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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Welp, here is mine. I call it the "Raider of Rainbows" vanity set. I hope you like it. PS, I used some in game elements. The armor used here is indeed dyed, only to make it more "rainbow-y", hence the name. Some accessories were also used, and dyed to blend in with the armor, giving it a texture. Please don't call me out for using dye to color my set.


Emerald Commando.png

EMERALD COMMANDO: My first idea was an assasin but I thought everyone would do that, so how about I make something different? I gave it a futuristic armor but kind of kept the assasin theme and mixed my favorite color with it and I got this. I love Terraria but I have always wanted my own armor but I could never get that until the holy 303 made this challenge! I would be so thankful if this got in the game, I hope everyone likes my vanity armor and cant wait for the new update! : )
this is meant to be some sort of hybrid between a snek and a snapping turtle,
the legs is meant to be a sneaks tail and move like one

Item Names-
Snapper Mask
Turtle Shell
Sneak Tail

I'm not to fond of those names so if any better ideas that would be Le Epic

good luck to everyone


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Lordeto Yorumo

Head: Skullyorumo's Hood
Torso: Skullyorumo's Robes
Legs: Skullyorumo's Leggings
Effect (if possible): leave behind some shadowy leaves upon moving. (just like Shadow armor but with grey leaves)

Description: "it has been cursed by the strongest Lich"
Nick: Lordeto Yorumo
Lorysk pngeba.png

Sorryabout the quality, i think you guys can make it look awesome
Lorysk pngeba.png
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Here's my entry! A young purple haired mage without his cape or tome? What will he do??
The head part is more of a hair style but still. Body is a shirt, belt and handless leather gloves. Pants are just plain light brown.
Head: Apprentice's Cut
Body: Apprentice's Shirt
Legs: Apprentice's Pants


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Well time to add my crap submission. Im not gonna win but i would hate myself for not trying.


Lizahrd Set. Either a 1/1000 drop chance from lizahrds and flying snakes, or purchased from the witch doctor after golem is defeated. The tail would move up and down as the player walks.
Figured I would show some love to the jungle temple.


* From a Chinese player's submission, the following use machine translation, if you do not understand please forgive me
I didn't expect to arrive at the destination so soon

I'm glad that terraria is in my life. It has had a huge impact on me, and when I heard last year that terraria would end in 1.4, I didn't believe it at first. I really liked the game and didn't want it to end so soon. But now that it's the end of the travel, make a happy ending to our terraria journey.
I spent several days polishing this vanity item: "The Demini", named after my constellation Gemini and my screen name "毒昂Duang", the brother's name is "Duke"and his sister's name is "Dlarissa".

It's certainly not perfect, but it's all I can do, and I hope you enjoy it
This suit is based on an old piece of mine, but with a few changes




And I imagined a great object in the design, even though I know that this activity does not accept wings, I still hope that such an interesting object will appear in terraria in the future:
"Dlarissa 's soul"
She can be equipped in multiple locations
She will fly with the Duke as a special "cross wing" when equipped in the squip slots

When the equipment in the light pet slots, she will be in the form of a cross hanging above the Duke's head, light path forward for him

( But why the gif are compressed? I had trouble previewing the full effect on my phone. )

Or equipment that assists in combat when in the pet slots, when used as a weapon, when in the hook slots... Isn't that cool?

Oh sure, we have to play by the rules of the activity, I just hope “Dlarissa's soul” can be used as a Set Effect. Just seeing Dlarissa is enough to make us feel better, we don't have to need her to shine

Above is my contribution, at last I wish everyone have a good time in the ending!
(and after 1.4, diver Sam, it's up to you and your thorium mod! Come on! I'll always support the thorium!)




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This entry is called the Potted Plant. That is what it would look like on the player. The head is the red plant head which has eaten the player. The torso is the vines wrapping around the player. The legs are the pot in which the player is standing in. They move by wobbling or hopping.


This is my character design I like to call the "Autumn Defender Garb" I believe that you should get this vanity when defeating The Old One's army. I really like some the vanities that have been inserted into this thread, and it shows how much love the terraria community still gives to this amazing game. It'd be great if everyone could win, but as I am going to say now...
MAY THE BEST VANITY WIN!!! View attachment Fox Defender Garb.png
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View attachment 423423.jpg

Hello, I had the idea to make a diving suit with the diving mask (of course). Sorry for the lack of quality of the mask design, I drew it with a mouse. The costume was made on the digital table.

It's a simple idea, I agree, but I think it would be very interesting to have a diving mask to brag about my friends at HAHAH.
But the reason for this costume itself is that, I'm Brazilian and my nickname in the games is aquatic (In portugues, aquatico), I made some changes and "aquatko" appeared...

This is the magnificent story of my idea, I really love this game. It would be the greatest honor to receive a tribute. Congratulations to the whole team and I wish you every success.

Forgive me for the English, I'm using the translator ... :(


Full idea.png

Warriors of the Deep


I want to introduce a new vanity that would relate to the ocean.




The sea crown is like the normal crown but made to look like headgear worn by soldiers.
it resembles twisted golden seaweed symbolising royalty to atlantis.



Sea mail is armor worn by Atlanteans with Fish like scales covering the body.
This helps the soldiers swim effectively under the water



Sea leggings are also covered with smooth scales. with leg guards and hip protection.



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