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Console The Frost Moon is Rising on Console!

Discussion in 'Console - 505 Games/Pipeworks Studio' started by 505Games, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. Golem

    Golem Skeletron Prime

    Meh. I can cope with that as long as we don't have to wait more than 3+ months for the next update, then again 1.2.3 is quite a large update so i guess i could wait. I changed my class from Warrior to Mage just for Blizzard Staff and Razorpine.
  2. Kamusiasu

    Kamusiasu Steampunker

    Does that mean Terraria 1.2.3 is coming for console and mobile, Cause Frost moon was added in 1.2.3
  3. Golem

    Golem Skeletron Prime

    No the Frost Moon is 1.2.2 :)
  4. Ori

    Ori Spazmatism

    Yay! More stuff to do on the vita! Does this mean is added aswell?
  5. AngryChicken

    AngryChicken Eye of Cthulhu

  6. Tamorr

    Tamorr Terrarian

    Even though it is good to have the frost moon, it just happens that one is not one I am really interested in. It would take me a while before getting to that event, even if my multiplayer character is almost ready for the prior one.

    Anyway it is just nice to see more options of things to be done.

    I am more awaiting the time when the furniture collections get expanded with palm & boreal wood. As well the 2 npcs mentioned earlier in this thread. (stylist & traveling merchant)

    It maybe a wait, but I am patient. Thank you for the time to share another wonderful update.:)
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  7. TheDimi44 [UA]

    TheDimi44 [UA] Terrarian

    Oh yeah! I will wish see repaired crashes in this update. Still waiting this on my android device!
  8. Mikebuck

    Mikebuck Terrarian

    Something to do for a day or two I suppose, hope we don't have to wait too long for the update with the fishing merchant etc
  9. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    Yay! My ranting on the Christmas update page paid off!
  10. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    First this then FNAF3, HL3 and I3
    (Mod flame incoming)
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  11. Dizkilljd

    Dizkilljd Terrarian

    Si alguien me quiere agregar para este parche, mi nombre en psn es: Loksuk, juego a la version del PS Vita, solo escriban en la solicitud que es para el frost moon, estare preparando una arena en un mundo pequeńo para este evento.

    Edit1: Agreguen a Duke y arreglen varias armas como
    la Terra Blade que todavia no tiene gatillo continuo.
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  12. Lightmare Prime

    Lightmare Prime Spazmatism

    If someone wants to add to this patch , my psn name is: Loksuk playing the version of PS Vita, just write in the application which is for the frost moon , I'll be preparing a sand in a little world for this event.
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  13. PotatoGamer1230

    PotatoGamer1230 Plantera

    All platforms...... MOBILE OP
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  14. ReadySetRekt

    ReadySetRekt Terrarian

    :naughty:Cant wait for the update
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  15. TechGeek97

    TechGeek97 Terrarian

    This is so cool.Ive been considering the console but now its definet
  16. JohnPlaysMRT

    JohnPlaysMRT Official Terrarian

    Thx for the translation ;)
  17. Ignis55

    Ignis55 Skeletron Prime

    I already have an arena set up from the pumpkin moon. getting those extra 3 trophies will be tough but I can do it.
  18. Darkwraith332

    Darkwraith332 Skeletron

    Buut I'm still in cactus aror on console!
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  19. Pseudoname

    Pseudoname Terrarian

  20. ConsoleJunkie

    ConsoleJunkie Terrarian

    Awesome! Just got xb1 version 2day. Can't wait!