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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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This is my vanity costume design with a daybreaker(cuz I like it)

First of all the head would be the hair(since I dont see much hair that I like currently in terraria that are animated)
its color is light blonde with a hint of red

the chest piece would be the chest armor and the cloak as one piece, its color would be reddish black for the armor plates, dark gray for the inner suit and glowing neon red for the holes between the armor plates(some times they emit solar flares or something like exhaust similar to a flaming dye on the shoulder part mostly there) also the cloak is colored black
the left hand looks very armored since its a mechanical arm.

the bottom piece is the continuation of the armor of the chest piece, similar colorings and stuffs. the belt is black too so are the straps and such.

I apologize if its hard to look at the details and stuff also since I am bad at coloring, I didnt color the costume.


Official Terrarian
Hello everybody! I want to show you my own vanity set based on my original character. The set consists of:
  • The mask with animated sea buckthorn tea and tea leaves
  • The butler uniforms
Also, you can see a sprite where the character holds his head on a tray.

Good luck to the rest of the participants! Your vanity sets really inspire creativity! ;)

Updated: Thank you very much for your likes! :happy:

Sea Buckthorn Tea.png
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This is my entry

It is supposed to be Cthulhu but doesn't really look like it.

This was all done on windows paint.
Terraria vanity contest Cthulu.png

I am hoping for the best to everyone

Sorry about the terrible quality.😥

Alright i know they said no weapons but i had an amazing idea and didn't know where to put it

(This is my weapon to go with the vanity set its called Cthulhu's grasp. it is a summoner weapon that spawns a pool of water with tentacles that
grab nearby mobs and pull them in.)
cthulus grasp.png
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Here is my submission. I'm calling it the "Wyvern Slayer" set. The headpiece includes the Wyvern head, the facemask, and the cloak. The chest piece is a shirt with a gem necklace, two belts and a knife. The legs have grey pants and brown leather boots.

Here's an attachment since the image is hard to see
Good luck to everyone! ;)

Edit: I messed up the cloak portion on the top left, it is not supposed to be two separate tassels but is actually supposed to be a full one piece cloak. Also, if this wins, could you guys make a trail of blue clouds follow the player when the full set is equipped? Thank you!!


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My set is a kiwi bird, I've loved kiwi birds for a long time and on a lot of platforms I use them for my profile picture. This is why I have decided to make a kiwi bird for my vanity submission. I am no artist nor pixel artist but I'm hoping that the costume I put together is enough to make it into the game. Thanks!

Username: Patrav





I couldn't figure out how to upload this image without taking an actual screenshot, so there's some extra stuff on the sides from the Piskel website.
Here is my entry: a black cat suit of sorts (probably named Black Cat Costume. Head would be Black Cat Headband. and the body would be Black Cat Suit, with no leg piece). It's mostly a variant of the Cat Set that's already in the game (and I know there's another entry with a black cat variant of the Cat Set), but I drew some inspiration from another entry (Umbren45, your OC looks amazing!), and I also thought of this because of my own black cat (he's actually a brown cat with black stripes, but most of the time he looks like a black cat). I decided to go with a headband rather than a mask or full headpiece because of an effect I wanted to be part of the headpiece: you would see some of the original hair behind the character's head, but more importantly, the eyes would change to match what I have here (giving the character the eyes of a black cat). I don't expect to win, but here's to hoping! I'm just glad I could come up with something.
Good luck to everyone participating! I hope to see some great fan-made vanity sets in the game!


I am not much of an artist but here I go for a rough sketch.
Note: Body and legs are more or less up to the artist's interpretation of a metal cuirass and robed leggings.. The hooded cloak and mask are the most important and distinct feature.

Head -> Solid metal mask with visor with hood & cloak. (For dyes, the mask and visor should remain the same color of white/black. Dyes should only effect the color of the cloak).

Body -> Simple plate metal cuirass.

Legs -> Robe leggings.

The idea is to essentially be wearing a plate metal cuirass over what would otherwise be simple robes. In addition, a solid metal mask with visor for protection complete with a hooded cloak.


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