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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Companion Cube

I give to you, the companion suit! You could get it from the cyborg when you have a companion cube in your inventory.

Note - the helmet is a glowmask

Helmet alone:

Body alone:

Legs alone:

Note: The suit makes you immune to being stabbed by the cube, and gives you the ability to randomly get unique death messages.
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I call this "terraria but a vanity"

the idea is the it has the crimson, corruption, and overworld biomes are in the vanity, but when you go into one of the three biomes, then that biome on the vanity will grow much larger then the other two biomes in the vanity set.
terraria vanity contest.png
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Surgent James

War Mage set.
composed of:
War mage mask
War mage jacket
War mage shoes
War_Mage (gloved) (enlarged).png

It is my first attempt at a pixel clothing design, I hope it is good. I tried to separate the pieces into how other vanity items are presented in the game, I hope I did it right. I did consider a charcoal grey mask with a red jacket, but my favorite color is blue so it got priority (though if it where done then gold would become orange!).
Idea: So the headpiece is supposed to be a mask with a hood up to cover the rest of the face with a nice gold eyepiece to make them seem more mystic and mysterious (cuz red would take it from menacing to downright evil). looking at it, making the bottom of the jacket move would be cool but I am honestly not sure if it is worth it. This is supposed to be a battle mage uniform made to look regal but terrifying and fancy all at the same time. I am playing with the idea of it with or without gloves, but I decided it looked more complete with gloves. I hope mine gets picked because I bet once the terraria artists get their hands on this it will look even better, and even make a good female version I have tried to make one but it kept looking wrong.
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An outfit I used to wear a lot IRL during my younger years, back when I played Terraria day in and day out.
Updated with the glasses I wear now, back then I had cyan glasses which my skull is too large for now.

Raven's outfit.png

I've just been with Terraria for such a long time now, and since this game has been such an important part of my life/childhood,
I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get a part of myself in to the game before the journey is over. Pun kind of intended.
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Henry O'Bryan

Fire Suit Trees Large.PNG


"Yaaaaaah, that's hot"


Fire Suit..png
Hot Head.png
Hot Vest.png
Hot Boots.png

Hot Head / Hot Vest / Hot Boots



- The suit will be animated like fire, with a trail of embers left
behind (more depending on the velocity of the player)


- The suit can also emit light and be used as a light source similarly to the mining helmet

- The suit could be recolored using dyes to get different colors of fire and emit the corresponding light

Fire Suit Blue.pngFire Suit Purple.pngFire Suit Blue-Purple.pngFire Suit Green.png


Why not fire?

Thank you :)
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