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What's the worst bug you have encountered?


mine happened when i had low battery
when i was building and mob spawns was high the mobs and npcs started floating offscreen and started losing gravity
slimes and items were flying till it went to space for some reason
and then i saved and exited but then the game decides to NOT save my building progress so i hadt o do everything all over again

Sir Greybrynnington III

Skeletron Prime
I’m pretty sure this is a bug but it’s the worst one I’ve had ever because well
No matter what I do if I launch terraria, for the first time on my new gaming laptop, the startup sound doesn’t play only the song after it starts and it’s very sad, I can’t get excited on pc anymore compared to mobile


Skeletron Prime
On PS4 the game will freeze for up to a minute during events using certain weapons. When it finally catches up you're already dead.

Failing to kill the Moon Lord because it's frozen, again, is infuriating.

It also means a hardcore playthough isn't really viable later in the game. Losing your character because the game froze during a Pirate invasion - controller smashingly annoying!


Skeletron Prime
I very recently had the complete opposite. Me and my brother set up an area, broke the bulb and...
nothing. Plantera did not spawn. We got the "Plantera had awoken!" message, but no plantera.
Welp, perhaps that might be worse, there is a small chance for that to happen when you are pushing the npc limit, (That's not the name but i forgot what it's called), if there are many projectiles/ npcs on camera then you wont be able to spawn new npcs.
It could also be a bug, and if that were the case... rip.


On Xbox One, I would be doing my usual stuff until the music starts to do a 1 second loop. After a bit, the game crashes.


I was doing my first expert mod playthrough just farmed for 4 hours straight killed like 5 bosses and then game crash and all progress and characters DELETED
I was split screening minecraft with my siblings one time on an old xbox360 and my eldest brother forgot to light up his mansions attic (I call it a mansion because while it was house shaped it was massive), strange thing was nothing spawned inside, at least that's what we thought until he started getting destroyed by invisible skeletons and zombies. I dropped my controller and just started wheezing for a minute and a half until a creeper came and blew me and a chunk of my shed up. (Yes my bro died trying to light the place up (multiple times might I add), never went back up there though.)
Might've been the worst bug I've encountered but it was probably also the funniest.


The Destroyer
The worst bug I have encountered was when I was moving things from my old base to my new base while my friend was fighting the pillars. Somehow one enemy got across the map and killed me I don't 80 plat and then the game crashed. 80 plat gone.


It's not really bad, but it is the only major bug. I was playing multiplayer terraria with my brother, and I started falling through the ground for some reason. Then I died of suffocation,


It's not really bad, but it is the only major bug. I was playing multiplayer terraria with my brother, and I started falling through the ground for some reason. Then I died of suffocation,
Oh, it’s bad. Imagine you finally beat the Moon Lord on expert mode ranged only and got an unreal SDMG first try, you move it up to your hotbar to use it and *poof* it’s gone


Eye of Cthulhu
I have never encountered a bug terraria has always been nice for me... but not for my cousin. he was playing and he walked off into the water and he immediatley died? that is weird.

A (Pioneer) Rock

Skeletron Prime
In the 3ds port I had only one hardmode armor and that was turtle, I went to check my inventory and it was gone, I had no good armor and somehow lost my good pick as well, The pick was replaced with a cobweb and the armor was replaced with the raincoat set.
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