Official The TCF 2nd Anniversary Shindig Submission Thread

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Ok. I'm gonna enter into this. Hopefully I'll get internet and finish this before the deadline.

The Tale of the Spirits
Oh! I didn't see you there! Welcome, welcome, to the great Library of Terraria! Not many people come here, you're the first in a couple days. We just got in a new book, detailing the legend of the Spirits of Light and Dark. Since you're here, I'll give you a deal. I'll read it for you.

Once upon a time, there were two spirits. Light and Dark, Day and Night, Good and Evil. They created Terraria, and balanced each other out. But the Darkness became overcome with greed, and created dark armies to take over Terraria. The Light saw this, and fought back. The world became a bloody battleground. Seeing an opportunity, the Darkness took over the flesh and fused it with the world, creating a second army. The Light was overtaken, and it knew the only way to save Terraria was to seal the Darkness away. But the only way to do this and keep the balance of the world would be to seal itself away as well. So the Light sealed both away and created a gatekeeper of sorts, the man we know as the Guide. He would search for a person who was capable of returning peace to the world, and give them a test of strength. But after so many years, the seal began to waver, and the darkness seeped through. The armies began to regain strength, and created leaders, a titanic worm and a monstrous brain. Meanwhile, the darkness was using the little power it had regained to corrupt the Light itself. The world needed a hero soon. The Guide had yet to find one worthy of releasing the Spirits.
I got to submit a in-game item table screenshot. And the items are nearly 20 times more than the original released version.
This should contain all obtainable items in game in the ID order, some IDs are missing because it's unobtainable(including something like red potion that's really unobtainable, and something like heart that never go to inventory) or removed.
The different torches are used for easier counting(as there are so many items).

By the way, it was merged by 5 snapshots, as it's so big that taking it in one snapshot will cause the game crash.
I decided to sprite two yoyos!

Cursed Yoyo.png
A hardmode yoyo made from Cursed Flames.

Bleeding yoyo.png
A hardmode yoyo made from Ichor.

I was scanning through all the different yoyos in the game, but despite the 20 there are to choose from, I felt like that list was missing something. Then I noticed that there's one based around the Hallow biome (the Chic), but not the hardmode Corruption/Crimson. So I felt like utilizing the Cursed Flames/Ichor aspect to design a yoyo made from those materials that deal their respective de-buffs!

They're just Format:C recolors, plz don't kill me.
Here's my entry, a short story!
At first there was nothing.
Then there was something. A spark, of light, and night.
For months, all that lived was the spark.
Until one day, a clash happened between different ideals.
The spirit of Night, thinks that the world should be dark, and let the universe be vast, with large rewards.
The spirit of Light, disagreed. It thinks the world should be light, with friendliness and rules.
The argument continued for a long time, until it snapped.
The spirits engaged in a massive war, with weapons, strategy, and brute force.
Night created the sword of Blight, the Night's Edge.
Light created the sword of Light, the Excalibur.
They thrust the weapons toward each other, and that was it.
A massive flash of white flooded the world, creating a haven of life.
The Night eventually won, and took over the worlds. They sealed Light into a wall of blood and flesh, in the hells of the realm.
All was dark and corrupt, with long nights and short days, and only small packets of unspoiled country left.
Then a massive blink of power emerged from the wall of Flesh, and delivered a lethal blow to the Night spirit core.
The worlds collided, sprinkling light and corruption throughout the landscape, but eventually the remnants died out.
Before the spirits perished, Light locked the Night in the wall of Flesh with the rest of Light. With the last of its strength,
it sealed the wall, and hoped one day, the spirits could be left out again.
But there was a defector that escaped unnoticed.
He was a person that knew all the lands, named 'Guide' by the spirits. Guide had the key to unlocking the spirits. But he needed help.
He reached the Surface of the world, and waited.
After a while, creatures came to inhabit the world from seperate realms, some not as kind as others.
One day, an unarmed adventurer happened across the Guide.
"Hello", said the Adventurer. "Who are you?".
I made a multi-layered build with each layer being one of the major updates to Terraria over the past year. The farther back the layer the longer ago the update was that the layer represents. The farthest one back is 1.3.1, second from back is 1.3.2, next is 1.3.3 and the one in the front is the future... two of my suggestions :p.
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Ok, my entry is below. For my entry I created some art of a Summoner with at least one of every minion. The character being modeled after the one I play most.

As for how this fits in with the contest, besides the obvious game tie in, I thought that the summoner, with all her minions, was a good metaphor for the forums. Many different people from all over coming together because we have a common love of the game. Individuals vary widely but we all have this to bring us together.

I'm not a great wordsmith but I hope you guys understand the message I was trying to convey :) If anyone is interested I can make a desktop background version of this too, I posted it in a size more friendly to viewing. It took forever and is a huge file. I could honestly still be working on this for another week lol

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I don't know much about this contest, but I'm still going to give you guys and gals an idea of what I had in mind ( if you can call a weapon an entry :) ). I don't have an image so your just going to have to use your imagination!

It would be called the Christmas Spearit (this is not the best name I can think of, but oh well) and it would pretty much be a Christmas themed, spear version of the flairon.
It would be auto and would release Christmas spirits (maybe on hits like the Horseman's Blade).

Hope you all somewhat enjoyed this! :)
I'm gonna post mine a little early, might be able to update it b4 the 26.
(This is a MOBILE build, mobile lacks alot of nice features and paintable tiles i wish i could paint lot more then i can)
It is a bit glitchy, paint colors like to show wrong and change depending on where i stand for some reason, i also need to do a bit of clean up (chests out of the way, few extra tidbits) but i feel good enough with the current status of it to show it off.
This is all part of the same build. The ufo is how I'm going to connect this build to a much bigger project I'm about to start working on. (I wish i could use the project but it will take months!

i had to use a image connecter, so sry about the quality, if i could it would be cropped together (may update images!)



There we go, hope you all enjoy.
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So this is my story.
Not the best, but ya know, i can try.

Hope you enjoy.

Cthulhu’s World Terraria

Earth, they called it.

It was a nice place.

Full of humans.

What are humans
you ask?

Terrible creatures.

These creatures lived peacefully at the start.

But of course, it couldn’t just end there.

That would be too, simple.

Humans turned against themselves.

Discriminating others of the same species because of there color

Creating continents, of which they separated themselves from each other because of the smallest of differences.

They did this to the point of which they had started bombing each other.

These Humans liked to believe in otherworldly things.

Like unicorns, and dragons,

And even gods.

Some liked to think they were just beliefs.

And some took it WAY to far.

But, turns out those gods, did, exist to an extent.

One of them.

Being me.

Of course I’m not who they worshipped.

Not at the start.

But after they started giving up hope.

Once they started to kill each other.

They reached to numerous other gods, attempting to get at least one to help them.

Every god agreed not to.

You can’t interfere.


I did.

I created a universe, called terraria.

This place held worlds of which you could create.

You were in charge.

And everyone who reached out to me, Cthulhu,

Was placed on one of these worlds with no knowledge of there past.

Although of course, there was a very little amount of people who reached out to me.

The people soon collected together.

I called them NPC’s.

It standed for,

The New Praying Cthulhians.

In other words, my new followers.

So, this is how Terraria was created.

From my stupidity.

Now EVERYONE, every single different individual who believes in me for just a second, gets placed in one of these worlds.

With no past.

And only a future, of dwelling with NPC’s, and doing what they so choose.

People left and right are disappearing into a place they can’t reach because of me.

And I haven’t got the power to fix it.

So save yourself.

Don’t believe in me.

Don’t spread news about me.

Don’t even tell anyone that I exist.

And make sure no one, NO one,

Ever reads this.
I recently decided to redo my storage/house building, and this is what came out of it. I decided to go with dark against a light set because I thought it looked nice.
"You know... Life was pretty easy before 1.2 came about." - As said by Rupert the Red to Sato during the great siege of Stormhold.

Every enemy added from 1.2 and forward should be in here, minus swimmers, the pillar enemies and enemies from the Frost and Pumpkin Moon.
All my characters are in here as well, with three of them fighting on the enemy's side. Traitors. The in my opinion battle ready npc's have turned up to help out the good guys.
Gave it a bit of a painterly look with a paint program.
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