha! For no reason I decided to give it one more try, and miracle of miracles, the game loaded. I made it through the character creation process and am now stuck at "Enter name" because the on-screen keyboard won't appear. Now charging some AAA cells so I can use the Bluetooth keyboard.

(I doubt the iPad keyboard will work on my phone. I can imagine the error message: "This isn't the Droid you're looking for. Move along.")

So maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. And maybe it's not an approaching freight train. We'll see.
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Based on what I have seen on this thread I should be grateful for the slow updates on Amazon. Before I download it I will create a backup of my current version of terraria.

Before some of you get on my case about that I will tell you one thing, it still checks for a valid license for the app so this in no way is piracy. You still have to own the app on Amazon.


I updated today and absolutely nothing changed. I'm experiencing the same problems as bethany and many others. At this point I'm going yo leave it up to the developers to release a statement whether they fixed this specific problem. Could be 6 months, could be a year. Until then I give up on 505 games


@Bethany I shouldn't be laughing at your posts, but I am. XD And RAZR HD MAXXes are certainly not low-end products. I've seen the specs on your phone trying to figure out the difference between MAXX and MAXX HD-- the specs are STILL really good years after release.

Sixty Stingray, any update on how your version is working now?
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