Xbox One Submitted Friday - PS4 Fixes Out 1.23.18!!!

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Where my gameboy advance 1.3 at tho.
On a serious note I'm predicting Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or next week, but thanks pipeworks for working your hardest.

You could have just said sometimes this week or next. It would have made no difference... But hey who am I to judge.
Yaaayy i waited so long long im am super glad that it finally came out i just hope that it wont be unsumbitted again me and my lil bro was so excited and waited for years first we started playing on xbox 360 which didnt have any updates and finally xbox one if it wasnt for my lil bro i would've never got to play this awsome game so thank you pipeworks studios for being amazing and also
Finally its submitted me and my friends have been waiting so LONG! And finally we will know da wae my Brudors but now my friend is grounded from xbox for 2 weeks and he might not experience this moment of his life I just hope that it will be released this weekend aND very excited for it!!!!. I love you guys.
Finally its submitted me and my friends have been waiting so LONG! And finally we will know da wae my Brudors but now my friend is grounded from xbox for 2 weeks and he might not experience this moment of his life I just hope that it will be released this weekend aND very excited for it!!!!. I love you guys.
Da meem is ded brodah
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On a serious note I hope you and your friends enjoy the 1.3 update
According to the messages, a lot of people are betting on Friday! But as long as it doesn’t take to long, I’m hyped!!! Great job Pipeworks, you made my, and probably a lot of others, day!!!:bluslime::p:p(By the way, the slime shows how I’m reacting. I’m jumping in my chair right now!:happy::cool::p:D)
Does anyone know how big of a download size it's gonna be? Because my internet sucks right now but it'll download something if it's given enough time.

Greetings, Terrarians!

Since our last update, our team has been busy tackling the bugs that have been reported in order to continue to improve the experience on PS4 and to prepare for the Xbox One release. We wanted to take some time to share what’s been going on behind the scenes and to pass along the latest - some quite happy news indeed!

We are happy to announce that we have submitted a new PS4 and Xbox One update for certification!!!

Xbox One was submitted late Friday - we will keep you updated as we hear more. We are eagerly anticipating getting this in Xbox players’ hands!

PS4 was submitted this morning. As this is a “fix” build, it may (or may not) come through more quickly than the usual review process.


As you know, we hit some delays along that path and it didn’t come as quickly as we had desired. This was primarily due to a handful of nasty crash bugs that we uncovered - including one to do with world conversions and another that triggered crashes during extended play sessions. These were unfortunately quite time consuming to fix properly, but we did not feel it would have been right to push out the update or launch XB1 without squashing these first. The good news is that while those were being ironed out, other fixes were able to be worked on in parallel.



Here is a changelog with the major items on this set of fixes. Note that XB1 will launch with all of these fixes in place from the beginning:

  • Fixed another instance of split-screen becoming distorted during Blood Moon Events.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when a user approached the dungeon on their main world.
  • Fixed a bug where launching the game and activating build mode would delete highlighted items.
  • Fixed a bug where hotbar items would be deleted when activating build mode in split-screen.
  • Fixed a bug where using the last item of a stack in build mode, would consume a unit of a stack highlighted on the hotbar.
  • Fixed a bug where players that are not the host would get kicked out of a multiplayer game after prolonged gameplay sessions.
  • Fixed a rogue camera bug in split-screen that caused the primary player’s camera to go straight to outer space.
  • Fixed a bug where legacy worlds would not be carried over if player’s had Tombstones, signs, or chests with names that included special characters.
  • Fixed a user interface bug where the first bubble of the air meter never diminished.
  • Fixed a user interface bug where the Default player’s name chat icon would remain on-screen during gameplay.
  • Fixed a bug where world changes would not save when auto save was triggered.
  • Fixed other instances of players spawning with the Stoned debuff.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when 6 or more players were in a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a critical path bug that was preventing worlds from being blessed with any new metal.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game was left on for an extended period of time.
  • Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred during world conversion.
  • Fixed occasional freezes some players experience when dying during a boss fight.
  • Fixed crash bugs related to segmented enemies and other mobs (including Stardust Dragon).
  • Fixed an issue where split screen players would sometimes see their screens display incorrectly during in-game events.
  • Fixed other miscellaneous stability issues.

As you can see, the focus of these fixes is on stability and crashing. As a result, the game should be much more stable for players who were experiencing these issues.



While we have been working hard to address the issues seen by our PS4 players, there are still some lingering bugs that we’re attempting to squash. We also anticipate that our Xbox players will possibly have some issues to add to the list, so we would once again like to encourage reporting and feedback.

One of those elusive bugs that is a current area of focus is when players have reportedly experienced having their world files overwritten with the world files from the Multiplayer games they’ve joined. This one is being worked on right now - in the mean time, we recommend that you back up your world files whenever possible until we get this issue resolved.

In addition to the ongoing bug fixes, we plan to discuss the non-bug feedback items that you all have generously provided to the team - things like complaints about the UI. Once all of our teams have a chance to go through and discuss that list, we will let you know what other changes may be on the way.

After all of that, once we feel PS4/XB1 are in a good place, we will be turning our core focus over to Mobile and Switch development - we are really looking forward to having those out to everyone as well!



We want to thank all the players who have sent in their save data, and we would like to encourage anyone who continues to see any issues in their game to submit their save data. You can find instructions on how to do so here:

NOTE: This currently only functions for PLAYSTATION 4 save data. We have been unable to come up with a method that will work for Xbox One data as of yet.


That’s it for now - be on the lookout for more news as we have it and hopefully for a better PS4 experience and for our Xbox fans to enter the world of 1.3 very soon!

Thanks for your patience, understanding, and support.
Finally! Thank you!!!
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