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Destroy the Godmodder Discussion Thread

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Project and Inventory for reasons cited by crystal. Posting here purely because it has a ton of colour-coding.
Now sorted by Type, Level.
Quake's Lueitenant (Level 30)
Anarc Cook (Spoil of War - Deal damage to 3 random entities of an allignment.) 3/3
Scythe of (Eardrum) Death - (Spoil of War - Deal very high damage to an entity.) 2/4
Conga Drums - (Spoil of War - Give two entites critical hits for one turn.) 2/3

Physics Inducer (Level 18 - Relic) (Purely Defensive)(Reality/Physics)
Hand of Terra (Level 22 - Relic)
Limitless (Level 22 - Relic)

Magickal Flute (Level 5) (Music Flute)
Sunstone (Level 5) (Light/Mind artefact)
Transistor (Level 25) (increases level by adding Functions())
Spiritblade (Level 7) (Spirit Sword)
Albiit (Level 10) (E) (Void Sickle)
Pages of Reality (Level 10) (Reality Book) (E)
Spyglass of Space (Level 10) (Space Spyglass) (E)
Nature's Chosen (Level 10) (Nature Helmet) (E)
Lis Lucem (Level 10) (Light Dagger) (E)
Dux Noctum (Level 10) (Dark Band (Bracelet)) (E)
Denito Surrexit (Level 10) (E) (Time Pocketwatch)
Burnout (Level 10) (Fire Whip) (E)
Silk (Level 10) (Ice Comb) (E)
Vice Nercio (Level 10) (Life Ring) (E)
Airbender's Aviators (Level 10) (Air Goggles)
Storm's Thrall (Level 10) (Lightning Sword) (E)
Lamb's Respite (Level 10) (Cloth armor made of fur that seems to offer little protection. Just think of it as a hide.) (Life/Death)
Crystals Pouch (Level 10) (it's a pouch full of crystal's. Can manipulate crystal's to a high degree)
Pearl of the Tides (Level 10) (Pearl of Water)
Carpe Diem (Level 10) (Motivation Shia LeBeouf Figurine)
Man (Level 10) (Stone Chisel) (E)
CRUNCH TIME (Level 10) (Earth Boot/s) (E)
Retusta Prodidis (Level 10) (Creation Gauntlet) (E)
Winder (Level 10) (Energy 'Clock Hand') (E)
Aftershock (Level 15) (Force/Earth Knucklebusters)
Alexstrasza's Heartstring (Level 15) (Life Bow)
Fork of Power (Level 15) (Energy 'Amp')
Holy Band (Level 15) (Ring of Light)
Wat(t) (Level 15) (Staff with powers over lightning and the mind)
Illaoi's Truth (Level 15) (It's a lot of things)
Operator (Level 15) (Remote Control of Space)
The Fallen (Level 17) (Plasma Gun)
Psuedo-Spacesword (Level 19) (Space torch/sword)
Anima (Level 20) (Spirit Shirt)
Anternoth (Level 20) (Grimdarky Gauntlet. While wearing it may not open your mind to Elder Gods, it WILL give you nightmares)
Art Initiates Life (Level 20) (Creation Pen)
Divine Godblade (Level 20) (Divine Sword)
End Time (Level 25) (Oblivion/Void/Time armguard. It has an eye on the palm)
Mirror Light (Level 25) (Shield)
OST (Level 25) (Music keyboard)
Pow-Pow and Fishbones (Level 20) (Expanding minigun and expanding rocket launcher)
Resonance (Level 25) (Air/Sound Samurai Sword)
Split-Builder's Blade (Level 25) (?)

Hand of the Archlich (Level 25) (Ice/Death/Infernal Staff)
Current Abilities: Blizzard, Ice Barrier, Lich Slap, Master of Hell, Extended Life, From the Grave
Cooldowns increase by one after each update.

Blizzard: Create a blizzard for 2 turns, damaging ALL non-water/ice/flying/godmodder entities, and reducing hit chance to 40% (60% reduction) Cooldown: x

Ice Barrier: The Hand of the Archlich can create a barrier around a single target to reduce damage massively (60%) for two turns. The effect significantly lowers on the second turn (20%). Cooldown: x

Lich Slap: Do very high damage to an entity. Cooldown: x
Master of Hell: Hand of the Archlich now has the ability to manipulate infernal fire and summon skeletons.

Extended Life: Inflict Lich's Pact on an entity.
Lich's Pact: Once target entity reaches 1hp, the entity is immune to death, debuffs, damage, healing and buffs for two turns. The entity can charge attacks, but if they only heal or kill itself, the charge will fail. After this ends, destroy it. Cooldown: 5 after expiry.

From the Grave: Resummon an past entity for two turns. It has 30% of it's size (for hordes) or health (for all other entities). Reduced to 10% for bosses. Set to 6 for entities that take 1 damage per hit. Will always be the same allignment of the user. Cooldown: x

The most advanced project so far.
Not for what you think. Made possible by pionoplayer.
x = undefined
named = defined
(P - y) = in progress
(O - y) = obtained
E = Elemental++ alchemy
(y) = level of alchemy
[RELIC] = der.

For each element:
Tier 1:
E (10) && [RELIC] (21) = Tier 2 Alchemy 1 (25)
x (15) && x (20) = Tier 2 Alchemy 2 (30)

Tier 2:
x (30) && x (30) = Tier 3 Alchemy (50)

Tier 4

Each bracket for the Tier 4 Alchemies is colour coded.

Conduit: (Time + Space + Energy + Reality) (Whip/Spear)
Fault: (Life + Light + Dark + Creation) (Shield/Halberd)
Foundation: (Fire + Water + Earth + Air) (Chestplate)
Herald: (Nature + Lightning + Ice + Stone) (Helmet, Greaves, Gauntlets, Boots)


Tier 1: Denito Surrexit (O - 10), Chronobreak (15), Sleepless [RELIC] (22), End of the Line (20)
Tier 2: Eternity's Compass (30), Prodigy (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Spyglass of Space (O - 10), Operator (P - 15), Boundless [RELIC] (22) Pseudo-Spacesword (O - 19)
Tier 2: Land Ho (30), Escape Velocity (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Winder (O - 10), Fork of Power (O - 15), Restless [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: Stimulate (30), Source (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Tome of Reality (O - 10), Illaoi's Truth (O - 15), Limitless [RELIC] (O - 22), Shatigon's Light (20)
Tier 2: x (30), Split-Builder's Blade (O - 25)
Tier 3: x (50)


Tier 1: Vice Nercio (O - 10), Alexstrasza's Heartstring (O - 15), Robe of the Acolyte [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: x (30), x (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Lis Lucem (O - 10), Disc of the Sun [RELIC] (22),
Tier 2: Shurima's Legacy (30), Mirror Light (25 - O)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1 Retusa Prodidis (O - 10), x (15), x [RELIC] (22), Art Initiates Life (O - 20)
Tier 2: x (30), The Script
Tier 3: x (50)
Tier 1: Dux Nocte (O - 10), x (15), Nihilumbra [RELIC] (22), Anternoth (O - 20)
Tier 2: x (30), x (30)
Tier 3: x (50)


Tier 1: Burnout (O - 10), x (15), x [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: Shaman (30), Volcano (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Pearl of the Tide (O - 10), x (15), Beneath the Sea and Stars [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: x
(30), x (30)
Tier 3: (50)
Tier 1: CRUNCH TIME (O - 10), Aftershock (O - 15), Hand of Terra [RELIC] (O - 22), Herald of the Earth (P - 20)
Tier 2: Quake's Lieutenant (O - 30), Shifting Sands (30)
Tier 3: Shurima (50)

Air: (I hate air alchemies)
Tier 1: Airbender's Aviators (O - 10), x (20)
Tier 2: x (30), Resonance (25)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Nature's Call (O - 10), x (15), x [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: x (30), x (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Arctic Wrath (O - 10), x (15), x [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: x (30), Hand of the Archlich (25+)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: x (10), Wat(t) (O - 15), x [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: x (30), x (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Tier 1: Man (O - 10), x (15), x [RELIC] (22), x (20)
Tier 2: x (30), x (30)
Tier 3: x (50)

Combination Stage
Tier 4: (Conduit (100), Fault (100)), (Foundation (100), Herald (100))
Eh. Herald kinda sucks. Anyways, when all four are done I'm using them to create a world. You can just deal with that. Like I said, I'm probably not using them to attack due to their general opness, what else would I be using them for?

To be honest I kind of deserve it after all that.
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Putting my Inventory and Project here.
Any alchemy with its (item ++ element) recipe next to its level is either obtained from the late Pionoplayer or with the Elemental Infusion Station. Whatever it is called. This also applies to alchemies made from said Piono alchemies.
Any alchemy with (Redstone) next to its level is obtained from Redstonetam.
The alchemy with (Se7en) is part of Project Eclipse.
Jormungandr (Level 50, Se7en)
Equinox (Level 25, Katana ++ Rule of Cool, Lightform)
Regrowth (Level 25)

My Innermost Apocalypse (Level 25)
Death (On A) Stick (Level 25, Redstone)
Gjallarhorn-o'-Plenty (Level 12)
Nantonium Star (Level 25, Flail ++ Metal)
Jaractet (Level 18)
Minutemann's Fedora (Level 25, Crown ++ Psyche)
The Unreal (Level 10)
The Fallen (Level 17)
Musica Dominator (Level 25, Headphones ++ Sonic, Katana ++ Rule of Cool)
Divine Godblade (Level 20, Lightform)
The Bigger, Blacker Box (Level 5)
Australium Blaze (Level 5)
Cyberius Crescendo (Level 20, Redstone)
Pendulum (Level 25, Cloak ++ Eclipse)
Epic Sax (Level 25)
Flare (Level 25)
Oblivion's Derailer (Level 25)
Depowered Zeroth Ball (Level 10)
Helios Edge (Level 25)

Inhaledfwlch (Level 25)
Red Ring of Death (Level 5)
Runestrider (Level 25)
Razer Blade 201X Red Sun (Level 17)
Liquid Death (Level 10)
Fully Charged Runepaw Gauntlet (Level 25)
Echo Mirror (Level 25)

~~~Piono Alchemies~~~
Navitas Nox (Level 10, Twin Assault Rifles ++ Energy)
Ircucvci (Level 10, Katana ++ Rule of Cool)
Vi Forti (Level 10, Flail ++ Metal)
Mens Potentiam (Level 10, Crown ++ Psyche)
Bass Concres:red: (Level 10, Headphones ++ Sonic)
Superosque (Level 10, Bow ++ Air)
Aequo Animo (Level 10, Cloak ++ Eclipse)
Carpe Diem (Level 10, Shia LaBeouf Figurine ++ Motivation)
Spatium Progressio (Level 10, Jebediah Kerman Bobblehead ++ Glitch)
Portal to the Deep Dank (Level 10, Portal Gun ++ Memes)
Best of Times, Worst of Times (Level 10, Sword/Gun ++ Eclipse)
Muramau5 (Level 10, Katana ++ Sonic)
Depowered Power Cleaner (Level 10, Wooden Mop ++ Electricity)
Denito Surrexit (Level 10, Pocket Watch ++ Time)

Unrestricted Access (Level 10, Shades ++ Potential)
~~~Souls (MMM WHATCHA SAY)~~~
Lucid Soul of the Pyromaniac (Level 3)
Vivid Soul of Illusions (Level 2)
~~~Spoils of War~~~
The Queener (Buff: 2x damage dealt, 0.5x damage taken for one entity, two turn duration, five turn cooldown)
The Infinity Edge (Attack: Large damage to a chosen entity (with the exception of allied entities), four turn cooldown)

The Fully Charged Runepaw Gauntlet creates 1-3 runes every updop, and holds 25 of them. On top of that, actually attacking with the Gauntlet ignores evasion.

~~Damage Runes~~
Heal: High health restoration.

Fire: Very high damage, low chance of inflicting On Fire!

Ice: High damage, high chance of inflicting Frozen.

Thunder: Medium damage, 3 targets, moderate chance of inflicting Paralysis.

Light: High damage, more effective against dark-element enemies.

Dark: High damage, more effective against light-element enemies.

~~Buff Runes~~
Attack: 10% more damage dealt for 3 turns.

Defense: 10% less damage taken for 3 turns.

Evasion: 10% added dodge chance for 3 turns.

~~The Ultimate Rune~~
MLG: Insane damage, 1-3 targets (individual target damage diminishes with more targets), 25% less Attack, Defense, and Evasion (10% for 2 targets and 5% for 3 targets) for 3 turns if used as an attack method. Epic healing, 25% Attack, Defense, and Evasion for 3 turns if used as a healing method. 1/100 chance to be created.

Nekochromia has corrupted the file containing the data for Helios. So I salvaged what was left of it and I made a new project.
Each EotW weapon will have a leitmotif assocated with it.
-So here's a little lore. There's this legendary dude known as Razihel the Skybreaker who defends the 1337 meme realms against weeaboos and bad fandom people.
-His weapon is known as the Edge of the World, an awesome musical blade which basically weaponizes music.

PIECE 1: Musica Dominator (O), Muramau5 (O), Skybreaker (O), Epic Sax (O), My Innermost Apocalypse (O) > Chorus Mortis (Level 40) (Sound/Creation Sword) (Leitmotif: Ridiculon - Chorus Mortis) (O)
PIECE 2: Rust (O), Jaractet (O), Nether Star Octet (A/N), Slot Machine Gun (A/N) > Random Access Memories (Level ?) (Luck/Paradox Sword) (Leitmotif: Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger)
PIECE 3: THIS IS INCREDIBLY ZILLY (O), Carpe Diem (O), Jet Fuel Canister (A/N), Portal to the Deep Dank (O), Magic Airhorn (N) > Memestep (Level ?) (Memes/Cherubic Sword) (Leitmotif: ERROR - DATA CORRUPTED)

Chorus Mortis (Level 40)
Decompressor (Level 20)
Inversionem (Level 25)
Rust (Level 16)
Edge of the Shipping World (Level 10)
John Cena's Junk Crusher (Level 15)
Shield of the Terrarian (Level 25)

~~Piono Alchemies~~
Pauldrons of the Barrage (Level 10, Pauldrons ++ Determination)
TIME FCUK (Level 10, Grand Design ++ Reality)

~~Spoils of War~~
None so far.

The Blank (Level 10)
Amethyst Flame (Level 10)
Concentrated Avaritine (Level 9)
Magetear Droplet (Level 15)
YI (Level 20)
Krakensbane (Level 25)

Challenge Queue:

Some notes:
Special Weapon: Weapon reserved for Arcade Mode. Usually upgraded versions of already powerful weapons, if they even had an inventory. Original (if applicable)/Normal + Arcade/Deathless + Deathless Arcade.
HP: You know this. Only applied in Arcade.
(Number of Cyan's) Arsenal: The limitations on what the characters can use from the inventories.
Something/Something else: Normal/Deathless.
Description: A description on the enemy. Contains some hints on what he/she can do. Also contains how many people can fight him/her at once.
Deathless Mode?: No, you weren't seeing things. That last battle option really stands for DL, or Deathless Mode. Deathless Mode versions of characters are much more powerful than normal versions of them, but drop really powerful loot exclusive to them. Unlock order (which means they must have lost as Deathless once): Mardek/Leafy, Lopez, Joel, Sukard, Razihel. Xtrullor can be fought anytime.

Fight order (Arcade Mode): Marty/Leafy > Lopez > Joel > Sukard > Razihel. Xtrullor can be fought anytime.

Marty (Tier 1 (for now))
Special Weapon: Flare/Red Prominence/Chromosome of Prometheus
HP: 20/25
FFA: 0-1-0
1v1: 0-1-0
TDM: 0-1-0
Av1: 2-0-0
ARC: 0-0-0
DL: 0-0-0
DL-ARC: 0-0-0

Arsenal: Level 25 and below/ALL
Some faker. 1 person max.
Katanas. Katanas everywhere.
Deathless: S P I C A W A V E

Leafy (Tier 1 (for now))
Special Weapon: Elemental Excalibur/Terrarian Excalibur/Lunatic Excalibur
HP: 20/25
FFA: 0-0-0
1v1: 0-0-0
TDM: 0-0-0
Av1: 0-0-0
ARC: 0-0-0
DL: 0-0-0
DL-ARC: 0-0-0

Arsenal: Level 25 and below/All
The Reptilian leader. 1 person max.
Try not to get bashed in the head with a gorillaing rock.
Deathless: 0 0 0 0 /0\ 0 0 0 0?

Fade (Tier ?)
Special Weapon: Ircucvci/Blade of the Bass Knight/Blade of the Ridiculous Mindscaper.
HP: 20/25
FFA: 0-0-0
1v1: 0-0-0
TDM: 0-0-0
Av1: 0-0-0
ARC: 0-0-0
DL: 0-0-0
DL-ARC: 0-0-0

Arsenal: All
Sukard, but made out of melty stuff. Stupid complicated weird time gorilla. 1 person max.
Just get him eaten by a dress.
Deathless: Hey, you remember this guy...

Lopez (Tier 2)
Special Weapon: Lamborghinistorm Tome/Wrath of the Lamborghini
HP: 21/26
FFA: 0-0-0
1v1: 0-0-0
TDM: 0-0-0
Av1: 0-0-0
ARC: 0-0-0
DL: 0-0-0
DL-ARC: 0-0-0

Arsenal: ALL
The Herald of KNAWLEDGE. 1 person max.
Dodge the flying Lamborghinis.
Deathless: Major key alert.

Xtrullor (Tier ???)
Special Weapon: ???
HP: 25/30
FFA: 0-0-0
1v1: 0-0-0
TDM: 0-0-0
Av1: 0-0-0
ARC: 0-0-0
DL: 0-0-0
DL-ARC: 0-0-0

Arsenal: ???
(/). 2 persons max.
The forgotten Commissar of the Musical Defense Squadron.
Deathless: ..

Razihel the Skybreaker (Tier 13.37)
Special Weapon: Edge of the World/Blade of Gods
HP: 42/69
FFA: 0-0-0
1v1: 0-0-0
TDM: 0-0-0
Av1: 0-0-0
ARC: 0-0-0
DL: 0-0-0
DL-ARC: 0-0-0

Arsenal: ALL
GRAND. DAD. 3 persons max.
Can't MLG forever. Keep de- oh wait, he CAN MLG forever. You're :red:ed.
Deathless: Hugging that Homura doll was a good idea.
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@Faressain I have a few thigns to note, no sugar-coating this one: 1. Updops daily (or seemingly twice daily) would be a bit overkill. That would only favour people like me who have way too much time on their hands and be incredibly stressful for just about everyone else (escpecially Tazz (GoldenReady) who has to look after DTG:0 on top of posting regularly).

2. I think you are either/both taking the role of GM (Game Manager/master; not Godmodder) lightly and/or are too new to the franchise (assumed because I haven't seen you elsewhere) to act as a GM for a thread that has been running for this long. Originally I was all for GMing this thread when jon decided to step down, but I realised during the voting period that GMing is harder than it looks. First there are the responses to threads, then taking notes on each entity summoned and how much they deal, adding descriptions for alchemies and a probably often-forgotten aspect: creating new things for the players to fight, while making them fun and interesting. (I think crystal has succeeded in this to a high standard). This combined can make for a deceptively difficult scenario to work with.

3. We don't actually need another GM. The updops can be considered regular enough that there doesn't need to be a replacement either.


Alright, so now I'll revise and finish up the lore of the Darkone I had started back on the arena thread here.

The Darkone are very... strange characters, more often than not. Making technological and magical advancements in technology, and then using it on producing weaponry few could comprehend the existence of instead of benefiting the race as a whole. Their dark stature but surprisingly pure souls and minds is often thought of as... contradictory, seems they usually radiate dark power on the outside.

But it's best to start from the beginning.

We all know of Pandora's Box, right? The box that held most ill morals that was unleashed to the world, accompanied by the more positive ones. That one that the Humans had opened.

Upon its opening, a few sprouts of hatred, vengeance, and some other malicious morals manifested into a being entirely separate from the humans which opened the box in the first place. This race was called the Shadowkin, whom thrived upon the thought of the destruction and mal-intent of all other races and other life. A race whom was thirsty for the self-destruction of all other living creatures, either emotionally or physically. Or both. A truly evil race, they only cared about their own race. And even then, there was severe cruelty to the lowest ranks of them. In order to hide themselves from view, they chose dark forests, caves, jungles, and other dark areas.

But what became of the flipside of the coin? The answer was along the lines of... well, the exact same thing, except instead of hatred, etc., there was kindness, etc. This race, known as The Kindred, was the polar opposite to the Shadowkin. The thrived on aiding the other life forms in times of need, as well as the good will of them. They were selfless, rarely caring for just themselves and instead trying to help the rest as best they could, including their own. They usually chose open areas like plains, deserts, and bodies of water to settle.

After a few hundred years had passed, the two races had gotten the scents of each other's presences, as well as their intentions towards the rest. Their conflicting thoughts (if you could call them that) started making the other wary of their actions, trying to gain information.

And, well, you guessed it, all hell broke loose as soon as the major settlements were located on both fronts. The battles were fierce, each having power far beyond any mortal capacity. Both races had accumulated equivalent power, but the forces of Kindred were pushed back as they attempted diplomacy first and the Shadowkin rushed in without even thinking. They were both in a stalemate soon after, however. The battleground was devoid of advantageous features as well. A lot of bystanders were brutally murdered during the war, mostly unintentionally on the Kindred's part, mostly intentional on the Shadowkin's. The battleground was basically destroyed from all the war around the area, but the area was STILL in a stalemate. There had to be an intervention somewhere.

And there was. A week into the stalemated war, a small group of humans which had progressed FAR faster than the rest had created an ancient, powerful mechanism used to channel both the powers of the Shadowkin and Kindred into a single sphere, along with the powers of the humans. However, in activating the mechanism, the creators would actually be destroyed, as well as the creation itself. The small group of humans knew this, and, with the rapidly approaching war, used the mechanism with the help of the Gods.

The resulting sphere, containing loads of Human, Shadowkin, and Kindred essence, flew straight into the warzone, and sucked in every last mortal thing around it like a black hole; inescapable, and it only added to its mass. The murdered creatures from the battlefield were also taken. It was only when the gods decided that it was enough that they stopped the growth of the gray ball in the center of the battlements. Very few of the participating races remained on earth, since the entire population of Shadowkin and Kindred was hell-bent on protecting their capitals from the other. Those few had scattered themselves around the planet, not wanting to live on. Yet they gave themselves some immortality.

Currently, only two are known; Lin Rin, a pseudo-Kindred, and current ally of DarkSide, she was fused with a human to give her a more human-like personality and an actual identity, and the ability to make decisions of her own.
And then there's 'Splodimus, a pseudo-Shadowkin, and he's currently one of the most dangerous space pirates in the universe, an eternal villain, even when infused with a human.

The orb ended up wiping the entire area of life between the two capitals when it stopped, and by then, the orb had absorbed so much life essence, it ended up doing something unexpected to both the Gods or the passed creators; yes, it created the first hundred Darkone. Also unbeknowest to the creators, the Darkone took on many different forms; from otters and owls to bears and humans. Ridiculous-sounding, I know, but that's what absorbing millions of different animals via an orb does to you.

The Darkone are much more human-like in personalities than their predecessors (thank goodness), with all sorts of different morals, ideals, and interests, just like humans. However, that's about where the similarities stop (other than some having the literal body of a human, like DarkSide). Every Darkone has the same, dark-gray skin/fur/hair and other fleshy bits, regardless of form. Their eyes tend to differentiate between multiple different colors and tints, usually red and purple, both unnatural colors for eyes that don't belong to an albino (red) and nothing at all (purple). Darkone biology is weird, so I'm not going to go into that. K? K.

The Darkone have mastered the ability to create machines infused with magic. It's a very efficient combination; the magic combined with the machinery helps create manufacturing tools and automated machinations relatively easily with little ecological drawback. This also translates to most Darkone weapons, which integrate many of the various elements of magic into various medieval, modern, and sci-fi style weapons and armor. It's also used excessively in a Darkone's everyday life... not that they need it.

Thing is, the Darkone have the movement speed faster than a mutant cyborg cheetah, and a reaction time that all species could only WISH they had, with the added boost to strength and endurance, making them scary opponents to take on. Thanks to their balanced origins and nature, they are equal portions heavily darkness- and light-resistant, have a minor resistance to all magic, and are resilient to taunting and slander. They're also somewhat more immune to chaos and chaos-like magics than the general magic defense, but nothing to point out really. Darkone also suffer from mostly positive mutations thanks to their odd biology.

If we were to talk of Undertale souls, a Darkone's soul is approximately 1.5x the strength of a human's. Significantly stronger.

Despite all of these great strengths, the Darkone have glaring weaknesses; they're not the best strategists, for one, and are not very charismatic. They mostly stick to self-defense, and only go on the offensive only if necessary. Meanwhile, they tend to make loads of enemies thanks to their darker stature and the others' misunderstandings, despite the Darkone mostly wanting to help them. They also seem to hate sound-based attacks more than any other element (they've been finding ways to try to mitigate that weakness, though, to no avail), but also seem to really dislike an unfair fight, and would do whatever it took to either turn it into a more even match, or to turn it in their favor, even if it meant pushing themselves to their limits. Which can be bad. They also have no resistance to melee attacks, but no weakness to it either. It doesn't matter much, seems they're very potent weapon users anyway. They also, sadly, are mostly being watched by the Gods, who ended up suppressing a Darkone's powers to a certain degree thanks to the war that happened prior to their existence.

Whether they are a mage, warrior, assassin, or what-have-you, this isn't a race you should mess with often... unless you outmatch them. THEN can you take them on with some sense of security.
Well, there you have it. Darkone lore.

DarkSide's lore coming soon.


Here's the Transistor in its full glory.
333,333 HP
The Spine: Passives(), Functions() and Augments() have no cooldowns. Whenever a Function() is used, summon a BadCell.
Overload: When the Transistor's hp hits 0, restore it to full hp and destroy two random Functions(), two random Passives() and two random Auguments(). Once the Transistor runs out of Functions(), destroy the Transistor. When revived by Overload, the Spoil of War is not dropped.
Augument(): Whenever the Transistor uses a Function(), modify it's effects with an Augument().
Reboot(): At the start of each turn, gain the effects of a random Passive() and lose the effects from last turn.
Kill(): 8 round charge. Activate all existing Functions() without Auguments().

Crash(): Takes 20% reduced damage and is immune to debuffs.
Mask(): The first attack this turn made by the Transistor mini-crits.
Tap(): The Transistor will heal for 15% of damage dealt.
Void(): The Transistor cripples targets hit.
Ping(): 20% chance to dodge attacks. Applied after Jaunt().
Help(): BadCells will not spawn this turn.

Crash(): Deal high damage to 3 entities. Stun and Crash all entities hit. Enemies that are already crashed will be Broken instead.
Help(): Summon Fetch and Luna, if they are already killed. If any of the characters are alive, heal them to full health.
Jaunt(): For the next 3 turns, gain a 35% chance to avoid attacks.
Bounce(): Deal moderate damage to an entity. Can be cast 4 times in one turn.
Cull(): Deal massive damage to and knock up 2 nearby entities.
Spark(): Deal insanely high damage split equally among 2-5 random entities.

Crash(): The attack will do increased damage and Crash entities hit. Enemies that are already Crashed will instead be Broken.
Cull(): Knocks up entities hit, up to 3 entities.
Tap(): Heals for 30% of damage dealt, reduced to 10% for Cull() and Spark().
Flood(): The attack will inflict Flood on the target.
Ping(): Attack will be double cast.
Purge(): The attack will inflict Purge on the target.

Crash: Takes 20% increased damage from all sources. Lasts 2 turns.
Broken: Cannot dodge attacks. Takes 50% increased damage from all sources. Lasts 2 turns.
Flood: Deals 30,000 damage over 2 turns.
Purge: Deals 10,000 damage over 3 turns. If the target is not a boss, deal massive damage at the end of this time.
Crippled: Deals 40% reduced damage. 50% chance for dodge to fail. Lasts for 2 turns.

Summoned Entities:
50,000/50,000 HP
Will Crash enemies hit.

50,000/50,000 HP
Will Flood enemies hit.

10,000/10,000 HP
When killed, explode, dealing a small amount of damage to an entity and crashing it for one turn, and deal 30,000 damage to the Transistor. Overkill damage will also be dealt to the Transistor (damage that exceeds the entity's current health).

Spoil of War: Buzzing Transistor Core: This Spoil stores up to 10 charges.
1-4 charges: Use Bounce() on an entity. Charges consumed depend on the number of times Bounce() is used.
5 charges: Deal high damage to an entity and either Crash, Flood, Purge or Cripple it. If an entity is already Crashed, using Crash on it again will Break the entity.
10 charges: Either use Cull() or Spark(), or deal high damage to an entity and Crash, Flood, Purge AND Cripple it. If an entity is already Crashed, using Crash on it will Break the entity.
@Cyanogynist @crystalcat If you want some context on how I originally designed it:
Passive(): Random at the start of the EoTB. 1 at any given time.
Function(): Active abilities, no cooldown. Not random. 1 per turn.
Augument(): Helps the Function(), no cooldown. Not random. 1 per Function() except when using Kill().


Eye of Cthulhu
Posting my inventory here even though it is tiny.
- Level 1 Shield of Cthulhu "Fitted with a menacing eye"
- Level 1 Apprentice Cultist Robes "Infused with the teeth of carnivores" 1/5
Alpha Ant: The first ANT to be spawned. It spawns two normal ANTs per turn, no matter what it is doing.
HP: 1000/1000
DMG: 100
Ability: Ultra-protective hard casing: Deflects 99% of damage when attacked, but still takes full damage (i.e: a 1 million DMG attack will deal 1 million damage, but damage that spills over will only be 1% of that, or 10000 DMG). When killed, at the end of the attack, if there is at least one ANT still alive, it will become the next Alpha ANT before the next attack can hit. The Alpha ANT does not have to be targeted. If a normal ANT is targeted, the Alpha ANT will be the last ANT to fall under fire (i.e: when all normal ANTs are dead)

Each ANT, when not doing anything, will spawn another ANT every post.
HP: 1
DMG: 10
Ability: CAN'T GET A LOCK: An attack is unable to target multiple ANTs at once, however damage can spill over. A nuclear strike aimed at a horde of ANTs will kill one, and then the second ability will activate
Ability: Protective Casing: Every attack directed at an ANT loses 5% DMG after killing it. (Example: 100,000 DMG will kill one ANT. The remaining 99,999 DMG loses 5% power, and then is 94999 DMG. This then spills over to the next ANT, where when it dies, the DMG total is 90249). While this makes it OP at higher levels of damage, when the damage amount gets lower, more ANTs will die. This can be calculated using: DMG x 0.95 on a scientific calculator. Then do ANSWER x 0.95 - 1 and count the amount of times until the answer is less than 1. That is how many ANTs will die.

ANT Spawning: (where a = ANT)
2a + 1 is the equation.
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Well, once I have a decent inventory I'll put it here. Until then, have this:
Pumpkin Saber (thanks Cyagonist) : Level 7
Pretty low in creativity. It's formed from a Terra Blade and Pumpkin Blade, from when those were the best weapons in Terraria.

Pineapple Device: SPOIL OF WAR
Very old, obtained from the Pineapple Queen who was killed by the Terraria 1.3 hype train. Second ever Spoil of War in this session.

Deals massive damage to one entity of user's choice, and splash to one random entity of the user's choice. Cooldown: I am much too lazy to update this/3

-The project is finished typing, but still is subject to change.-

Anybody wondering what that 50 turn charge I'm doing is? Well it kind of has something to do with my KSP.exe charge. It's a plan to get tremendous amounts of raw resources to be used/shared with other AG players.

The thing itself is a huge space ship. It has a surface lander which carries a roughly 2.5 meters wide and 10 meters tall container, filled to the brim with mining drones, combat robots. The ship itself has two anti-surface orbital laser turrets. It also carries two spaceplanes which reach can reach suborbital trajectories carrying up to 5 tons of payload, and also reach orbit when necessary. Additionally, there is a large ion-powered drone mini-ship which can go to suborbital trajectories to dock with the spaceplanes and still be able to reach orbit again. In addition to all of this, a HUGE holding tank capable of carrying ALL mined resources is on the ship.

For power, the satellite carries 8 pairs of Gigantor XL Solar Arrays, and 16 emergency PB-NUK Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators.

The plan for the ship is as follows:
Once the charge is completed, the ship is summoned.
KSP.exe then generates a lifter to launch the whole thing in to orbit, and also lifts a transfer stage in to orbit.

TURN 1: World generation and departure.
A (fake) Terraria world is generated, with a Random.org roll of if it has Corruption or Crimson, Copper or Tin, Iron or Lead, and so on and so forth. Its location is secured and the ship is docked to a transfer stage in orbit.
It then departs from orbit, heading to the aforementioned Terraria world.

TURN 2-4: Transfer.
The ship is moving through space to the world, making course corrections and such. Not much happens.

TURN 5: Arrival and deployment.
The ship arrives in orbit of the world on this turn, and the lander descends to the surface of this world. Additionally, the spaceplanes are deployed, landing on the surface. The drones are deployed and rest for the turn.

TURN 6: Surface stripping.
The surface is stripped bare of resources, yielding (500-700) wood, (700-1000) dirt, (100-200) stone, (50-100) acorns, (100-200) mushrooms, (700-1000) sand, and (50-100) daybloom. The resources are then taken via spaceplanes on to the ship.

TURN 7: Upper Underground and Corruption/Crimson excavation
The drones mine (300-500) dirt, (500-1000) stone, (100-200) copper/tin, (100-150) iron/lead, and (50-100) blinkroot.
Additionally, the Corruption/Crimson are excavated. The Eater of Worlds/Brain of Cthulhu is also killed several times, quite easily due to the combat drones and the orbital lasers.
Corruption: (200-400) Ebonstone, (50-100) Demonite Ore, (1-3) Musket, (1-2) Shadow Orb(item), (1-2) Vilethorns, (1-2) Ball O' Hurt, and (1-2) Band of Starpower.
Loot from EoW:
(87-171) Shadow Scale, (80-200) Demonite Ore, and (15-45) Lesser Healing Potions.
Crimson: (200-400) Crimstone, (50-100) Crimtane Ore, (1-3) Undertaker, (1-2) Crimson Heart (item), (1-2) Panic Necklace, (1-2) Crimson Rod, and (1-2) The Rotted Fork.
Loot from BoC:
(87-171) Tissue Sample, (80-200) Crimtane Ore, and (15-45) Lesser Healing Potions.
Skeletron is also killed and the dungeon looted.
Yields (5-15) Lesser Healing Potions, (100-150) Bones, and all of the Dungeon chest loot items. The shadow key is kept for the Shadow Chests in hell.

TURN 7-10: Caverns mining.
On Turn 7, the drones mine (150-250) copper/tin, (150-200) iron/lead, (100-150) silver/tungsten, (50-100) gold/platinum, (20-30) amethyst, (20-25) Topaz, (15-20) Sapphire, (15-20) Ruby, (10-15) Emerald, and (5-10) Diamond.
The upper and lower limits of items obtained these increase by 50 per turn for ores, and 3 per turn for gems.
Also, every turn yeilds (0-2) Magic Mirror, (0-2) Enchanted Boomerang, as well as a 5% chance to get an Enchanted Sword and a 5% chance to get an Arkhalis. This chance increases by 5% every turn the Cavern is being mined.
Also, the drones yield (200-500) stone and (200-300) silt per turn.

TURN 11: Hell mining and Wall of Flesh.
Yields (200-300) Ash, (200-250) Hellstone ore and all of the Shadow Chest loot items. Additionally, the Wall of Flesh is killed several times, yielding 6 Pwnhammers and all of his drops, as well as (100-150) Healing Potions.

TURN 12-14: Early Hardmode
Yields (150-200) Cobalt Ore, (100-150) Mythril Ore, and (50-100) Adamantite Ore per turn. Like the Cavern Mining, the yield lower and upper limit increase by 50 per turn.
Also, the Hardmode Bosses are farmed, yielding (30-50) Hallowed Bars and (30-60) Greater Healing Potions per turn.
(10-15) of all souls are obtained per turn.

TURN 15-16: Late Hardmode
The Jungle is strip-mined of Chlorophyte, yielding (200-250) Ore on each turn. Planter is also killed, and each drop collected, and a 20% chance to yield The Axe on each turn. Golem is then farmed, yielding all of his drops and (100-200) Greater Healing Potions.

TURN 17-19: Pillars and Moon Lord
The Pillars and the Moon Lord are farmed via combat drones and orbital lasers, yielding (80-100) of all fragments and (100-150) Luminite Ore per turn. Also, all of the Moon Lord drops are obtained, including 9 Portal Guns.

TURN 20: Final shipping and departure.
Any last resources on the world are taken via spaceplanes to orbit, where the spaceplanes rendezvous and dock with the main ship. The drones are also taken aboard via the spaceplanes. Only the lander remains on the world, which has its own power, AI core, and camera, just in case.
The ship then departs from the world with all of the items and resources.

TURN 21-24: Return Transfer
Like the transfer earlier, except longer due to the amount of resources onboard.

TURN 25: Arrival
The ship finally arrives back at the main world in DTG, when everything is sent down in the spaceplanes and added to my own inventory.

Overall, it is a 25 turn long project. That might seem like not that much, but it could easily take a few weeks to a couple of months in real life time. But it will all be worth it in the end, and it would probably be renewable, too.

Allows me to build rockets and planes and whatever vehicles in general without using my charge slots.
More powerful stuff requires more turns to charge.
Max 3 charges at once.
Also generates Kerbals to fly any manned ships.
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@FirnenYT Item ++ Element

E.g. Hat ++ Silence = The Hat of Silence (Level 10 - 1/1)

The first 5 are free, after that it's an 11-post charge as usual. You can choose the name, it doesn't need to be "The ____ of ____"

They are always level 10.
Uhh, no. Try to use some more clever names than Hat of Silence though. It can be any abstract concept, from Fire to Distractions to Ice-cream to Lightning. So too can the item be anything from swords and shields to gloves and fake teeth.

Nemean Lion

Forgot none of you know my Steam username when I was setting up this account...

But it should be fairly obvious which DTG2 player I am by now.

EDIT: Since I am under the impression that this is happening after DTG0, expect to me to let a few hints slip of what my plans are/were over there.
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