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10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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The Red Guy

Oasis Ountpost.png

For the screenshot category my Oasis Outpost. I always like the make NPC houses that are themed around them, here there's a small clinic for the Nurse, a gun shop for the Arms Dealer, and a Dye shop for the Dye Trader. Also a shrine for the pylon which the Arms Dealer is meant to protect. There's also a platform for fishing, and hanging cloths that have been dyed. I also hung up banners for most of the desert enemies. This is one of my favorite builds I made, quite proud of it.
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contest: screenshots
this is my base for my current terraria playthrough, this inn has 6 rooms, a bar, a storage room, a crafting room, and some trees
also, sorry about my boss arena being right next to it, i was about to fight the mechs


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Jerion 'Wyverntamer' Kràl

Empress of Light
Category: Other (Writing)
You know, it’s funny. No matter how many times it happens, I am always glad to wake up in the forest. It means that they are nearby. No matter what we do to each other on later days, at first, we always help each other out.

For just over ten years now, I have greeted them in the forest when we woke up. And no matter who killed who, whether it was me letting the zombies in (a mistake, I assure you!), or them dropping lava buckets in the house, we always end up back in the forest, without equipment, without housing, anything.

Ten years… It’s been a long time, and I hope that we end up waking up back in the forest for a decade more, and longer still!

The Guide
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I actually made an account just for this... Here's my entry for the Steam Workshop Worlds category. It's a world I've been building on for months and there's quite a few different builds, large and small, hidden all throughout the world. I could only include a few pictures of a few of the builds so I hope y'all like it! (I've also never really posted any of my work, cuz I'm kinda self conscious about it, so I'm sorry if I uploaded it wrong or anything...) Here's the link: Steam Workshop::Realm of Terragrim (Journey)
Moonlord Temple.png
The Jolly Roger.png
Hallowed Floating Island.png
Jungle Treehouse.png
Terragrim Spawn.png
Screenshot Category - Dev of Hearts, All In
Apologies, but you must click on the screenshot to view it
The quality isn't as bad as it looks before clicking on it.


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Moon Lord
Hi everyone! Happy 10 Years of Terraria! <3 I'm new to the forum but I've been a fan of Terraria for a while! :) I made this Plantera jewelry box to store small things.

Category: Other (I don't think the jewelry box fits into any other category- Please do let me know though!)
Description: I made a Plantera jewelry box that comes with Plantera hook earrings! :D


Here is an image of the box being opened as well as some of my jewelry in it! :D
(I have some skeleton hand earrings in there - which can also be called 'Skeletron Hands'.:dryadcool: )


Here's how the Plantera hook earrings look when worn! :0


(For some reason I was really inspired this week so, I hope you all like this as much I liked making it! ♥)​


Here is my artwork! Although it does have its flaws, I am proud of it and I just want to show just how much this game- and this entire community means to me!
Terraria has undoubtedly changed my life, and when I heard it's tenth anniversary was coming up, I was HYPED! I hope you like my artwork!
(A big thank you to this amazing community! you people make the world- or at least mine, a better place. Thank you!)<3
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