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Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API


Hey i just started using the tmod loader, when i installed it everything in my game was slow as in in game everything in the game had slowness. I was wondering if you knew this error. I was also wondring if its because i have a Mac . Please help!

Yoh Asakura

I have a problem. When my new biome has been generated, i got strange texture of cacti. Ok, then i added new cactus' texture and SetModCactus(new Reed()); (Reed - name of my custom cactus class). So i've got this:

This cactus is growing on custom tile and in this tile i have SetModCactus(new Reed());
When i wasn't adding new texture, i was having this:

Help please!

Terra B Welch

Empress of Light
Anyone else getting a problem in their main menu where the music stays at 0%?

Once I get into a world I can turn it back up again but in the main menu attempting to change it puts it back to 0%


i have no mods on but i cant join my friends or if i host they cant join:kingslime:
I'm pretty sure you cannot join people who don't have TModLoader with it. If they do, then you might be having trouble on either side (bugs or errors). Shouldn't be a problem with the mods they have or the ones you have since players automatically sync their mods to the host.:joy:


The Destroyer
Even before, trying to mod with this API is a pain in the butt. Needs some better documentation.

Modding with this API is incredibly easy, I've never had any problems.

Just check the documentation for all the hooks and use ExampleMod as a reference and everything becomes abundantly clear.


Duke Fishron
Never had any issues either. I'm guessing the main issue is that ExampleMod has grown quite big, and may be a little with overwhelming for newcomers. (knowing that almost nobody that attempts modding actually has c# knowledge prior before trying)
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