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10th Anniversary A Journey of 10 Years - Contest Entry Thread

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for the screenshot category is my cave pylon with the clothier, demolitionist and tax collector.


the begin to the end of one of my many journeys

its in the screenshot category no editing btw I used f11


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The Frostburner

[Submission for the Artwork category]​

I have this habit of designing a paper model for every game that I played and enjoyed. All those games were bought with my Steam account. But somehow, I seemed to forget the game that made me create a Steam account in the first place : Terraria.

So here is, finally, the 10th Anniversary Terraria Tree !


And attached underneath you'll find a template if you want to build it yourself !​

Just print on thick paper, grab some glue and scissors and follow the tips and instructions on the template .PDF file. My DMs are open if you need any help building the model.

N.B.: Sadly the pictures show the model as being made of rather flat colors due to the quality of my printer and my camera, but if you have a good enough printer, all the texture you see in the .PDF template file should be visible on your model.


  • Terraria Tree - FINAL.pdf
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Post your contest entry below

For the full rules and information about the contest, or if you have a question/comment, please see the Announcement thread:
A Journey of 10 Years! Come and Celebrate with a Contest for All Terrarians!

Only contest entries should be posted in this thread. Good luck everyone!

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Category: Artwork
A 3D model of terraria made of paper
Also I’m not sure why it’s blurry but if you click on it, it clears up


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This is my submission for the Screenshot category. These are all screenshots of important places in and around my base. Please take note of the fact that this is a large Classic Mode world.
My Terraria Character.png

This is my character, Zeren18. In this screenshot, he is wearing a suit of Solar Flare armor with a Valhalla Knight suit as vanity. He possesses all of the Large Gemstones, hence the figures above his head. My character has a pair of Solar Flare Wings that have been dyes with the Reflective Gold Dye to match with the Valhalla Knight suit.

My Guide's House.png

This is my guide, Cody's, humble little cottage. I utilized Red Dynasty shingles as the roofing. I also had to get creative with the fireplace, so I implemented a furnace. Cody's house in on the edge of a Hallowed biome, hence the cyan grass.

MY original Treehouse Base.png

This is my original tree house base. I found this very early on, where I saw an opportunity to take two giant trees and merge them together. I utilized a huge number of banners as decoration and as a method of keeping myself better protected at all times. The lava pit was my brother's idea, and it turns out to prove useful. The teleporter teleports me to my new base.

Eater of Souls Grinding Region.png

This is my Eater of Souls grinding station. I used to utilize this for burger and Ancient Shadow armor grinding back when I had sufficiently horrible equipment. I ended up utilizing this for shadow key grinding and money grinding when a Solar Eclipse event struck (you would be surprised how much money I would collect during one Solar Eclipse session.) The banners are there for no real reason at this point in time.

Ocean Fishing Hut.png

This is a little hut the my brother made at the Eastern Ocean shore. I do not know why he built it, as it shows no current purpose.

My NPCs' Housing.png

This is where most of my NPCs reside. There are a few, such as the Truffle, Cyborg, Guide, Golfer, and Clothier, but otherwise, everyone is here. This marble box took me far too long to make, but I think it looks great.

My  Cyborg's House.png

This is where my Cyborg lives. This was a small side project that ended up being a great idea. I utilized martian conduit plates as the building material, and added some shelving for his contraptions. The teleporter teleports to my tree house, mentioned previously.

Golem Spawn and Fighting Range.png

After defeating the Golem, I moved the Lihzahrd Alter to a spot next to my base. This allowed me to have quick and easy access to fighting Golem if I needed to. I also set up an enormous number of training dummies just to see the DPS (damage per second) of my weapons.

Bait Farm.png

This is my modular jungle biome, better known as my bait farm. I needed to do a lot of fishing, so making a bait farm was essential. I used a jungle biome for that same reason.

Glowing Mushroom Farm and Truffle Home.png

As I said previously, not all my NPCs were in the main housing area. The Truffle is one of them, so he lives in a modular glowing mushroom biome. I also use this module as a glowing mushroom farm.

Entrance to my Base.png

This is the entrance to my new base, made predominantly out of marble.

Favorited Weaponry and Bedding.png

This is my favored weapon wall, consisting of certain weapons that I hold dear. All of these weapons took ages for me to get my hands on.

Main Storage System.png

This is my main storage system. The bottom row holds my blocks, and other items. The top row holds my weaponry and accessories.

Communion Pit.png

This is a small room that holds an ultrabright campfire and two Terra Toilets (I did this just for fun.)

Magic Room.png

This is where I hold my magic items, such as weapons and accessories. I also use this space for brewing potions and flasks.

Art Gallery.png

This is my art gallery, a room full of paints that I have amassed over my long journey in this game. The chandeliers are a nice touch.

Trophy Collection.png

This is where I keep all of the trophies I have amassed over my long Terraria journey. Note that I do not have all of them on hand. That's mainly because I haven't had the opportunity to collect them all. It's kind of unfortunate, but that's not a big deal.

Crystal Shard Room.png

This was my attempt at making a crystal shard farm, which meant I had to make and Underground Hallowed biome in space. Not surprisingly, it didn't turn out as I had hoped, so now, these crystals are for decoration.

Library with Banners.png

This is my library, complete with books and banners. I had enough banners to make my "Banner" buff have its affected creatures take up a third column. I also wanted to proudly display my Princess's potted plants.

Lunar Isolation Room.png

I built this room specifically for the purpose of commemorating the defeat of Moon Lord. I used iridescent bricks as the building material, and then added the monoliths as needed.

Ore Processing and Storage.png

This is where I store my ores and gemstones. I also use this place as an ore processing room, for obvious reasons.

Statue Collection.png

These is all of the of the statues that I have collected. I have never once hooked any of these up to a wire to see what happens if I power them.

Special Crafting Modules.png

These are all of the special crafting blocks that I have collected, each in their own module with a unique background.

Vanity and Armor Room.png

These are all of the vanity suits that I have put on display. A lot of these are suits of armor that I have utilized at some point in time.

Relaxation and Treasury.png

This is sort of the crown jewel of my base. This is where I keep all my precious coins, armor, and so forth. I collected two of "Chippy's Couches" as a symbol of dedication.


Official Terrarian
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Post your contest entry below

For the full rules and information about the contest, or if you have a question/comment, please see the Announcement thread:
A Journey of 10 Years! Come and Celebrate with a Contest for All Terrarians!

Only contest entries should be posted in this thread. Good luck everyone!

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My entry for the contest
Category: Artwork

I painted the nebula set in gold reflective dye, hope you like it!


Skeletron Prime
For the Other Category of the contest,

A Compilation of Terraria Lore written by me, DekuSage!

This is a compiled doc of all the lore fan work I've done throughout the years and represents, to a lesser extent, how much I appreciate the game! I truly hope you enjoy and appreciate it! <3



My entry for the Art Category! I love Terraria and have been playing it for years, so i made this to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of this great game. May it live on for years to come! <3
Made with Adobe Illustrator Draw..png
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