What misconceptions did you have when you started playing?

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  1. Firearrow15

    Firearrow15 Skeletron

    When I first began playing Terraria a couple years ago, my friend that introduced me to the game (and had not much more experience than me) told me that glowsticks were super valuable and used to craft strong gear. He was wrong. Very wrong.

    Share you stories! What misconceptions about the game did you have when you began?
  2. Techno Mancer

    Techno Mancer Brain of Cthulhu

    People said sharks could kill you in 1 hit with gold gear on and full (red) health

    I never entered the ocean
  3. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    i first thought that the diving helmet would remove the breathing meter completely. i later entered the ocean with it on and saw that it greatly increased the time i could breath underwater but not remove it
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  4. SkeIetron

    SkeIetron Plantera

    I thought that the jungle was a safe biome, and you know how that went. Also, I didn't know about the crimson so I went into it and also died fast.

    I was bad at judging biomes.
  5. GoldenTerrabyte

    GoldenTerrabyte Official Terrarian

    That the Corruption chasms were just a fluke in the world generation. And that it spreaded pre-hardmode. And it scared the living :red: out of me. Let me tell you, my first month playing the game I didn't go anywhere near where I knew the Corruption was, thinking it was getting closer the whole time. Later on I actually went all the way over to see how far it had really spread, only to find it to be a tiny speck of a corrupt area. And then I was just like -_-

    Of course, the very FIRST time I saw the Corruption, I didn't think much of it. I was just like "ooh some purple poison biome", it wasn't until I really found out what it was on the wiki that I became scared.
  6. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    2D Minecraft. :dryadnaughty:
  7. punchmypotatoes

    punchmypotatoes Skeletron

    Lol same here
  8. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    EoC is too hard!

    He was actually extremley hard for me because I never bothered to dodge/recognize any of his attacks. The only way I could beat him for the first time was when my friend visited me and gave me a Book of Skulls.
  9. Baach

    Baach Terrarian

    That one day I would finish the game and stop playing it.
  10. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    Adamantite was just really a rare ore.
    Shadow armour was the best.
    Spear was the best.

    I was a noob. Well, I was led into being a noob by my friends, who thought it would be funny to troll the noob.
    I now know :red:-tons more about the game than them, and wreck them all at PvP.
  11. TheSneakyMalteaser

    TheSneakyMalteaser Skeletron Prime

    I spawned right next to curruption
    Tried to walk thru it
    2min later
    WHYYY u f*** world gen
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  12. RealSaucer

    RealSaucer Plantera

    I thought my friend, having Starfury and Shadow Armour, had super epic awesome endgame gear. This was in 1.1.
  13. PTpirahna

    PTpirahna Spazmatism

    The corruption would destroy my world and without a quarantine the entire world would soon (emphasis on soon) be corrupted.

    Of course it's not all that bad.
  14. Zephus

    Zephus Terrarian

    I thought gold armour was endgame.
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  15. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    I thought that the only way to get Demonite is from the ore that spawns underground. Therefore I thought that Shadow gear was super-endgame.
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  16. Kazzymodus

    Kazzymodus Lunatic Cultist

    I thought that the Eater of Worlds, being a boss, would completely wreck me. Especially on the first try.

    The opposite happened.
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  17. Soulight

    Soulight Official Terrarian

    When I first started playing 1.1 (cracked, don't judge, I bought it when 1.2 was out) I spawned with a legendary copper shortsword, so I thought I was super OP...
  18. Mkallux

    Mkallux Spazmatism

    I thought pixies were called pixels....
  19. DJFlare84

    DJFlare84 Mechanic

    Threw away my tools and thought I could dig stuff with my bare hands.

    ... yeah...
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  20. Okkusen Man

    Okkusen Man Terrarian

    I thought the Dao of Pow was good. 1.1 was a dark time.
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