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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Ahh! looking at these submissions i am heavily outgunned in terms of artistic capability as well as creativity
terria submission filan.png

Here is my idea, it is a costume with an animated TV head (do not know how to animate) and there would be different "Shows" on for each biome there would be cord designs running down the body (The torso would be visible) and a power plug in the foot, as well as cords running down the arms. well i gave it my best shot!

It's just a casual outfit... Silver half-rim glasses, really dark purple hoodie with brown fluff, gray pants that're a little bit too long...

I know I'm not as good as a lot of the others here but I don't get my hopes up for anything anyway...


this is mine i'm not to good at animating, but this is what I made.

its called "Blood Runner" its an elite soldier, I would like to ask for wind effects when it jumps, I know its pushy but I think it would look good since its a lot of gear and this is something that's completely random, but i'm actually 10 not 22 I've played terraria for 5yrs (half my life) I've always wanted my own vanity. another thing if I win, can the caption for the glasses be "DEAL WITH IT" as that's the name of the glasses my name is Luke Upshaw. :)


A submission for you: the fireman set
It consists of the fireman head, fireman torso, and fireman legs
Its tooltip would be "YOU'RE FIRED!", and it would be crafted from 20/30/25 living fire blocks at any hardmode furnace. Alternatively, it could be sold by the travelling merchant for 5 gold per piece.
I'm having some issues uploading files directly to here, so i have to use imgur. I know it looks like the grinch went super saiyan, don't judge my art skills.


Terraria Journey's End Dylan's Vanity Official.png

I made an okay set which is supposed to be very high tech. The helmet is a grey metal mass, like everything else on this set, with an orange attached visor. Only your character can see through the visor. The chestplate has two points sticking out the shoulder with orange lights. The lights also appear around the sides of the chest. The leggings are the same, but have the orange lights on the inside of the leggings. I know it's not that good, but I hope it's enough.


I made Wandering Cat set:
-long blue coat
-cat ears
-3 black feathers right under the cat ears
-white wool on the end of the sleeve and the right part of thr coat
-3 black buttons
-a mask with only one eye
-a blue line going into the eye
-black fingerless gloves
-brown pants
-black shoes
Terraria Vanity Item Contest.png


Here is my Solider Set!

-Solider's Helmet
-Solider's Suit
-Solider's Pants
The helmet can be removed/swapped for hair.
Dyeing the helmet will mostly change the green and visor.
Dyeing the rest of the suit will mostly change the green and camo.
Also it is my first time making pixel art
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I made pixel art but its not that good. I guess its kinda cool. I really do like this design and hope atleast someone sees this.
I thought might as well make something since its a one in a lifetime thing. And Im really exited for Journeys end.


Burger Boy

Fast Food Fighter
I don't know if terraria will get or does have a chef but if one is being put in it would be a nice vanity item to sell during some event
but if there isn't a chef I do know there will be more food items so maybe using food items to make the food fighter uniform
with the style itself it can be changed all you guys want like changing the shirt color etc but the main part would be the burger head



Buenas aqui dejo mi diseño de mi personaje Conejo negro 🐰
-Los conejos son adorables...y a la vez Oscuros


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