Builds Ballin' houses by Eiv

Trying out granite and marble some more

Really love how you use ALL THE WOODS in your builds and fool us with your intricate walling and roofs.
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Your builds always amaze me, btw way you should do a workshops or, youtube videos to teach people to improve their builds imo.
They pop up here and there, I mostly keep them away but lately I've been adding them cause they look kinda nice now with the ability to take a seat and all that jazz. :joy:

Funny that you would say that as I downloaded a recording program just yesterday, I'm currently learning the program a bit, but there will be some videos in the future for sure.

Anyway here is another house, I'm currently running a fever which means I'm free from my normal obligations such as a job and a social life :sigh:and I can spend more time building in Terraria, yay! Relaxing!

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