The Land of the Dead (Text Adventure)

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  1. Madder

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    Phaedra looks to Xiyel.
    "You think you could look at the myriad of injuries I've sustained so far, most notably this gunshot wound?"
    Phaedra unbuttons his overcoat and moves his blood gauge aside to reveal a bleeding hole in a slate of gunmetal-colored flesh with a horizontal grain along the width of his chest.


    *Garrun utters a basic prayer for Phaedra.*
    “Exuse me... Phaedra was it? You seemed to come with the doll, do you know what is with it? And would someone mind describing to me what the wound looks like?”
    *Garrun grabs a stick to feel in front of him with and stops the vision.*
  3. Sky High

    Sky High Spazmatism


    Dollie thumps into a tree.
  4. Defure

    Defure Golem

    Fred continues to watch.
    For Call from the void:

    Well, I know he's watching this, voidhunter, you know where to find me.
  5. Deputy Hue

    Deputy Hue Plantera

    (Benevolent Tingler)
    Tingler pushes clockwerk off of him, realizing that button 2 is incorrect for this fight.
    Tingler presses 7 on his remote, and proceeds to hit Big Henrys knee.
  6. Mr. Fury the Bootleg

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    Well, 2 updates have gone by, time for an episode. While we wait for others to do their turns.
    Helpings of Hostility, hosted by me, Hostility, with intern and Q&A guy!
    I'm not an intern.
    I have a name you know...
    Nobody cares.

    Anyway, we have a random guest today, some random guy I plucked from the multiverse.
    If this is a trap, I will find your universe, and I will take you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen, I don't have much patience nowadays.
    Shut up ageless drifter.
    Shut up joke thief.
    The joke is stolen?

    Anyway, another podcast mentioned the vanishing of the Chimera, should we talk about that?
    A chimera you say?
    Yes, why are you interested?
    No particular reason, which one?
    The Ultimate Chimera;Trapper Edition of course! It seemingly got repaired completely out of nowhere...
    *obviously angry vague grumbling*
    Anyway, yes, the Chimera has indeed disappeared from the Land of the Dead, I only have vague details of where it is, because I still seemingly have a degree of influence on it, it appears to be fighting some monster that I don't influence that is capable of fighting back.
    A monster capable of fighting back at these chimerae? Maybe I ought to catch a few if it isn't 1 of a kind...
    If you destroy the Chimera, I will have your head!
    Believe me, you don't want to destroy his Chimera, he will get back at you in an extremely petty way(see;You basically get targeted exclusively by monsters)...

    Anyway, don't you usually have a Q&A by now?
    Uuuh, yes, please don't shoot me with that creepy looking gun... I feel it staring into my soul... It looks like it's seen a lot of blood.

    Anyway, uhhhhh, Q&A time!
    What? Why are you all saying yes?
    No point saying otherwise, this guy's a loon, even if he's got some things right.
    Personally, I still haven't recovered from that Sin Gel Bomb from last week in non-linear time off air when he somehow called our old business number... How do you send packages through the phone?
    Is that Crazy Pete? How did you get on this line?
    That's not Crazy Pete... I've never met him, but I just know... That guy is a prankcaller, a pretty well set-up prankcaller. Anyway, let's move on to the next question...

    Can we just skip this question?
    *1 Complete Agreement Later*

    Well, good luck with that Voidhunter, make sure you don't get wiped out by something stupid.
    You know this guy?
    Regular listener.
    I wonder if you are his target because you have a Chimera? He did say something about hunting them a while back, although he did say his chimera troubles were over.
    Don't alienate the listeners Q&A guy, he could be hunting something more 'void' related. He is the voidhunter.

    Well, that's about it for questions, I guess we'll see you next time, feel free to send in questions, we don't have a mailbox.
    And now I leave, the fact a Chimera got repaired puts me on edge...
    What is your name anyhow?
    You don't need to know, you mightn't see me again. Anyway, show's over, cya.
  7. Matthus

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    Should I go and read the updates from before a joined (as well as the updates for other people)? On one hand, I think it would give me a better idea of what is going on. On the other hand, part of the whole point of my character is that he doesn't know :red: (actually not knowing :red: makes my RP more authentic).
  8. Sky High

    Sky High Spazmatism

    Dollie catches up with the group after crashing into the tree.

    "You really need to pay a bit more attention, Phaedra. I can't control Dollie all the time. On another note, looking forward to using this."

    Dollie withdraws a jar from her inventory.

    "These are mine. They can trap unfortunate souls to make it easier for me to keep L - uh, Dollie - safe. But there's nobody around for me to use them..."

    Dollie stops.

    "Oof, that tree hugs really hard..."
  9. Halt

    Halt Golem

    Grigor, knowing the dangers of steakhouse decided to not enter it. Instead, he analysed the other options. One of them was the bar - he loved vodka, like every other Russian out there. The smithery didn't seem that much interesting, although he could pay the visit to it. A gas station brought him nostalgia, though. Seems like an technological one.
    He noticed the dispute and black crystal, but he didn't seem to care that much. So to the bar he went.