Standalone [1.3] tModLoader FNA (32bit/64bit) (Branch of tML)

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Dradonhunter11, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    so there is nothing in the crash log, right?
  2. Ryley

    Ryley Terrarian

    Well it never crashes it will stay on that black screen as long as I have the program running.
  3. Ryley

    Ryley Terrarian

    No crash log
  4. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    mmh, that is something I might wanna see by myself on discord then
  5. Ryley

    Ryley Terrarian

    I fixed it, if you have this problem then go to "Documents\My Games\Terraria" and try deleting the "ModLoader" folder, if not that then the entire "Terraria" folder.
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    [REDACTED} Terrarian

    Yeah, can you make it so that it's NOT a 7zip file? Thanks!
  7. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    How about no, discord can't accept higher than 50MB and 7zip is the only way to achieve this at this point. Download winrar or convert it using an online converter.
  8. Kuratheris

    Kuratheris Terrarian

    I have to say that for me this is the best thing to ever be made for this game, lol. I hope this gets support for a long while. I love filling up my games with mods, and regular Terraria just didn't work because I wanted too many(about 48). Now I've tested a bit with 94 mods activated and it works fine on high settings(at least starting off. Heavily modded Terraria got more lag the further you got). I can even generate a medium world(a large would work too if there weren't other issues with all the mods generating). And the task manager RAM usage for it isn't even that much higher than regular Terraria can handle.
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  9. Terramodded

    Terramodded Terrarian

    I have succesfully been using Tmodloader for a couple weeks now, i came across the 64bit version and decided to give that a try.
    Although I have one small yet big problem. I am locked at the default 800x600 resolution..I have tried changing it from both game settings and the config file and it for some reason reverts to normal after relaunching the game. I can change it and play with it fine but upon closing/reopening game,it goes back to 800x600.
    Now,i only messed around with it for like 10-15mins or so,but found that the only way for me to get it to STAY on the choosen res,is to be in window mode. Any thoughts/input?
  10. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    That is something I have tried to look in numerous time and so far, no working fix, tough I'm still working on it so maybe one day I'll be able to find why.
  11. Terramodded

    Terramodded Terrarian

    thanks for the quick reply! It is unfortunate but more of an annoyance than anything lol. Thank you tho !
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  12. kowalskiy

    kowalskiy Terrarian

    I had that problem too, the only way I found it to be "fixed" is to do some shenanigans in the resolution screen. Things like alt+enter when in it, then change the resolution, then alt+enter to fullscreen again. I'm not quite sure of the exact sequence that made it stay, but it was something along those lines. (alt+enter triggers fullscreen/windowed)
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  13. Majgamer

    Majgamer Terrarian

    Does this work on servers?
  14. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

  15. Kuratheris

    Kuratheris Terrarian

    This is who's trying to play with Majgamer there. We've already tried playing multiplayer, and while it works, it's still just as laggy as regular Tmodloader. In fact I get the lag even when I'm the host. Maybe it's a server or internet limitation, but still feels a bit off when I can play with 94 mods in singleplayer just fine, then have to go down to maybe a max 40 for a server with only the host in it.
  16. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    yeah, well not every mod focus on MP so lag might just be normal.
  17. VergilFromUa

    VergilFromUa Terrarian

    Just wanted to say that his is truly amazing! Thank you for x64 <3

    - Having same issue with Calamity mod starting first. Installing some different mod that is loaded first fixed the issue for me.
    - 800x600 is forced on startup. Fixed by alt+tabbing + alt-tabbing for me (Win 10);

    Other than that haven't found anything gamebreaking yet, but the mod list isn't that large sooo.

    Also, I hope more mod makers will adopt this fork.
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  18. ArrowOfPeace

    ArrowOfPeace Spazmatism

    Soooo i used tmodloader for ages etc. Now i came across the 64bit version and my mind was blown.. so i installed it exactly according to instructions and... Got massive screen tearing at every block i moved... heck even when i didn't move it tore... never had this issue with normal terraria and the normal tmodloader... Any ideas on how i could fix it?

    i have the latest drivers for .net and my amd graphics card (rx580 sapphire nitro+ special edition)
  19. Dradonhunter11

    Dradonhunter11 Official Terrarian

    you are on fullscreen?
  20. Proto Persona

    Proto Persona Brain of Cthulhu

    I've run into this problem with both the original 32bit version and this 64bit release. When trying to play Terraria with a Switch Pro controller through Steam, TMod will not recognize it's there. I can play vanilla Terraria just fine with it. Is there something I'm missing about why I can't use a controller and mods?