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10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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For Screenshot Category


Didn't see anything about modded stuff in the rules, so not sure if this is valid, but here's a snowglobe build for the Screenshots category! My friend group all came together with Terraria, and this is from one of our multiple playthroughs. Thanks for all the memories!

My submission is for the other category. It's my tattoo of the moon lord sigil that the cultist's worship. One photo is how it looks normally and the other is under a backlight since I put uv sensitive ink into it. Unfortunately it doesn't look the best in the uv photo since the light has to be directly on it.


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Mr. W

Nebula Pillar
I might as well enter this into the contest (Workshop Worlds category): Golf Underground

It's a 9-hole golf course with levels that all take place underground. I just so happened to finish it up right before this contest started.

Here's a preview of the course.

Capture 2021-05-09 14_08_34.png

Capture 2021-05-09 14_07_18.png

Capture 2021-05-17 14_29_59.png
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Wow! Great entries so far!
Mine looks like the second in the "worlds" category. It's a 2-4 hour long adventure map called "Terraquest - Hunt of the Seven" I made myself for the 10th anniversary of Terraria. I honored the legacy of this game by turning the first half of it's progression system into a playable adventure map. In case it wasn't apparent already, this belongs in the Steam Workshop - Worlds category. I transformed a large world into a full-scale fantasy map full of secrets and surprises. Plus, I even labored to hand-build three custom made biomes that you would never find in vanilla terraria. Each pre-hardmode boss has their own stylized, handmade dungeon filled with puzzles, traps, and treasure. The map is filled to the brim with secrets and comedic gags. Overall, there is so much to discover and explore. If you would like, you can play this map and experience everything it has to offer. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
5/18/21 @ 3:32 pm: The impassable glitch, as well as a lot of other issues, have been fixed! The entire map is now playable!
Fun Fact: I started working on the map in July 2020! That's a long time ago, isn't it?

The logo of the adventure map:
Terraquest Logo-1.png (4).png

A couple screenshots for you all to see:

Terraquest - Humble Westwood.png
Humble Westwood, where your journey begins.

Terraquest - The beginning of a great journey.png
A forest of intrigue and mystery...

Terraquest - A mystical sight.png
Just look at the sight!
Terraquest - The occular menace.png
Hey, it's not my fault you had to see an ophthalmologist!

Terraquest - A fiery fate.png
Don't get scalded too badly...

More information is available on the Steam Workshop page.

Good luck to all other participants!
Terraquest Banner Decoration-1.png (2).png
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Orange Dude

Oh boy, let's try this contest thing out!
I made this specifically for the 10th Anniversary celebration, but I am sure I can put it to greater use by joining in here, so here it is--

A full collection of tarot-based artwork for Terraria! (Joining in Art category, clearly)

The cards had to be a bit compressed for the purposes of this all-in-one depiction, but it may still be enough to represent them well.
If you want to check out the artworks individually, you can see 'em over at my twitter, @orangedudeTV!

Good luck to all!

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