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Terraria: State of the Game (11/8/18)

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by Safeman, Nov 8, 2018.

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  1. Good username

    Good username Terrarian

    I cant wait for more mobile news
  2. TAKL18

    TAKL18 Terrarian

    Now the only question is how far along they are in development of mobile 1.3
  3. Deadlytamer70

    Deadlytamer70 Terrarian

    We hope that you’re enjoying the latest patch for Xbox One & PlayStation 4. As promised, we want to provide you with a quick monthly status update on all platforms.

    PS4 & Xbox One
    View attachment 212778

    As alluded to in the previous state of the game post there’s some technical housekeeping that Pipeworks are in the process of completing. This includes a Unity Engine update and some platform-specific PlayStation/Xbox Development Kit software updates. These perhaps aren’t as interesting as prior updates, but they do provide much-needed under-the-hood work that will remove development bottlenecks to keep things running smoothly moving forward.

    Along with that, we’ve been monitoring bugs and issues coming in from the wild. Those have been collected and we’re in the process of prioritizing them with our partners at 505 Games. Once we have additional information on which issues will be addressed we’ll let you know. Just know that your reports and feedback is being reviewed. We want you to know that loud and clear! Keep it coming.

    Will Xbox One and ps4 get the pc stuff that we couldn’t get or not because I am confused and I don’t want to sound like a idiot ​
  4. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    Yes, eventually. There are other things they have to work on before releasing new content patches though.
  5. GoldenGrimIV

    GoldenGrimIV Terrarian

    As a Switch user I definitely agree that Terraria would be at home with he console. I can’t wait until it comes out! Thanks for keeping us updated :D
  6. Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson Skeletron Prime

    Man I haven't been on here in ages. I wanted to say I have a very game breaking bug at the moment. Anytime I try to create a new world, it loads forever and freezes. So I can't make any new worlds. Anyone know a fix?
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  7. cjn120200

    cjn120200 Terrarian

    Hey hope you’re having a happy new year but my update will not load and update so my game is stuck on the update screen even after leaving it for a couple hours where the progress hasn’t moved at all
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  8. Coopracorn

    Coopracorn Terrarian

    Just keep waiting
  9. Michael18751

    Michael18751 Spazmatism

    Please can you continue updating the 3ds version of terraria? That piranha gun glitch is still not fixed and the music bug the patch notes said not YET fixed for the gun
  10. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    The 3DS will not be receiving any further support.
  11. Terraria Freak

    Terraria Freak Skeletron Prime

  12. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    Unfortunately, we aren't able to update 3DS any longer due to the hardwares limitations
  13. Gdi_Thunder

    Gdi_Thunder Terrarian

    @Safeman @Loki I am sure the question has been asked before and is in constant change to to prioritization of fixes and new content.

    With that said do we have a target goal for an update on the Xbox and Playstation regarding upgrading the game past 1.3.0?

    I know that you guys might not have that answer as of now or even if you do might not be able to share that information. But are you guys able to confirm that it is being worked on?
  14. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    Pretty sure the current priority is releasing the Switch edition and 1.3 mobile, and then future console updates come after that.
  15. Gdi_Thunder

    Gdi_Thunder Terrarian

    Do we have a target date for the switch and mobile version?
  16. breadbin

    breadbin Terrarian

    I wouldn't get your hopes up. They are obviously prioritising the XBox and PS4 versions. These create more revenue. The Switch version is likely to be much more expensive, buggy and poorly supported. I'm waiting since 2017. I am looking forward to playing it on the switch but I have no faith in 505 Games. Absolutely terrible customer relations.
  17. InstaFiz

    InstaFiz Slime Collector

    They have said multiple, MULTIPLE times that Switch and mobile are being prioritized.
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  18. breadbin

    breadbin Terrarian

    Talk is cheap, that's exactly my point. Actions speak louder than words.
  19. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona The Destroyer

    They posted a video of the game running on mobile. What more "action" do you need? The update released in all it's buggy and unplayable glory like every other early access release nowadays? I'm pretty sure if the game was ready you'd have it already.
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  20. GalaxyShard

    GalaxyShard Terrarian

    i think a little more detail in the video would be coolor. Didnt see many details.
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