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Console Terraria Console: The Next Generation - Launch Date Confirmed!


Official Terrarian
Wow... thought it was a release date for the PC Version, that's all I saw in the title with the hype.


Rudi plz tell me that is going to PS3 too I want a bigger screen plz I know that it is possible plz

also this pic
is really old...

Am I the only one who's noticed that the Terra Blade in this image is firing the wrong projectile?
No it is the right projectile
does anybody waiting pc version out?
Why you're posting this here?


Pixel Pirate
What's with the weird-looking Terraria logo in the picture in the OP?

The normal one looks a tiny little bit more... Welcoming, in a way.


Wait I have a question, will owners of the xbox and PS3 version of Terraria still receive updates? Or will our version stay on 1.2?


So if you buy the ps4 version and you don't have the vita version, you will get that for free? What about if you already have the vita version? Would you get the ps4 version free? It would very cool since I actually already have the ps3 and vita versions.


Skeletron Prime
Woo yeah, I really think there should be another type of biome other than jungle so there is the crimson and corruption and i think there should be a jungle and a ________


Well the last announcement was not much for myself, as I don't own any of those consoles; yet.

However this one, what catch my eye, was 2 things.

1. The idea that 360 will get update in version some time early year is nice to hear.
2. 360>x1 transferable files eventually. This should be obvious, as I do plan going x1.

So all in all it is good news for me. Always patient enough to await updates when they are ready. :)


Duke Fishron
Great news for Terraria, 505Games and PS4/XBONE fans.

Someone's gotta bring it up: Where's the Wii U version? Is there anything planned relating to the Wii U. Or maybe instead the 3DS. Any reason why it's not on either of these platforms?


Eye of Cthulhu
I don't get it, does putting Terraria in multiple next gen consoles profitable? It'll fit in a ps1 or 2 but a powerful console like ps4 to play Terraria. Really?
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