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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Project Capture.jpg
Good luck to everyone, this is my design, I hope someone else has not already done it, it is a simple design, but what would be most useful is for people who like to roleplay, the pizza box if possible, could serve as a weapon by throwing the pizza slices, when taking Complete would make life regenerate 0.25x times faster, it also looks great, that's all, I hope to win and good luck to everyone.


New Project (7).png
New Project (7) (1) (2).png
I wish I had made him bigger, but I don't have enough time to do that. Anyways, here is my vanity set idea from both sides. The head is a modern hockey mask (Jason's mask, but cooler). The shirt is a hockey jersey with DM on it (that's pretty self explanatory). The torso also has hockey gloves on the hands. It has an offset shoulder pattern because I personally like those styles of jerseys. Finally, the pants and shoes complete the set and match the jersey. The color scheme is a neon green and black. The color combination looks real nice when put together.
New Project (7) (1) (2).png
New Project (7).png


Markus’ gear
So my submission isn’t really just a costume, it’s a character that I created and would be absolutely honored to have in the game as a costume. His name is Markus and he is part of a video game that my best friend and I are going to make based off an idea for an animated show that his dad was going to make before he passed away. I chose to do this because his dad got him terraria and we played it together a lot as children and still do to this day. Having this be in the game would mean the world to us. To adapt this to a terrarian style, the head piece would have the mechanical mask that he needs to breathe colored a dull yellow to look like brass as well as a black bandana similar to the buccaneer set. However it would be more towards the back of the head letting some of the hair be exposed. The chest would have a mechanism positioned over the majority of the torso leaving some skin on the chest exposed, it would also have the same brass colored metal as the face mask with a core in the center that glows a a dark red. The chest would also include the black over coat that he’s wearing with the sleeves rolled up. The pants slot would give him the baggy white pants and black sash around the waist as well as a black boot and peg leg with the pant leg ripped at the top. Optionally there would be a backpack that’s also brass colored with a sort of container at the top with the same red glow as the core. This would serve no purpose similarly to other vanity accessories. In our game this backpack gives him an additional set of 6 arms to attack with but I don’t see how that could be implemented into terraria through just a vanity contest. Maybe as a wing set where the arms circled above the player like a helicopter? I don’t know. I did the best of my ability to display what he looks like but I can’t color over it. For the female variation of the costume everything would be the same except the exposed portion of the chest would be covered up and the proportions in game would obviously be changed. Anyways thank you so much for reading and considering my entry, if I don’t make it I’m sure the update will be phenomenal regardless.



For my entry, I interpreted the 7 deadly sins in my own style. I know I can only pick one of my designs so my entry is my Wrath, but I will still put up my other ones for you all. These are all original concepts with some inspiration from the ingame items and cosmetics as well as some google searches. each design has a full-body example and then split up into each part (Head, torso, legs). Both pride and greed don't have leg cosmetics and the gold chains on the torso cosmetic for greed would hang down as you walk.

The Sins.png


A plague doctor inspired set.

Has a white beaked mask with a black hat and yellow glowing eyes.
Has a Black/Dark grey robe that's tied tightly against their body
Has dark brown boots

Fully created by me



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glowing luminite robot set.
Ive spent a lot of time trying to get an idea related to Terraria even though its a vanity set. I thought and came up with an idea - Luminite set! But it needed a bit more polishing. After everything, all the head suffering i got i made this. When you regenerate health it starts glowing. I thought its a unique idea that could potentially be a good take on the contest even though this is my first ever armor - vanity sprite ive made.



Here's my design! :D

i call it uhh.. Viletroop Armor? Cursefuse Armor? I'm so bad at naming stuff -_-
it's an armor with many armor style combined.

Futuristic, Abyssal, and Medieval at the same time with corruption themed color :D
It's just dark purple metal with glowy lime light.

I wish i can make the pixel art to be similar with the design but well, i tried :(

Well, it was fun designing these piece of armor :D
And sorry for bad english XD
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I present to you: The Hell Fortress set!

Bought from the clothier if he is in the underworld for one gold each piece.

Horns and Shoulders emit fire particles that change with dyes. The horns and shoulder fire could also be animated. (sorry for the trouble:()

Sorry for my bad artwork, I was trying to go with something different, and I figured the underworld isn't getting that much love.:lslime:

I feel proud of myself, I hope you like it. <3



If the vanity set is made by the community, it must be truly popular!
I present to you a Rebel vanity set!

The image shows the concept, other variants of the headwear , the view in the game and the using of dye on this set.
Sorry for my English, I don't know it well and I use Google translator.
I hope you will like my work.
And remember: Terraria will be free! Terraria without Cthuhlu!


Excuse the crude drawing, I had to make this using only a mouse on PC... :p

The attire's called the Thief's Set, and the hood was inspired by Thrall hood from Dark Souls 3. I know the rules state no direct references to other media due to copyright issues, but I'm positive it's distinct enough from it's source material and not a direct copy, if not, a pallete swap is sure to avoid such issues :)

Other than that it's a standard torso piece with a strap to carry a backpack, a black glove on one hand and a hook on the other.

Standard pants as well, with black boots, I didn't have much inspiration there.

Thief Sketch.jpg
thrall hood.jpg

I'm not a pixel artist, nor a digital artist, I prefer to draw on paper, but I gave it a crack to see how feasable it'd be for the piece to be recreated in pixel form, and I'd say I'm happy with the result.

Thief Set.png

Good luck to everyone, I've seen some really strong entries for this one.


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So this is a set of armor, that is called "One man, one job"
The head is a big mask that hides the players head, the mask is a pancake with holes for eyes and the mouth.
the torso is a peace of white clothing with stripes, it also has two huge plates on the back and on the front. in the artwork it does say something, but it isn't really necessary.
And for the last, the legs. The legs are covered with white pants with brown stripes, the pants also come with a pair of grey shoes (ignore the fact that the shoes in the artwork are somewhat white)
for terraria.png

J-Jack W.

Here is my participation piece
It consists of the following:
- Traffic cone Hat
- Reflective traffic jacket
- Reflective traffic pants
All of them can be renamed by your Re-Logic Developer likings.
I wish everyone else participating here the best of luck.
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