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darthmorf's banner workshop

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Eye of Cthulhu
Let's see.... I don't sprite so could you make a Retinazer (1st form) in a Snow Biome? Then add a player with full Titanium on in there. Do you do text?


Official Terrarian
Can I please request a banner for the Ulterraria: Reborn mod I'm helping make?
Here's some sprites
Please note that this is simply for If you have time. You do not have to do this if you dont want to.
Desert Sword.png
Mask of Infamy.png
True Blood's Edge.png


Staff member
(Thanks Matsu)

Well, guys. I return. From now on, there are 5 request slots. When they fill up, requests close, and when they're all done, they open again.

Sorry for the huuuge wait guys.

@Daniel Terrarian iOS the image is broken, I am cancelling your request.

@TerraWarrior here you go!

@Achromatic request logos at my logo workshop when it opens please.


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