Official Terraria 1.3 Status Update: Mobile & Switch

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by ClearConscious, Jun 7, 2018.

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  1. SpaceBlade

    SpaceBlade Terrarian

    I'm excited for this, but will the Japanese version of the app be supported as well?
  2. MrJahanGuy

    MrJahanGuy Skeletron Prime

    Not trying to be bossy, but please focus on mobile more than Switch
    Us mobile players have been waiting for three years, while Switch users only waited for a year while playing Odyssey and Breath of the Wild
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  3. Burning Inferno

    Burning Inferno Terrarian

    Sounds like great news! I only hope complications don't arise like with Otherworld. Least it's good to know that Mobile will be getting an update.
  4. Arya Swan

    Arya Swan Terrarian

    Well @MrJahanGuy right. We the Mobile users have been waiting for 3 years (even if i play Terraria since 2017)
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  5. Cee

    Cee Steampunker

    This looks great! Good job guys!

    Wait, to the right, in the house the Dryad is standing in. Are those Crystal Doors, added 1.3.5?
  6. LifetSavert911

    LifetSavert911 Terrarian

    I'm glad it's being worked on! But I'm entirely too anxious to get it on my Switch and I can't even play it on mobile anymore so that will be nice. Well I can't play my cloud save I honestly haven't tried a new game. It says something about my save being created in a newer version of Terraria and I can't play it. Then, there is no update newer. So it's kind of crazy. I can't wait for the updates!
  7. TheNamelessFace

    TheNamelessFace Official Terrarian

    looking good :D
  8. DoctorMcDerp

    DoctorMcDerp Plantera

    Well, my device may not be able to run this, but it's good to see that this is coming.
  9. A.B

    A.B Terrarian

    I hope the Switch version is not exactly the Mobile version. The Switch has a lot more power.
  10. Cirom

    Cirom Plantera

    Looking promising! I kinda hope that the new UI stuff will be backported to the console (PS4, XB1, Switch) versions too, or at least adapted for it - as I've heard the default PC UI is a bit difficult to read on a TV screen! (I'd believe it. I find it a bit awkward to use *on PC* at times.)
  11. IcyRocket750

    IcyRocket750 Terrarian

    The crafting menu look already amazing!:happy:

    Even if it's "Work in Progress"

    Keep going for the good work!
  12. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    It has been stated by ReLogic that the order of things is Bugfix the PS4/XB1, release the Switch and then the mobile version, and then begin work on the next content patch. So no, they will not be updating to 1.3.5 anytime soon. I'd expect the next content patch will only go to 1.3.1 anyways.
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  13. LumiNyte

    LumiNyte Skeletron Prime

  14. Synnnn

    Synnnn Terrarian

    Can add more slot players :D ?
  15. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    For Xbox One and PS4, more character slots have been added indeed. It will most likely be the same deal for Switch and mobile.
  16. MrRobot

    MrRobot Terrarian

    All this talk is great but when will it actually come to fruition can ya at least give us a date??????????
  17. dirtlord

    dirtlord Skeletron Prime

    That's not exactly an "at least" request given that they have stated over and over that they would rather release a fully functional update and take longer to make it then release a broken update quickly, and it's hard enough to estimate when the core of the update will be done let alone fine tuning. (I know from experience how unpredictable the timing can be as programming is a hobby of mine)
  18. MrRobot

    MrRobot Terrarian

    dirtlord to be honest I'm sick of reading about this and reading about that its starting to bore me I would just like a date I don't think its alot to ask
  19. Loki

    Loki Consigliere Staff Member Re-Logic Administrator

    I think the PW folks have learned the hard way (as have we in the past) about dates and time estimates unless you are VERY VERY sure you can hit them.

    Remember these are mockups with clear placeholders in place - so don't read too much into specifics of the images. The focus here is the UI alone - and very happy that you like it. :)

    The Switch/Mobile order was - as I read it - a statement of how things look as of today. It also spoke about discussions to accelerate both paths... and then there is always the winding road that is game development (i.e. one may be ahead now, but whether or not it stays that way is up to the gamedev gods :p )

    We shall see how it all plays out - and hopefully this will be the first of many progress reports the PW team can share on these versions. :)
  20. LavaGamer

    LavaGamer Skeletron Prime

    Im mildly pissed that you chose to prioritize the newer system over the platform that has been dying for a stable build all its existence, but at least we finally have news. I am super happy that the textures and whatnot are no longer blurry, buggy and misaligned. A little sad that the crafting hasn't been made more efficient, but its a work in progress so who knows. Please look at the suggestions Ive made in the link in my signature for some opinions from a mobile veteran. ;) @ClearConscious
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