The Passing of an Icon: Leinfors

In all honesty, even though I didn't interact much with Lein, his dev set is my favorite and the very few interactions I did have with him were very nice.
This really just hits hard, especially right after losing my cat, my grandmother, and my bunny, one after the other...
why the :red: are ppl reacting with hearts and likes
honestly didn't expect this
the leinfors set was the first one I got, so i had it on a lot, with the only exception being when I got luminite sets.
rest in peace, legend.
I am left genuinely speechless, I am not sure what else to say other than I hope he rests in peace.
Lein is a true icon, and I am grateful to have had the pleasure of speaking with him before.
Jason is a dear friend of mine. I feel blessed to have been able to work so closely with him these past few years. I'm going to miss him terribly. Words can't really put into perspective what an impact he had. He loved Terraria, he loved his team, and he loved his community. His quality of selflessness is something to aspire to. And I will never forget the things he's taught me.
I had the pleasure of knowing Leinfors for a long time. He had a passion for this game that nobody could rival, and an amazing strive to make it better for all of us. He was a man who only gave to others.

I'm so incredibly hurt by his passing. The world is a little darker now. You couldn't honestly say anything bad about him. I wish the best for his family and I will miss him dearly.
There's no words to express this loss. Jason has meant more for me personally than he ever knew, and the world is a darker place without him.

Goodbye, Lein.

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...I may barely have known the man.
But, nonetheless, my condolences go out to his passing and those affected by him moving on from this mortal plane.

Rest in peace Leinfors.
I never knew him, but from what I can tell from these comments is that he was a great person...
May he rest in peace.
o7 (<--that's a salute)
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